Affiliate FAQ

What is the Ticketfly Affiliate Program?

After an easy sign-up process, we provide affiliates with tracked links and content for their event-focused blogs and websites, delivering additional attention and consumer traffic to our clients’ events. We connect with some of the best and brightest websites across the web to further promote and display listings.

How can this help me as a Ticketfly client?

If you have blogs or media partners in your area that you know send a lot of folks through your doors, we can reach out and offer those websites commissions on every ticket they sell. Whether you want to give them a guest list spot or buy them a beer is up to you. Either way, we’ll reward them for helping out. And each month, we can give you stats on how many tickets your referred affiliates sold, in case you want to partner with certain sites more closely or take out ads, but want to get the most bang for your buck. More data means better targeted marketing!
We’ve got a dedicated Affiliate Manager getting out there and finding the best possible places online to market your shows.

Working with Ticketfly to sell your tickets and market your venue, your shows will end up places like Brooklyn Vegan, Jambase, and Eventful without any extra effort. And because our affiliates are often syndicating their own content, your events will be reaching places like Billboard, Pandora, AOL Music, and Rhapsody as well. Sweet!

How can this help me as a Ticketfly Affiliate?

Ticketfly Affiliates are part of a network that provides high-quality event listings to readers and pays affiliates in the process for delivering such great information. It seems like a no brainer. Click here to apply.

Who is qualified to be an affiliate?

We want to create the most robust network we can. If you’re running a hip-hop blog in Boise, a rock show list in LA, a food festival website, or any other community of event-goers, we’ll consider you. Our affiliate network will be carefully curated by our Affiliate Manager to ensure that we’re rewarding the best and brightest of websites!

How do the commissions work?

A lot of affiliate programs have a mysterious referral structure but we’re making it easy to start. We pay a flat rate for every ticket affiliates sell, no matter what the ticket price. And we’ll still keep our ticket fees 30% lower on average than the other guys. Plus we’ll be offering bonuses to partners who are performing particularly well.

How do the links work?

Once the approval process is complete, publishers gain access to a simple link builder. Drop a Ticketfly purchase link in, and out pops a tracked link, so we know just who to credit for the sale.

API partners will have to re-code their already provided links. Please contact if you would like help with this process. If you’d like to access the Ticketfly API, you can apply here.

How do I get more info?

Check out our Affiliates page or contact if you have questions.