#FlyFam: Welcoming Ticketfly’s new partners

Another quarter, another edition of #FlyFam, our regular roundup welcoming new partners into the Ticketfly family.

We’re set to close out another banner year at the ‘fly, with an exciting 2016 on the horizon. In case you missed it, we’ve joined forces with Pandora. That’s right: one of the largest music companies and the fastest growing live events technology company have come together to change the landscape of the music biz. As we continue to grow, so does our list of awesome venues and promoter partners who have signed up to take this wild ride with us. Meet the newest additions to our #FlyFam:

We’ve got our eyes on the future, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the past. We’re honored to welcome two historic and prestigious venues to our family. Built in 1891, the Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton, MA hosted entertainment icons such as actress Mae West and magician Harry Houdini in its heyday. Today, it remains one of the region’s primary venues for dance, music, film, and arts education. Built in 1931, the Paramount Center for the Arts in Bristol, TN is a sight to see. The auditorium is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and maintains its classic character thanks to a full restoration in 1991. Guests can enjoy everything from symphonies and ballet recitals to Broadway productions and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, just like their grandparents did.

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Ballin’ on a budget in the Bay Area

It’s not news that San Francisco’s cost of living is way up there. But is it true that you can’t have fun on the cheap in SF? When an article titled “Why You Can’t Afford Shows in SF” appeared in SF Weekly recently, highlighting that ticket prices in our fair city can sometimes be much higher than the rest of the country, it piqued our interest. According to the article, the average ticket price in San Francisco is $129, 59% higher than the rest of the Bay Area. Ouch.

We love live events, and nothing should deter fans from getting out to see a show. So, we rose to the challenge to find November events in the Bay Area that won’t break the bank. They’re all under $16 bucks and actually worth every penny:

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Partner Spotlight: Up close and personal with the people behind your favorite events

It’s time for Partner Spotlight, our series that’s gets up close and personal with the people behind your favorite events. We’re criss-crossing the country, putting some of the smartest, most creative, and most successful people in the industry in the spotlight to talk about everything from why they got into the business, to how technology has changed the industry, to the best acts they’ve ever seen.

Today, we’ve got Andrea Lundquist, Managing Partner of Space Cowboys and Executive Producer of Ghost Ship Halloween and Breakfast of Champions, in the hot seat. Now in their 8th and 12th years, respectively, read on to hear just how Andrea got involved in producing massive events, and how she and her team made one event ubiquitous with Halloween in San Francisco


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Ticketfly Talent: Daniel Martinez–Latin Rocker


Make some noise for the next entry in our “Ticketfly Talent” series, which showcases the many talents of our Flyers. We’ve got loads of musicians, DJs, singers, and artists of all types who are fly by day and rock stars by night (though we tend to think they’re rock stars 24/7). They’re awesome, and we want the world to know.

Today, we catch up with Daniel Martinez, one of the super helpful dudes on our customer support team. He’s perfect at assisting our clients because he’s a musician himself, having toured the continent with his now-defunct band Posole. Here, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist shares his stories from the road.

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Partner Spotlight: Up close and personal with the people behind your favorite events

Our Partner Spotlight series is back and getting up close and personal with the people behind your favorite events. We’re criss-crossing the country, putting some of the smartest, most creative, and most successful people in the industry in the hot seat to talk about everything—from why they got into the business, to how technology has changed the industry, to the best acts they’ve ever seen.

Today, we’re chatting with Trae Judy, co-owner of South Carolina-based Music Farm Productions, a group of concert promoters and venue operators that put on events across all genres—from comedy to outdoor music festivals. While it’s clear Trae’s obsession with concerts began with the music, his passion for the behind-the-scenes mechanics of building each show is what convinced him that putting on live events was what he’d be doing for the rest of his life. Trae compares his job to working at Disney World, where every event is a new opportunity to create a fun getaway for fans.  

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The ’fly guide to Halloween 2015


No matter how creepy and cool the costumes may be, a Halloween party ain’t a party without music. But do you really want to suffer through the “Monster Mash” again? Skip the canned playlists and celebrate the spooky holiday with awesome DJs and live music. Put on your Donald Trump wig or Hillary Clinton business suit (or whatever it is you’re wearing) and hit one of these upcoming ‘fly fright-fests around the country.

To get you started, our buds at WillCall collected some graveyard jams. If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re really into Halloween.

New York, NY

The most terrifying thing about Halloween in New York City is deciding which party to hit. From a four-night “spooky mansion” concert experience to a “spooktacular dance party,” fans in the Big Apple have no shortage of options. Which one will you choose? The suspense is killing us!

10.28: Spooky Mansion: A Four Night Halloween Concert Experience with Dueling Rabbits (Bad Rabbits DJ set) + more TBA – The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY ($45+)

10.29: Spooky Mansion: A Four Night Halloween Concert Experience with Talib Kweli, Alissia + more TBA – The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY ($45+)

10.30: Spooky Mansion: A Four Night Halloween Concert Experience with Blue Hawaii (DJ set) + more TBA – The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY ($45+)

10.30: Halloween Party with Strange Talk, Intergalactix and Germans – Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY ($13+/$15+)

10.31: Claptone presents The Masquerade – Verboten, Brooklyn, NY ($20-30+)

10.31: The Jane Hotel’s Annual Halloween Party – The Jane Hotel, New York, NY (starting at $40+)

10.31: Halloween Bash & Bowl – Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY (No cover)

10.31: Spooky Mansion: A Four Night Halloween Concert Experience with guests TBA – The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY ($45+)

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#NP at Ticketfly HQ

We’ve been a little busy celebrating our latest news (ICYMI, we’re joining forces with Pandora), but the music has not stopped pouring out of Ticketfly HQ’s speakers. Here’s what’s been on tap – a mix of celebratory, cerebral, and chill jams that will have you feeling like a million bucks.


NPSandyName: Sandy
Department: Client Support
Now playing: Blacklisted – “When People Grow, People Go”
Best concert experience: One of my most treasured experiences was crowd-surfing at my very first concert (New Found Glory, H2O & RX Bandits) in 2001 at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles
Next upcoming concert: Stocked to see Failure, Hum & Torche on 10/11 at House of Blues Orlando
Most recent album purchase: Dads – “I’ll Be The Tornado”
Favorite lyrics and random fact: “The hardest fight is standing on my own two feet. It is living my life for my hopes and for my dreams.” – Love is Red (This quote is the reason I have “The Hardest Fight” tattooed on my right forearm.)

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Pandora and Ticketfly join forces to create the world’s most powerful music platform

I hope y’all are sitting down…I am pleased to announce that Pandora will be acquiring Ticketfly! The largest and most powerful recorded music company and the fastest growing live events technology company are coming together to create the definitive online music platform for venues, promoters, artists and fans. Pandora’s entry into live events is a watershed moment for the music industry.

Pandora Thumb Ticketfly

Pandora is massive. I didn’t realize just how massive. Nearly 80 million people use Pandora each month, most of them on their phones. The Pandora app is the single most-used mobile app in the world (more than Apple, Google and Spotify). Eight billion stations have been created on Pandora. Pandora is the #1 radio station in 36 U.S. markets.

The combination of Ticketfly and Pandora will be game-changing for our clients. Ticketfly and Pandora will be a marketing and event discovery powerhouse, giving our clients unprecedented access to a massive and targeted audience of nearly 80 million music fans. We will solve the longstanding problem of event discovery by seamlessly connecting Pandora’s enormous audience to events they’ll love. This will enable promoters to sell out more shows, and will strengthen the bond between artist and fan.

Pandora and Ticketfly are both deeply data-driven. We will harness our combined data to improve recommendations for fans and create new tools for artists and promoters. Pandora also recently joined forces with Next Big Sound, the leading provider of online music analytics. The coming together of Pandora and Ticketfly, plus Next Big Sound, will create the most powerful fan analytics platform in the world for venues, promoters, and artists.

I had a feeling that it was just a matter of time until one of the big music tech companies made its entree into live events. The live music business is booming. North American concert ticket sales grew at 22% last year. Artists earn roughly 80% of their revenue from touring. Live events are a natural extension of the Pandora platform.

Pandora has done a number of tests recently in the live events space and the results have been pretty overwhelming. When Pandora recently streamed Jack White’s concert from Madison Square Garden, 720,000 people created stations (that’s 38 times the number of people who attended the concert) on Pandora to listen to the show. Pandora live-streamed Mumford & Sons from our partner venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion, which resulted in more than 1 million people creating the live-stream station in two weeks – nearly double the number of people that follow Mumford on Twitter!

And it doesn’t stop there. Pandora has recently been testing the sale of tickets and the results are impressive. With its ability to identify and target specific fans, Pandora sold out 55,000 tickets for the recent Rolling Stones tour in 24 hours. Their ability to sell tickets for lesser known acts is equally impressive. A Pandora pre-sale for ODESZA (an up-and-coming EDM act) blew through 26,000 tickets, including for Ticketfly venues such as the 9:30 Club and Union Transfer, in minutes. Safe to say, Pandora is about to become a major player in ticketing.

So, how did all of this come to be? We have known the folks at Pandora for some time now. In fact, we met them thanks to this journalist – Rocco Pendola – a guy with some big and what we used think were pretty nutty ideas. You can read some of his musings here. But the more we chatted, the more we realized that Pandora and Ticketfly are a perfect fit. We share a common goal of wanting to the make the end-to-end experience better for all participants in the music ecosystem. We have similar values. We are both ridiculously passionate about music, and want to make music and live entertainment a bigger part of people’s lives. And it just so happens that we like each other. Anyone who knows Ticketfly knows that we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t like the people involved.

I had heard some of the noise in the marketplace about Pandora’s relationship with the music industry, so I dug deeper and what I found was a company and a founder – Tim Westergren – deeply devoted to the success and well being of artists. When Tim and I first met we talked for hours about various bands and venues we have in common. I quickly realized this is a guy with whom I could work. He was a touring musician and when he saw how hard it was to make a living he founded Pandora to help artists of all sizes to make a career out of music.

Everything that everyone loves about Ticketfly will not change. We’re still the same company working toward the same goals. Pandora loves our scrappy, independent nature and doesn’t plan to do anything to change that.

And what about our non-music clients? Well, we love our non-music clients the same as our music clients and we and Pandora plan to continue to support them enthusiastically. Our non-music clients will also be able to tap into Pandora’s marketing might, which will be a great asset for them, as well. In fact, I saw a Pandora commercial on Monday Night Football the other night, if that tells you anything.

Selling your baby is never easy and I would be lying if I didn’t say that it’s bittersweet, but I trust my friends at Pandora and believe that they have Ticketfly’s best interests at heart and won’t do anything to change what makes us so special.

This combination will be transformative for the industry. Our clients will gain access to the largest and most powerful music marketing platform in the world, which will help them to sell more tickets and generate more revenue. We will tackle the problem of event discovery for fans and make live events a bigger part of people’s lives, which is why we all got into this crazy business anyway. I’ve worked in the music industry for the better part of 20 years and have been running Ticketfly for almost a decade, and at no time have I ever been more excited about our ability to deliver on our vision to reimagine live events than I am now, with Pandora as our partner. This is going to be an amazing journey.


Andrew Dreskin, co-founder & CEO