Ticketfly Pulse: Real-time event stats on your phone

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Being an event promoter is a tough, 24/7 job, and work doesn’t stop outside the office. You need your most important event stats at your fingertips when you’re on-the-go. That’s why we created Ticketfly Pulse, the first product of its kind to give you real-time event information like ticket counts, gross, and scan counts, all on your phone. We’re talking up-to-the-second stats that update right before your eyes without having to refresh, which can make a big difference in the fast-paced world of a promoter. Now you can spend more time producing great events and less time tracking down data.

“Ticketfly Pulse helps me stay connected and make real-time decisions on the fly.”
- Farley Lucas, LED Presents

Next time you wake up to an agent asking for ticket counts (again) or you’re away from your desk during a major onsale, think of Ticketfly Pulse as your one-stop mobile information center. With a single tap on your phone, you’ll get a snapshot of performance stats for all of your upcoming events: today’s sales, total sold, open tickets, and gross. A tap on any event lets you drill down into sales by ticket type and day or watch tickets being carted and sold in real time without refreshing. It’s that simple.

During events, keep an eye on walk-up sales and scan counts as fans walk in the door, and when that agent asks for counts for the nth time, Ticketfly Pulse auto-populates a customizable email with event information and total tickets sold. All you need do is hit send.

“It’s a quick way to check real time ticket counts when you’re on the run and agents are looking for counts ASAP.”
– Thomas Glasgow, Music Farm Productions

Our goal at Ticketfly is to build products that make life easier for promoters and fans. Having up-to-the-second stats accessible anywhere, anytime helps you stay connected and focus your time on what matters most. If you’re a Ticketfly partner get Ticketfly Pulse now! Not yet using Ticketfly? Contact us to learn more.

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Ticketfly’s newest — and cutest — faces!


This year, a few new faces joined the Ticketfly family. Most were under 8 pounds. Perhaps they’re future rock stars, developers, or the next space explorers, but for now, our #babyfly babies are just so cute we had to celebrate.


Hi! My name is Seth Runic Otis. My dad is Shane, who leads the Client Support team. I was born in July and love to look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes it makes me smile and laugh.




Hi! My name is Ellis Archibald Jenkins. My dad is Brent, who leads the Data team. I was born in October and I spend my days watching baseball and hockey, and making harmonica noises while eating. I picked up a guitar for the first time today to snap some pics for the liner notes of my debut album. The working title is: “5 Ounces to Freedom.”



Hi! My name is Orin Rocket Alexander Gregory. My dad is Damon, who works on the Operations team. I was born in November of 2013 and always drop food on the floor. I’m a big fan of velociraptors.



Hi! My name is Marisa Michele Miller. My dad is Joshua, who leads the Tech Ops team. I was born in September and am so much more relaxed than my brothers. In fact, I’m happiest when they’re making as much noise as possible!



Hi! My name is Owen (余闻) Shen (沈). My dad is Jon, who works on the Engineering team. I was born in January and always reject my pacifier. Sucking my thumb is a much better way for me to go to sleep.



Hi! My name is Peyton Zhao. My dad is Jerry, who works on the IT team. I was born in October of last year, and I like to talk and dance to music. I’m also a trickster with my toys; I’ll pretend to give you my toy, but once you reach for it, I’ll crawl away laughing!



Hi! My name is Jack Oliver and my dad is Steve, who is Ticketfly’s COO. I was born in September, and I like to spell O-H-I-O with my arms when the Buckeyes score a touchdown! I also enjoy flipping the bird anytime I hear the word ‘Michigan.’



Hi! My name is Wyatt. My dad is Neal, who works on the Sales team. I was born in December of last year. I’m a wild man! I love swimming, chewing on anything I can fit in my mouth, and moving…crawling, scooting, cruising around tables, chilling in the stroller — doesn’t matter as long as I’m moving. Dad thinks I’m awesome!


We’re hiring! We can’t promise you’ll get to hang out with these adorable babies every day, but we do offer a lot of other great benefits. Check out our open positions!

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Two Ticketfly Partners Featured in HBO Series ‘Foo Fighters Sonic Highways’

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.57.49 AM

We’re excited to see two Ticketfly partners – Seth Hurwitz from the 9:30 Club and Dante Ferrando from the Black Cat – sharing their histories this past Friday in Dave Grohl’s vibrant new HBO Series Foo Fighters Sonic Highways. Both Hurwitz and Ferrando were featured in the Washington D.C. episode as major players in the music scene who have had an imprint on the Washington D.C. soundscape.

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways commemorates the Foo Fighters’ 20th anniversary by documenting the eight-city recording odyssey that produced their latest, and eighth, studio album. Directed by Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl, the series sets out to unravel America’s music identity, looking for inspiration from the people and places that inspired the music. Producers, studios, and local legends from all over the country recount their extraordinary tales, and in return, Foo Fighters record one song in each city.

The environment in which you make a record ultimately influences the end result, and, as Grohl makes clear throughout Foo Fighters Sonic Highways, each environment’s cultural fabric is cultivated by the people. Seth and Dante are two such voices. Founded in 1980 and 1993 respectively, 9:30 Club and the Black Cat hold decades of punk, metal, dance, and rock that are sewn into D.C.’s live music fabric, and now, as the series goes, a song on Foo Fighters’ upcoming Sonic Highways.

For more journeys throughout America’s music map, you can catch Foo Fighters Sonic Highways on HBO every Friday at 11pm!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.20.22 AM

Dante Ferrando, owner of the Black Cat in Washington D.C.

Ticketfly CMJ Showcase


The legendary CMJ Music Marathon is back again this year with  over 1,300 performances in just five days, making it one of the ultimate showcasing festivals for upcoming talent. True to passion, Ticketfly couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to promote live music.

Ticketfly’s Cameo Gallery CMJ Showcase proudly features one of our own, Brendan Mulvihill, Account Specialist from our New York City office, who stitches together daydreams as part of folk duo, Norwegian Arms. We’re delighted to have some of the best up-and-coming talent joining us on the bill. Jamaican Queens, Conveyor, Laser Background, and Mega Bog are all bands we love, spanning the spectrum from a glam/trap hybrid to the perfect, ethereal dream pop. The lineup was featured as one of Flavorpill’s ‘Ten CMJ Showcases You Don’t Want To Miss’!

The fun’s going down this Saturday at Cameo Gallery. It’s free for CMJ badge holders. Those without can grab tickets right here. Hope to see you at the show!

TechCrunch Cribs Goes Backstage at Ticketfly

TC Cribs

Our CEO, Andrew Dreskin, recently gave TechCrunch an inside tour of Ticketfly’s rockin’ San Francisco headquarters. At Ticketfly, the music (and coffee) is always flowing. More importantly, so are the ideas! We get our inspiration from conference rooms modeled after iconic venues that are part of our history (from CBGB to The Louvre), our outdoor patio space (where we’ve been known to throw a party or two), and musical instruments that are never more than an arms-reach away.

As you can see in Andrew’s video tour, we work hard and play hard, whether it’s a ping pong tournament or company-wide jam session. We give 110% at work, but we also come together outside the office to support our communities. Everyone at the ‘Fly gets three days of paid volunteer time off to make a difference for any cause that is personally important to them.

Dog shows at the office and ending meetings with a jam session are just a small part of what makes things so “fly” here. We come to work each day to build innovative technology that improves the entire live event experience. What could be more “fly” than that? Ticketfly’s “Shows on Us” credit which gives everyone $200 per year to spend on live event tickets so we can enjoy the impact of our work and find ways to make it even better.

Want to join the crusade to improve the live event experience? Good, ‘cause we’re ready to jam with you. Come join our team!

For an inside look at the Ticketfly office, check out the video at TechCrunch.

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Tanya Tagaq Beats Drake and Arcade Fire to Canada’s Polaris Prize


Last night marked the Polaris Music Prize gala at Toronto’s fabulous Carlu venue. The who’s who of the Canadian music scene attended, and we were humbled to be a part of the experience. This was our second year as the official ticketing supplier for the sold-out gala.

The Canadian Album of the Year (and $30,000 cash prize) was awarded to Inuk throat-singer Tanya Tagaq for her latest album, Animism. Tagaq beat out nine other short list nominees, including Drake and Arcade Fire.

A huge congratulations to our Ticketfly Canada team! We’re honored to have such great comrades representing us north of the border.

Stay on top of future Polaris updates! Like Polaris Music Prize on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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A True Data Nerd: New Relic’s Interview with Ticketfly CEO, Andrew Dreskin


You may have seen our CEO, Andrew Dreskin, around town on billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles recently. These billboards are part of a series called “Meet our Data Nerds” presented by software analytics company New Relic, whose tools we use to visualize important system performance data. We’re all data nerds at Ticketfly, especially Andrew, who has consistently challenged the status quo in live events by using data to find opportunities to better serve fans and promoters. Andrew sat down with New Relic to share how Ticketfly nerds out on data to help promoters create great live event experiences for fans.

Andrew also shares why data will play a key role in the future of live events. Ticketfly’s recent acquisition of WillCall speaks to our vision to use location-based mobile data to create dramatically better experiences at the show. WillCall is best known for its highly acclaimed app, which features a curated list of concerts in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, and allows fans to purchase and share tickets with just a few taps on a mobile phone. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the WillCall app also uses beacon technology to let fans open bar tabs on their phones with a single swipe as they enter the venue and close out at the end of the night by simply walking out the door. This technology, and the stream of location-based data that comes from it, will provide insights to create dramatically better experiences for fans of live events. We’re excited about building a future for live events that will really change the game for fans!

Nerd out on data with Andrew: Read the full interview on New Relic’s blog.

Is Your Office Pet-Friendly?

At Ticketfly, we looove our pets… so much that we even bring them to work with us! Dogs are the best distractions around the office, and they’re proven stress-relievers. Not to mention, they’re super cute. Meet some of the regulars in our #Puppyfly pack:



Hiya! My name’s Kung Fu. Mickey in Sales is my pops. I’m a Pit/Neapolitan Mastiff mix. I love eating your food. On weekends (after eating your food), you can find me sleeping in Precita Park.



Hi! Our names are Baxter Smalls and Simon LeBonBon. Adam in Marketing Services is our dad. We’re Chihuahua/Min-Pin mixes, though Simon seems to think he’s a giant Rottweiler. Baxter loves fluffy bones and Simon loves any toy Baxter doesn’t hog. On weekends, you can find us sunbathing on the back porch.

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Ticketfly Tours: Real Friends, Kygo, Minus The Bear, and Rubblebucket


Coming this fall to a Ticketfly venue near you this fall… Real Friends, KygoMinus The Bear, and Rubblebucket. Listen up and find a show near you!


Chicago pop punk quintet, Real Friends, recently released a new studio album, Maybe This Place Is the Same and We’re Just Changing, on Fearless Records. Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour, their fall run is coming through a ton of Ticketfly venues.

Real Friends | Listen for free at bop.fm 

11.2: El Corazon ✦ Seattle, WA
11.4: Alhambra Theatre ✦ Portland, OR
11.5: Oakland Metro ✦ Oakland, CA
11.6: The Roxy Theatre ✦ West Hollywood, CA
11.7 & 11.8: Chain Reaction ✦ Anaheim, CA
11.9: Epicentre ✦ San Diego, CA
11.10: The Nile Theater ✦ Mesa, AZ
11.12: The Door ✦ Dallas, TX
11.13: The Korova ✦ San Antonio, TX
11.14: Walters ✦ Houston, TX
11.16: The Orpheum ✦ Tampa, FL
11.17: Backbooth ✦ Orlando, FL
11.19: Underbelly ✦ Jacksonville, FL
11.20: The Broadberry ✦ Richmond, VA
11.25: Waiting Room ✦ Buffalo, NY
11.26: Virgin Mobile Mod Club ✦ Toronto, ON, Canada  


23-year-old Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (aka Kygo) is a Norwegian DJ best known for his remix of the Ed Sheeran track, “I See Fire.” Kygo has produced remixes for Diplo and Coldplay, and many of his upcoming shows are selling out fast. 

Kygo | Listen for free at bop.fm

10.3: Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas ✦ Las Vegas, NV
10.4: The Crocodile ✦ Seattle, WA (Sold out!)
10.8 & 10.9: Mezzanine ✦ San Francisco, CA 
(Sold out!)
10.11: Bang Bang ✦ San Diego, CA
10.14: The Beacham ✦ Orlando, FL
10.17: Union Transfer ✦ Philadelphia, PA

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Magic is Coming to Ticketfly…


It’s not all work and no play around these parts. We’ve mentioned before how we’re a competitive group and when our employees need a chance to rewind there are a variety of options to choose from: ping pong, musical instruments, video games, and other fun activities can be found throughout the office. However, our inter-office competitions have been taken to a new level recently by an entirely employee led enterprise: Magic the Gathering.

The popularity of Magic is on the rise across our Engineering team. Several times a week hopeful competitors gather in conference rooms to test their skills in a battle of cards hoping to be named the winner. And we’re not going to lie: they’ve gotten pretty good. So good in fact that we’re putting out a challenge to our fellow Magic loving engineers in the Bay Area: Come join us in the office for a Magic the Gathering Tournament and test your skills against ours.

We’ll provide the decks, scoreboards, snacks, you name it. The only thing you’ll have to bring is yourself, and a resume. If our current Magic playing engineer population is any indication of fit and success within our company- then we want to meet you! One sheet of paper is all that stands in your way between awesome prizes and potential gainful employment.

Tournament Details:

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