Mingle with music visionaries at Relix Magazine’s first ever conference

After more than 40 years of producing one of the country’s leading music publications, Relix Magazine is now gearing up for its first live music conference, May 10 at Brooklyn Bowl in New York. Relix is published by Dayglo Ventures, the longstanding Ticketfly partner led by Peter Shapiro, that operates Brooklyn Bowl, Capitol Theatre, and other impressive live event spaces.

“It’s an extension of the magazine,” says Relix’s Bradley Tucker. “In the print magazine and online, we started covering industry people one by one. The idea was to profile everyone else in the music industry who contributed to the live show, since Relix for so long was covering just the music.” Continue reading

Making a great first impression: Pandora Premium

It’s only been two weeks since the curtain was pulled back on Pandora Premium and we’re officially smitten. Here, the Ticketfly team explains why we love Pandora’s new on-demand tier.

“I’ve been very satisfied with the ‘add similar songs’ feature on playlists. With other services, I never would’ve tried to create a playlist on my phone. The suggested additions feel right and make it super easy.” – Chris A., Content Marketing Manager

With Pandora Premium, you can start a playlist with just one or two songs, which means your playlists aren’t a chore to create. Continue reading

5 important facts from the 2017 Infinite Dial study

This post was originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog.

What were you listening to 19 years ago? If you’re like most people, your primary sources of audio were likely radios and your own music collection–perhaps even a carefully curated mixtape on your Walkman.

In 1998, the founders of Edison Research picked up signals that online media–including music and other formats–were becoming a “thing,” so it embarked on a study to measure consumer usage of “new” media. While that first report concluded that only a small portion of the population used online media, they detected plenty of listener enthusiasm for what the future held.

Obviously, much in the media world has changed since the late 90s, except the fact that Edison Research still measures online consumer behavior every year. Their annual Infinite Dial report has become a much-anticipated annual event among media providers and advertising professionals.

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Answer 3 questions to make your live events website rock

As a full-service live event technology platform, Ticketfly designs and builds websites for our venue and promoter partners. Each month, our team of talented developers and project managers works side-by-side with our clients to launch custom websites that meet their specific needs.

With more than 800 sites under our belts, we power the largest network of live event websites in the world. It goes without saying that we know a thing or two about the right approach to creating a website for a live events business. Whether you’re working with Ticketfly, an outside web developer, or even using an out of the box solution, here are three important questions to ask yourself to determine if your website is ready to take the stage.

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Experiences are everything: your events matter to marketers

Live events provide a unique opportunity for artists and fans to forge meaningful personal connections. This post, originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog, explains why brands are increasingly looking at event sponsorship as one of the best ways to build awareness and reach new customers. 


You don’t need us to tell you that music has the power to create incredible experiences. It can cure a breakup, take you back in time and totally make or break a party. But some music experiences are just more memorable than others.

Nothing comes quite as close to the exhilaration of seeing your favorite band live. The act of sharing the moment with a community of fellow fans, sweating it out together as you scream lyrics from the top of your lungs—that’s when real memories are formed.

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