Fly Fam: Welcoming Ticketfly’s new partners

While we may not be running for an elected office, Ticketfly never stops campaigning. With Pandora at our side, we’ve rallied strong support across the nation. We previously announced a record-breaking signing of 17 venues and promoters in the Southern U.S. and a partnership with Colorado’s Z2 Entertainment, making us the ticketing service of choice for independent venues and promoters in the Denver metro area. But they’re not the only ones joining the Ticketfly party. We’ve got more than a dozen new additions to the ‘fly fam that we’d love for you to meet.


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Memphis in May looks ahead to 2017


2016 was a big year for Memphis in May International Festival. The monthlong civic celebration turned 40; upped the game with its Beale Street Music Festival with acts such as Neil Young, Beck, and Paul Simon; added new events—a 5K and a one-day local music showcase—to its already stacked programming; and, most importantly, had an estimated local economic impact of $88.1 million.

While he couldn’t reveal the specifics just yet, Jim Holt, president and CEO of Memphis in May, says 2017’s festivities will be even bigger (see the key dates below).

“We’re looking onward and upward,” Holt says. “Each year we endeavor to enhance our programs, activities, and events to increase the scope. We’ve got some surprises for people next year. We start breaking activities in December/January. We’re planning to increase the amount of elements at our events for next year. We’re very excited for [what] we’ve got in store for our customers.”

Holt’s team is just beginning to book talent for Beale Street, the largest and most notable event of the month. He wouldn’t drop any hints, but said he’s “very excited about some of the acts that are playing next year.”

Each year, Memphis in May partners with a different country for an extensive cultural program. For 2017, the festival has selected Colombia as its partner. “It’s a very exciting, dynamic, and vibrant country with a rich heritage and history,” Holt says. “It should be an exciting salute to them in 2017.”

Last year, Memphis in May held 38 different cultural, educational, and economic development programs for 2016 honoree Canada. Holt plans to have a similar number of activities in regards to Colombia.

One of the largest civic festivals in North America, Memphis in May instills pride in its city like no other. “We not only celebrate a foreign country each year, we also celebrate the history and heritage of Memphis itself, [a city] known for its rich musical heritage and tradition, “ Holt says. Guests should break out the bibs, too: “We’re also known as the barbecue capital of the world, which we highlight and salute during the World Championship Barbecue Contest,” he adds.


Economically, the festival helps support a total of 1,100 full-time employment positions in Memphis, as well as attracts international visitors and media attention. “It’s a big driver on a lot of fronts for the city of Memphis,” Holt says.

Holt, who has worked for Memphis in May for 18 years, credits Ticketfly for aiding in the festival’s groundbreaking success in 2016—the first year we partnered with the company.

“We’d been with Ticketmaster for 25-plus years. We were looking for a more nimble, more marketing savvy ticketing company,” Holt says. “We thought Ticketfly had the superior platform among the various ticket providers we reviewed and we were very happy with the support we received.”

“To me, the Pandora tie-in was icing on the cake,” Holt adds. “It was a big element as far as providing expanded marketing exposure for our event.”

Holt says that the transition to Ticketfly, done in a 72-hour period, was seamless.

“To make that switch, we thought there would be a little turbulence and some bumpiness with consumer acceptance, and it was just astounding,” he says. “Tickets went on sale as if no change had ever occurred—just smooth as silk. I was very impressed with the seamless transition to Ticketfly. The marketing team and promotional assets that Ticketfly brought to us were very effective and potent.”

Find some key dates and activities below. We can’t wait to find out more about what Memphis in May has up its sleeve for 2017 and look forward to another fruitful year of partnership!

Beale Street Music Festival: May 5-7
International Week: May 8-14
World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest: May 17-20
901Fest: May 27
Great American River Run: May 28

For news and updates about Memphis and May, visit

Ticketfly Talent: Gene “Bean” Bae—Oakland Punk

Give it up for the next entry in our “Ticketfly Talent” series, which showcases the many talents of our Flyers. We’ve got loads of musicians, DJs, singers, and artists of all types who are fly by day and rock stars by night. They’re awesome, and we want the world to know.

Today, we catch up with Gene “Bean” Bae, a customer support supervisor and Bay Area punk veteran. He gets down on the bass and guitar, and has amassed quite the record collection. His most recent band, Robbery, just split up. If you need a guitarist, hit him up! Get familiar with Gene as we talk about letting go of vinyl, playing with super soakers, and never returning to So Cal.

Bean_Talent Photo

Tell us a little about yourself, Bean.

I’m 42. I was born in the L.A. area but went to college at UC Santa Cruz and never moved back to Southern California after that.

Why not?

I moved to Northern California and it felt like a place I’d always been missing. I felt way more at home here than in Southern California. It’s just a different vibe, I guess.

How long have you lived in Oakland?

I’ve lived in Oakland about 15 years. I’ve seen it change a lot. When the customer support team moved to the Pandora office in downtown Oakland [from Ticketfly’s HQ in San Francisco], that was great for me because I do love it here.

What do you do at Ticketfly?

I’m a customer support supervisor. There are five supervisors on the team and we oversee the customer support agents who assist ticket buyers on the phone and via email. We’re kind of the front line, usually the only Ticketfly people that Ticketfly customers will have direct interaction with.

How’d you get your start in music?

I started playing guitar probably in my teens. I had always been drawn to music. Discovering punk rock in my teens really turned me onto the idea that anyone can play music and be a part of it. Since then, it’s been really important to me. I’m also a record collector. If you come to my house, I have a ton of records. That’s what drew me to a career in the music industry. After college, I started working at a record store. I worked at a record store for a really long time, probably longer than was healthy. When that business started declining, I was looking for a different place to move on to. I got lucky and remembered I had a friend at Ticketfly.

You mentioned being a record collector. What’s your most prized possession?

A lot of the records I bought 15-20 years ago weren’t really that special at the time but have become collector’s pieces as time has gone on. It sorta makes you feel old sometimes. One of the things that I bought when it originally came out was Drive Like Jehu’s first album, which happened to be on clear vinyl.

I’ve gotten less attached to vinyl—I still listen to most of my music on vinyl—but I’ve gotten less attached to the whole collector side of it. I always tell people that one of the great things about starting at Ticketfly was that I started working with people who were really into music again, as opposed to people who are really into things. I love record people, but sometimes it’s like the thing—the record and how rare it is—becomes more important to them than the music that’s actually on it. To me, that’s what’s really important.

I watched Robbery’s “Red Dawn” video. It looked like a great time. How fun was that to shoot?

Shooting a video always involves a lot of sitting around and repetition. But this one was fun … It’s not something that I’ve done before. No band I’ve been in before has done anything like this. It’s kind of silly too with the super soakers and everybody getting soaked.

Where was it filmed?

It was shot in the Oakland Hills. There’s a weird spot there that has kind of like a miniature pyramid. It’s up there and you can see the bay in the background. It’s a really cool spot. It’s one of the things that makes Oakland so great, you can really quickly go off into the woods and find weird places like that.

What was in the suitcase in the video?

That’s kind of up to your own interpretation. Something very important, clearly.

Has working at Ticketfly helped you as an artist?

I try to keep it somewhat separate in that I don’t want to take advantage of my position. But being in a DIY punk band, most of the venues we’ve played at have been smaller than the venues Ticketfly works with. Of course it’s a goal to play shows that the company tickets because that would mean a step up in how many people are coming to see us.

Why do you like working at Ticketfly?

When I was working at a record store, it was great but it was somewhat unsustainable. To move on to a company that was in the music industry in some way but also something I could grow with was really important to me. It’s great to be working around people who love music and going to live shows. I’m pretty close to promoters and venues and it’s nice to be working for a company where their primary interests are in line with mine.

What’s next for you?

The unfortunate thing is that Robbery has recently split up because our singer is both a mother and a business owner and has another band. There wasn’t quite enough time for that. But definitely the thing that I’m interested in is continuing to play music, and especially playing guitar. I was a bass player for a really long time. Robbery is the first band in a long time I’ve played guitar in and I’ve been having a lot of fun with that. I’ve already got a few musical dates lined up, and hopefully we’ll have a new band coming out of that.

It’s National Voter Registration Day – make sure you’re registered with Pandora and

Cross-posted from the Pandora blog

Are you registered to vote? No? Not sure? Well, Lil Dicky, Big Gigantic, Dispatch, The National, Phil Lesh, and a host of others are helping make sure you are. We are teaming up with your favorite artists and to make sure everyone can have their voices heard this Election Day, from registering to vote to finding your polling place.

Why HeadCount? Since its founding, has worked with hundreds of artists to help get the word out about the importance of voting. The first part of this campaign will focus on voter registration. Then, beginning in mid-October when voter registration deadlines have passed, the campaign will switch to helping ensure people make it to the polls.

These non-partisan messages will be delivered through a combination of artist audio messages and a broader awareness campaign encouraging voter participation. Through these personal audio messages, Pandora is providing artists with another avenue to connect directly with their fans where we know they are – on their stations, listening to their music. More artists will be added as we get closer to November.

Lil Dicky RTV


What does this mean for you? You already listen to Pandora wherever and whenever you want, and we will be using’s new HelloVote mobile voter registration platform, meaning you can now register in the same way – in less than a minute. Click the link when you hear a message and choose how you want to register – on the web, or even via text message and Facebook Messenger.

Hear a message, click the link, and get registered – it couldn’t be easier. With, we are making it easy to make sure your voice is heard.

Introducing Ticketfly Tech: More Than Code

Cross-posted from our new Ticketfly Tech publication over on Medium. Want to be a live event tech insider? Follow along at

Hello World: We Are Ticketfly Tech

We’re a passionate mix of engineers, designers, and product people working to build the most open, intuitive, and innovative platform for live events. Our software empowers fans to discover, purchase tickets to, and attend some of the best events across North America; enabling venues & concert promoters to run successful live event businesses.

The work we do from our small corner of the world in San Francisco keeps the lights on at venues and festivals across the continent (more than 1,200 of them), helps elevate touring artists to new heights, and connects fans with unforgettable memories that come from being in the moment.
1.Surfing into the moment.

Surfing into the moment.

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How we’re getting 2,000 fans to party with Sammy Hagar in Mexico

Iconic rocker Sammy Hagar doesn’t just defy speed limits, the Chickenfoot frontman and former Van Halen singer also has a way of shucking convention to find a better way of doing things.

We recently partnered with Hagar’s Red Rocker Touring for an unconventional collaboration in celebration of his 69th birthday. His needs were specific: the party would stretch over four nights (October 7, 9, 11, and 13) at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with only 500 tickets sold each night. The tricky part? Rather than selling tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, Hagar wanted to set up a lottery system.

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Live from the mountaintop: Colorado’s Z2 Entertainment joins Ticketfly

Today our fast-growing list of new partners gets even longer (or should we say higher?) with the addition of top Colorado promoter Z2 Entertainment. Z2 joins seven other Ticketfly venues in the region including The Marquis, The Summit Music Hall, and Denver Botanic Gardens, as well as Riot Fest. The Denver metro area is now officially a Ticketfly town, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre

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