Social Media Gets Rave Reviews from EDM Fans, Boosts Sales (INFOGRAPHIC)

Cristina Peralta

Sep. 28, 2012

At Ticketfly, the only thing we love more than a raging paint party (shout out to our crew over at Life in Color) or a classic Detroit techno beat is updating our Facebook status in the club, posting party pics to Instagram, and tweeting about the best nights coming up. That, or a really bangin’ infographic, with tons of thumping data and a huge dynamic range.

Full infographic after the jump.

And when the infographic is about how EDM (electronic dance music, for the n00bs) events are increasingly powered by social media word of mouth, it’s like that exclusive New Year’s Eve afterparty came early. Check out the results of Ticketfly’s deep dive into how DJs, clubs, and dance music lovers are using social media to connect and sell more tickets. One of the most powerful takeaways: social media drives six times as many sales of EDM tickets compared to events in general!

There’s a reason more and more EDM venues and promoters are signing up with us (some recent highlights include LED Presents, Prime Social Group, Lights All Night, Winter Circle Productions, Buku Music & Art Project, Art of Electronica, Monday Social, and Ampersand) to supercharge their events with our integrated social marketing and ticketing platform. That way, they can focus on rocking the party all night long, and we can take care of the rest.

If you are not currently a Ticketfly client and would like to know more about boosting your EDM sales, get info and download a PDF version of this infographic here.

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