Burning Man Names Ticketfly as Ticketing Partner

John Curley Burning Man Photo

We are very happy to announce that Ticketfly and Burning Man have entered into a partnership, in which Ticketfly will provide ticketing services and related technology to the organization that produces the Burning Man event.

This year, Burning Man will take place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert from August 25th through September 1st, 2014, and the theme is “Caravansary.”­ ­­­Registration for the first opportunity to purchase tickets will begin on January 16th. For complete ticket information and dates, please visit tickets.burningman.com.

There is arguably no more special and notable live event in the world. – Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly

Our partnership with Burning Man is incredibly meaningful to all of us here at Ticketfly. Our excitement is best captured by our co-founder, Andrew Dreskin, in his message below:

It’s on days like today that I am reminded how much I love what I do.

Ticketfly and Burning Man have entered into a ticketing and technology partnership. This is a homecoming of sorts for me and other members of the Ticketfly team. We were part of the team that first brought Burning Man’s ticketing online in the 90s when we were running TicketWeb. As you can imagine, it is very special for us to again be working with our friends at Burning Man.

I first met Larry, Marian, and the rest of the Burning Man brain trust about 15 years ago. My partner Rick Tyler and I were summoned to a meeting in Oakland with the Burning Man organizers. We came prepared to talk technology, but the meeting was less about software, and more a discussion of ethos. It became apparent pretty quickly that there was commonality in how we viewed the world.

We sold Burning Man’s first online ticket in 1998, and continued to do so for several years thereafter. I experienced my first Burn that year, and have been to the event numerous times since. I consider myself a Burner.

Reuniting with Burning Man has special meaning for us at Ticketfly. Ticketfly is home to numerous Burners, including folks who worked on Burning Man’s ticketing in the early days and others who have been part of the on-site team over the past few years. Ticketfly’s mission is to deliver the most innovative technology platform for live events. There is arguably no more special and notable live event in the world than Burning Man.

Working with Burning Man comes with great responsibility. Anyone who has been to Burning Man knows that the culture and all it represents must be respected and protected. We are 100 percent committed to being good stewards of the event and all that it stands for.

Building the software that powers Burning Man’s ticketing and its other technology functions is a monumental task. In just months, Ticketfly is building technology that addresses the unique needs of the event and lays the foundation for future innovation. I can’t promise we will be perfect. However, I can tell you that we will work our asses off to ensure Burning Man has the best technology in the world and the tools it needs to scale into the future.

See you in Black Rock City,

Andrew Dreskin (aka “Iceman” on playa)
Co-founder, Ticketfly


[Photo Credit: John Curley]

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