Our Artist Database got a new engine with more artists than ever

In 2011, we our unveiled Artist Database, a crowd-sourced treasure trove of over 200K artists designed to save partners a heck of a lot of time getting events on sale. With just a few clicks, it was possible to import stored artist bios, photos, videos, and social media links right into your event builds, in addition to the ability to create profiles for new artists.

Today, we’re taking it a step further with a brand new engine, powered by Discogs, plus a fresh look! There are now more artists than ever to import at your fingertips, and best of all, you’ll see a big blue P when we’ve found an artist station match on Pandora.

Discogs’ mission is to “build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace,” and their user-sourced database with nearly five million artists (and counting) is now integrated with Ticketfly Backstage. Users can update artist profiles directly in Discogs, and your workflow doesn’t change. We’re just giving you a lot more artist info at the ready with visual cues for Pandora station matches. That way, it’s no longer a mystery when your events are eligible for personalized concert notifications on Pandora. The icing on the cake? When artists tagged with a big blue Pandora P in our Artist Database log into AMP (Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform), they’ll be automatically prompted to promote your event with an Artist Audio Message. [To learn about Artist Audio Messages, visit the AMP Playbook.]

When you search for artists, we’ve made it super easy to distinguish between new artists from Discogs and artists you’ve saved. We kept our hands off your saved artists, rest assured! Those are all tagged with My Custom Attraction and will always show up at your Top Result. And since we’ve got a “one artist: one name” policy, selecting an artist from Discogs you’ve previously saved won’t overwrite any photos, bios, or links you have. Instead, the Artist Database will fill in any missing info with what’s in Discogs and get you connected with Pandora.

Now when you build an event in Ticketfly or edit a saved artist, you’ll experience the new Artist Database in all its good-lookin’ glory. You’ll save time putting your events on sale and pack the house, harnessing the power of Pandora.

If you’re a current Ticketfly partner, get step-by-step instructions in Ticketfly Community and try out the new Artist Database in Backstage now. Interested in harnessing the power of Ticketfly and Pandora to sell more tickets? Join the movement.

Fly Fam: Welcoming Ticketfly’s new partners

Whether it’s event spaces brought to life in converted subway stations and century-old door factories, outdoor amphitheaters with impressive views, or all-night desert dance parties, the ‘fly fam continues to grow by leaps and bounds in 2017. More than 1800 of the best venues and promoters across North America choose Ticketfly because of our powerful live event technology and industry-leading service, as well as the ability to reach more than 80m music fans through our deep integration with Pandora. Join us in welcoming 8 of our newest partners. Continue reading

Ticketfly partners shine at Canadian Music Week 2017

The stage at Horseshoe Tavern

Our ‘fly fam is always working hard to create unforgettable experiences for fans. Their dedication is a constant inspiration to us, so it’s especially thrilling when their efforts are recognized by our industry. And that’s exactly what went down this past week when a bunch of our own promoter, venue, and festival partners from up north took home much-deserved awards at two awards ceremonies during Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Celebrating 35 years in 2017, Canadian Music Week is Canada’s most respected music industry conference with multiple events including two festivals spanning five nights with more than 800 artists playing 40 venues. Continue reading

Mingle with music visionaries at Relix Magazine’s first ever conference

After more than 40 years of producing one of the country’s leading music publications, Relix Magazine is now gearing up for its first live music conference, May 10 at Brooklyn Bowl in New York. Relix is published by Dayglo Ventures, the longstanding Ticketfly partner led by Peter Shapiro, that operates Brooklyn Bowl, Capitol Theatre, and other impressive live event spaces.

“It’s an extension of the magazine,” says Relix’s Bradley Tucker. “In the print magazine and online, we started covering industry people one by one. The idea was to profile everyone else in the music industry who contributed to the live show, since Relix for so long was covering just the music.” Continue reading

Making a great first impression: Pandora Premium

It’s only been two weeks since the curtain was pulled back on Pandora Premium and we’re officially smitten. Here, the Ticketfly team explains why we love Pandora’s new on-demand tier.

“I’ve been very satisfied with the ‘add similar songs’ feature on playlists. With other services, I never would’ve tried to create a playlist on my phone. The suggested additions feel right and make it super easy.” – Chris A., Content Marketing Manager

With Pandora Premium, you can start a playlist with just one or two songs, which means your playlists aren’t a chore to create. Continue reading

5 important facts from the 2017 Infinite Dial study

This post was originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog.

What were you listening to 19 years ago? If you’re like most people, your primary sources of audio were likely radios and your own music collection–perhaps even a carefully curated mixtape on your Walkman.

In 1998, the founders of Edison Research picked up signals that online media–including music and other formats–were becoming a “thing,” so it embarked on a study to measure consumer usage of “new” media. While that first report concluded that only a small portion of the population used online media, they detected plenty of listener enthusiasm for what the future held.

Obviously, much in the media world has changed since the late 90s, except the fact that Edison Research still measures online consumer behavior every year. Their annual Infinite Dial report has become a much-anticipated annual event among media providers and advertising professionals.

Continue reading