#NP at Ticketfly HQ

We’re back with the last 2015 entry of #NP at Ticketfly HQ, our blog series that brings you all the beats playing around the ‘fly. Sit back, grab a hot toddy, and cap off a stellar year of music with holiday songs from our family to yours.

Name: Spenser
Department: Client Support
Now playing: Silent Era (on repeat for the entirety of 2015)
Favorite holiday song: James Brown – Soulful Christmas
Favorite holiday food: Mom’s homemade applesauce
Favorite holiday tradition: Setting off illegal fireworks on New Years
Best show you ever saw around the holidays: I’ve never seen a specific holiday-themed show, but the past couple Ticketfly holiday parties have been ragers, for sure!

Name: Shiree
Department: Sales
Now playing: Pictureplanes – Technomancer. I still have Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon on loop
Favorite holiday song: No Doubt – Oi! To The World (Don’t worry, I like the Vandals version, too)
Favorite holiday food: My Grandmother’s homemade cherry cheesecake
Favorite holiday tradition: Opening presents with my parents and my little sister at the crack of dawn before we head to my grandparents for family brunch. I always complain that it’s too early (6AM early), but I secretly love it.
Best show you ever saw around the holidays: Smashing Pumpkins at The Warfield. I’m still waiting for Billy to be under my tree on Christmas morning (c’mon Santa!)

Name: Daniel
Department: Customer Support
Now playing: Graveyard – Lights Out
Favorite holiday song: Mi Burrito Sabanero… I used to hate it as a kid but now it its nostalgic
Favorite holiday food: Menudo and tamales!
Favorite holiday tradition: Being with my family. I have a big family so it’s always good fun.
Best show you ever saw around the holidays: The Growlers at The Fillmore

Name: Caroline
Department: Product Training
Now playing: Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell
Favorite holiday song: Wham – Last Christmas
Favorite holiday food: Pigs-in-blankets, yorkshire puddings, and roas parsnips covered in gravy
Favorite holiday tradition: Having an afternoon snooze on the sofa while pretending to watch a movie
Best show you ever saw around the holidays: Moby (with Lam) at Manchester Arena in 2002


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