Reach a massive audience with automated Pandora concert notifications

Cristina Peralta

Jul. 27, 2016

Last year, we joined forces with Pandora to create the world’s most powerful music marketing platform. Today we’re taking another step toward making that vision a reality with automated, personalized concert notifications for Ticketfly shows on Pandora. Pandora listeners will receive notifications for just-announced shows and onsales in an increasing number of ways, including: feed alerts in the Pandora app (already live), push notifications on mobile devices (launching soon), and personalized live event email digests (launching later this year).

Without lifting a finger, Ticketfly clients now have access to a highly targeted subset of nearly 80M monthly active Pandora users, vastly increasing the reach and effectiveness of their event marketing and supercharging their ability to sell tickets.

Here’s how it works: When you create an event on the Ticketfly platform a targeted audience of Pandora listeners in your market who like listening to that artist will automatically get a push notification on their phones alerting them that the artist has just announced a nearby show. If tickets are on sale, then when listeners click on the notification, they’ll be taken directly to purchase tickets from Ticketfly, within an in-app browser in the Pandora app.


If the event is published but tickets are not yet on sale, the push notification prompts listeners to set a reminder. They’ll then receive a second push notification the moment tickets become available. As a fan, being the first to know can mean the difference between sitting front row or completely missing out. As a promoter, you can expect to reach more fans who are interested in your event, faster, and even get a signal as to whether you should release a second or third show.


Listeners will also see event announcements and onsale notifications in their Pandora feed, which means even more opportunities to discover upcoming events they’ll love.


Later this year, Pandora will also start sending listeners personalized live event digest emails on a regular basis, with a list of your shows that we know they’ll want to check out. The emails may include special offers as extra incentive to purchase.

This is the first time hyper-targeted, real-time notifications have been implemented at scale, and a perfect example of why we decided to join forces with Pandora. By time-spent, Pandora is the most-used app in the world—on average, listeners spend more than 24 hours on Pandora every month, logging around 1.83 billion monthly listening hours in aggregate. That means more eyes and ears than ever on your events, right when they’re announced and right when they go on sale. And this is just the beginning. In the coming months, Pandora’s live event marketing platform will be built out even further to help you market your events and build your brand, meaning you’ll sell out more shows with less headaches. Ready to join the movement?

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