FlyTips: A Sneaky Way to Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

A few times a week, Ticketfly’s Marketing Services team gets the same question from a puzzled client who has just sent out an email campaign to customers:

I embedded a Youtube video in my email blast, and it didn’t show up? What gives?

Good news and bad news. In addition to auto-populating your upcoming events, social media info, and purchase links, the Ticketfly Emailer also allows you to easily add custom content to email marketing campaigns (like Youtube or Vimeo videos). BUT (and it’s a big but), most web-based email clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL, strip out embedded video before the message reaches your recipient’s inbox, regardless of whether you’re using the Ticketfly Emailer or a third-party service.

Long story short – we all went so crazy sending cat videos to our friends that the email gods revoked our privileges in the interest of security and deliverability.

Don’t worry! We have a very simple workaround for making video your top email content. You can thank us later.

1. Take a screenshot of your video while it’s paused on a cool scene. If you want to go beyond a basic screenshot, there are a few free programs like Skitch and Snagit that make it easy to grab images and add annotations.

2. Add the image to your email campaign by uploading a custom graphic with the “Select Image” button and adding the custom graphic link. And if you have a Ticketfly-powered website, it’s easy to grab an image url from WordPress.

3. Link your image to the correct Youtube link and voila! Fans will be taken to your video when they click “play.” If you want to get fancy, you can even add a Play icon to the image.

But you know what’s the best news of all? Animated gifs are still widely supported by most web-based email clients! Party.

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