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Hello World: We Are Ticketfly Tech

We’re a passionate mix of engineers, designers, and product people working to build the most open, intuitive, and innovative platform for live events. Our software empowers fans to discover, purchase tickets to, and attend some of the best events across North America; enabling venues & concert promoters to run successful live event businesses.

The work we do from our small corner of the world in San Francisco keeps the lights on at venues and festivals across the continent (more than 1,200 of them), helps elevate touring artists to new heights, and connects fans with unforgettable memories that come from being in the moment.
1.Surfing into the moment.

Surfing into the moment.

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Pride at Ticketfly

Guest post by Kim Dupuis, Project Lead, Design & Development Services

Unless you were sleeping under a rock, it was hard to miss the various Pride festivities that were abound in San Francisco for the last few weeks. Inevitably, we wanted in on the action, and thus Ticketfly’s first annual Pride Happy Hour was born. The festivities were set for Friday, June 26 at our SF-based headquarters, where ‘flyers worked together to deck out our office in DIY rainbow decor. We even found creative ways to incorporate the theme throughout the party with rainbow fruit skewers, a Pride flag made out of jello shots, and two signature cocktails, the Cha Cha Queen and the Shady Lady.

Pride Jello Flag

Friends and family joined us for all the revelry, including some stellar and hilarious entertainment at our Lip Sync Battle. Contenders had one minute to show us what they were made of, performing their song of choice in front of a guest panel of three “celebrity” judges, including our front office fire-dancing fiend Vanessa, and our wheelin’ and deelin’ head of Corporate Development, Andy.

The surprise result? A tie! Two ‘flyers came out on top and for good reason—their performances were so unforgettable, they’re permanently engrained in our brains. Katiana, from our content curation team, did a rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain” in full costume and character (penciled-on moustache included):


And Yrving, one of our product designers, salsa’d to Celia Cruz’s, “Quimbara,” while dressed as Carmen Miranda, complete with the famous fruit hat.


They were both a sight to behold.

In addition to the Lip Sync Battle, we held a raffle and raised more than $800 for Maven, a local non-profit that hosts tech camps and educational summits for LGBTQ youth in SF, NYC, and ATX.

Raffle ladies

Our raffle coordinators reminding us to be green with envy if we don’t win one of the awesome prizes

We had a blast incorporating this new happy hour tradition into the bucket of rad events here at the Ticketfly HQ, and loved being a part of showing the world that #lovewins. We’re already looking forward to next year’s celebrations! Check out more great photos over on Flickr.



Ticketfly Talent: Acacia Newlon—Promoter & Performer

Put your hands together for the next entry in our new series, “Ticketfly Talent,” which shines a spotlight on the many folks at the ‘fly who make and play music outside of work. We’ve got loads of musicians, DJs, singers, and other artists of all types who are Flyers by day and rockstars by night (though we tend to think they’re rockstars 24/7). They’re awesome, and we want the world to know.

Today we’re sitting down with Acacia Newlon, Product Marketer extraordinaire coming up on her four-year ‘flyversary. In addition to being a member of the San Francisco Bach Choir, Acacia also runs a monthly free concert series called Wood Shoppe for the Bay Area community. Here, she tells us about recording trailer music for big budget fantasy flicks, how it feels to sell out a show, and why cheap drinks are key to finding new fans.


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Ticketfly Talent: Vaniish

We talk a lot about how all of us here at Ticketfly share a true passionate for live events. Recently we thought to ourselves, instead of just telling you how much we love the business our business supports, we’ll show you. Today, we’re introducing a new series on the blog called “Ticketfly Talent,” which will shine a spotlight on the many folks at the ‘fly who make and play music outside of work. We’ve got loads of musicians, DJs, singers, and other artists of all types who are Flyers by day and rockstars by night (though we tend to think they’re rockstars 24/7). They’re awesome, and we want the world to know.

First up, we’re sitting down with Keven Tecon in Customer Support and Adam Beck in the Design & Development arm of Marketing Services (you have Adam and his team to thank for spiffy websites like this one, this one, and this one), to talk about their band, Vaniish, what it’s like to play a show at a favorite venue, and why it’s so easy to get along with musically inclined colleagues.


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#NP at Ticketfly HQ

When it comes to music, Ticketfly employees don’t just talk the talk. We’re regularly at the front of the line for live shows in the cities where we live, have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to new music, and have diverse tastes that span a wide range of musical stylings. We love sharing our latest favorite tracks, so put on your headphones and enjoy our latest Now Playing playlist, and read more about the people behind the music below.

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‘Tis the season for giving back

Maybe it’s the toasty fire we’re sitting by, or maybe it’s our hidden shmaltzy side, but we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy to see both our employees and our partners finding ways to give back to the community this holiday season. Several employees are choosing to use some of their 24 hours of annual Volunteer Time-Off, or VTO (getting paid to volunteer is a sweet, sweet perk of working at the ‘fly) this month, and a partner of ours is taking some of the revenue from December events and turning it over to nonprofit organizations they care about. After the jump, take a look at some of the least grinchy people and partners we know; hopefully they’ll inspire you to find your own way to spread the cheer this year.

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