We’re Facebook official… Introducing Facebook Official Events

M83 Facebook Official Event

One single event shared among venues, artists, and promoters.

In 2010, we launched Amplifier, an easy way for partners to amplify an event on social media channels like Facebook to reach more fans. Since then, social media has grown immensely while remaining a go-to source of information—like when a band is coming to town. We’ve always recognized the power of combining social media and ticketing and today, we’re taking that one step further by integrating Facebook Official Events with our self-service platform. Official Events make it even easier to amplify and share your event on Facebook to all your audiences.

Facebook Official Events are single events shared among venues, artists, and promoters in order to maximize event visibility. Official events reduce duplicates while consolidating audiences to a single event with multiple hosts. Best of all? Your workflow stays pretty much the same. This is another part of our master plan to save you time, help you sell more tickets, and keep everyone closely connected to the live events they love.

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Techibeats + Ticketfly = ♡

It all started at EDMBiz 2013 in Las Vegas. Among the slot machines, over-sized drinks, ravers fastidiously preparing for EDC, and a few business-related panels, Ticketfly met Techibeats, and an affiliate partnership was in the works soon after. We’re delighted to add Techibeats to our roster of affiliates (including SongkickBandsintown, and Dancing Astronaut) that regularly list our events on their sites. CEO and Founder of Techibeats Ricky Zona is also pumped on the partnership:

We’re extremely thrilled to partner with Ticketfly. It’s an amazing company, and we look forward to working with them and growing in the dance music community. – Ricky Zona, CEO of Techibeats

Techibeats.com is dedicated to sharing the best new electronic music with their wide audience. The site was created for a school project, but it blew up quick. Now Techibeats has an app in the iTunes store, a management company that oversees up-and-coming DJs like Drezo and Gummy (listen below), and a record label.

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If You’re Going to San Francisco… It’s Probably to a Ticketfly Show

Ticketfly is now the number one ticketing provider in San Francisco, powering ticketing and marketing for more live music venues than any of our competitorsAnd we’re just getting started; the San Francisco Business Times recently named Ticketfly the fastest-growing technology company in the Bay Area. If you want to find tickets to SF shows or learn more about Ticketfly, click here.

Some prominent new clients in SF include Public Works, Mezzanine, and The Chapel, a new venue in San Francisco’s Mission District which opened with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass after shows featuring Elvis Costello and Steve Earle. Other new venues and promoters include Parish Entertainment Group (San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall and The New Parish and Rock Steady in Oakland), Voice Media Group (including SF Weekly), The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Abstract Entertainment and SBL Entertainment in Sacramento, and Trannyshack San Francisco.

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FlyTips: Putting the Ticketfly Affiliate Network to Good Use!

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

1. What is the Ticketfly Affiliate Network?

Ticketfly partners with the top event websites and blogs, both online and mobile, to ensure that the events you build in Ticketfly Backstage are automatically distributed in as many places as we can dig up – including Songkick, Pollstar, Brooklyn Vegan, Spotify, Pandora, artist BandPages, and Jambase. The best part is you don’t have to do a thing. Affiliate partners are already marketing your events!

Ticketfly has a dedicated affiliate manager (me!) and we are actively recruiting affiliates and handling all accounting for referral fees.

2. Well if Ticketfly is already doing everything, what can I do to increase my Affiliate sales?

  • Make sure we’re working with influencers in your area. If you know of particular blogs, radio stations or event sites that regularly promote your events, send them over to our application page to apply. Once enrolled, they’ll get a kick back on every person they send through your doors! If you have questions, contact affiliates@ticketfly.com.
  • Visit your listings every once in a while! Search artists, your events, or your venues and check out who’s going. You could be overlooking some great marketing opportunities in places where your tickets are already selling.

  • Be sure to include all artist names in your event title. Many of our affiliates (including Songkick) notify fans based on the artists they listen to (which is really cool!). If artists are listed in the “Additional Event Info” field, many of their fans won’t find out about the event.

3. But how do I know if it’s working?

The Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard will display any sales coming through the affiliate network. If you drill further into “Source Performance,” you can see exactly which shows had the most success with affiliate partners. (The ability to see exactly which affiliates are selling tickets is currently in development. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, you can always look at your site’s Google Analytics for info.)

4. What if my events are listed incorrectly? This drives me crazy!

Many of our favorite event sites allow fans to post events manually, and very rarely their info is incorrect. So occasionally, yes, a customer will follow an affiliate link to an incorrect show and purchase tickets.  Keep in mind that all Ticketfly sales are final, but we will always accommodate a client’s request to refund a customer. The way we see it: our awesome network of affiliates is selling a lot of your tickets. A few legitimate refunds a year is probably not a bad trade-off and we can always contact affiliates on your behalf to correct any errors. Contact your client rep if you have questions about our refund policy or how to correct your listings.

5. Are there more promotional opportunities I can take advantage of on these websites?

Definitely! Many of our affiliates offer ad space, featured event spots, dedicated email blasts and more. If you see that your events are popular on a particular event site, reach out to them! If we trust them enough with your events, then you can too. Contact affiliates@ticketfly.com for info on specific affiliates.

If you have any more questions, download the Affiliate network pdf or reach out to your Client Rep!

FlyTips: Customizable Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Events

Because Ticketfly clients are able to build an event once and publish the same information automatically on multiple promotional channels, there are many opportunities for you to make some extra cash on your event by offering sponsorship exposure in several key places- including on your tickets, on your website, in our integrated emails and on Ticketfly.

Here are some places a sponsor’s logo and presence would surface during the purchase and event process.

Our social marketing tools (Amplifier) and print-at-home ticket ad options (found in the Appearance options in Backstage) make it easy for you to get a sponsor’s name out there, via your social communities and directly in the hands of purchasers.

Finally, when you build an event in Ticketfly’s Backstage, those events automatically publish to all of the web’s top event-listing sites and blogs. So your sponsor name will get some time on event pages on sites like Songkick, Pollstar and more.

If you’re a Ticketfly client and you’d like more info, please reach out to your client rep or download this pdf that you can send to sponsors. If you’d like to know more about Ticketfly’s ticketing and marketing services, head over to ticketfly.com/start.

The Ticketfly API: Get it into your cool things.

Heya developers, website-makers, API architects and data dorks- did you know Ticketfly has a publicly available API? Yep, it’s true!

We’re big on transparency over here at the Fly and we love new ideas for music mashups. Our API is available for both commercial and non-commercial use. And our list of awesome API partners is growing every day! Check out some of the latest folks below who are working on some really cool mobile apps and website integrations. Anytime someone wants to make it easier for music fans to find out about our Clients’ shows and share them with friends in the process, we say “Go for it!” Whatever fills the seats, right? We’re pretty smart but we haven’t thought of *everything*.

We also have a dedicated Google Group where our API buddies can ask questions, and get coding tips and support from our API guru.

After you click on all these logos and see what these folks are working on, head over to our API page and get your own key. If you have a site or app that’s ready to go, and you’re interested in making a commission on the tickets you’re referring, check out our Affiliate Network! All of the leading concert listing sites are in the program. Why aren’t you? If you have any questions, shoot us an email at api@ticketfly.com. See you at the show!

Billboard: 9:30 Club and The Troubadour are Two of the Most Influential Clubs in North America

Billboard pulled together a panel of touring industry experts to answer one of the toughest questions in the biz: What makes a good club? Everyone’s got a different idea. If I were on the panel (Sheesh, they didn’t even ask!), I’d base my responses on a few criteria: Helpful staff, nice lighting, good beer on tap, democratic options for seating/ standing (my favorite set-up being floor + balcony + a smoking patio for escape…and all of them accessible with any kind of ticket), and of course: GOOD SOUND. I mean, if you go see your favorite band and the sound’s no good, what’s the point? Might as well stay home with your own nice lighting and put the record on.

Well when they asked the real experts, including Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, Billions Corp’s David Viecelli and others, one thing they did agree on is that whatever this “elusive” list of qualities that make up a good club actually is, 9:30 Club and Troubadour have got “IT.”

And so far, the 9:30 Club is the only club to grace both this list and Billboard’s list of the “hottest” venues in the U.S., which is based on box office. So not only is it a rad venue….but they also happen to sell a lot of tickets. Cha ching!

Check out snippets from the article below (Thanks to Billboard!)

And check out upcoming shows for The Troub and 9:30 Club here on (yep you guessed it)…Ticketfly!

Pick up the latest issue of Billboard Mag or get your subscription to Billboard Biz now to peep the full list.

Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard Unlocks Ticket Sales Black Box

Happy summer! We’re very excited to offer the latest feature to the Ticketfly Platform: The Analytics Dashboard.

Check out this video of the Dashboard in action!

How often do promoters pour marketing dollars into banners, web and Facebook ads, email blasts and more without ever really knowing which campaigns resulted in an actual ticket sale? Well we’re solving that problem.

The Analytics Dashboard shows promoters where ticket sales are coming from in real time. And because the Ticketfly Platform is fully integrated, it tracks 100% of marketing activity across all channels, including a promoter’s Ticketfly-built website, the Ticketfly integrated email platform, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, the extensive Ticketfly Affiliate Network and much more. 

The Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard allows industry decision makers such as promoters, venue owners, marketers and talent buyers to easily have a comprehensive view of the success of their marketing efforts, making all of those precious marketing dollars really count. Reports can be run over a given date range for an individual event or holistically across an entire organization.

Better data means our clients save money and time. And as a young company, we want to make sure that promoters switching to Ticketfly can easily see why they made the right decision, simply by showing them how our platform sells more tickets. The old guard of ticketing has been one of tying promoters’ hands, letting the company drive the marketing ship without providing the necessary tools and branding to the client, and then hiding the numbers while the seats stay unsold. We’re doing something different. Transparency, information, and tools, oh my!

Ticketfly continues to lead the way in the ticketing industry with this powerful new tool. It squares nicely with our overall mission:  to provide our clients with the ultimate ticket sales and marketing platform. Because we offer a full suite of promotional tools, we are the only company that can provide real-time sales and marketing analytics all in one place. The best part is it’s all tied together into an easy-to-decipher page of pie charts and graphs that anyone can quickly scan and understand.

“As you can imagine, people don’t want less information. They want more information to help them make better decisions.” – Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly CEO.

Check out the article in Billboard and then get started with Ticketfly!

Ticketmaster has canceled their Affiliate Program. We are here for you!

Here is a statement from our CEO, Andrew Dreskin, on Ticketmaster’s news today that they have nixed their entire affiliate program:

It’s telling that Ticketmaster is winding down its affiliate program just as we are ratcheting ours up. The decision for Ticketmaster to slash and burn its affiliate program is emblematic of the old school thinking that plagues the live music industry. They have consistently taken a command-and-control approach that alienates the music community: fans, bloggers, promoters and now developers.  In contrast, Ticketfly’s goal is to provide as broad a marketing platform as possible for our clients. We are building open, social technologies that embrace the community and make room for anyone who loves live music.”

You may remember back in July when the bloggers were all abuzz over TM cutting a lot of their smaller affiliates, as well as ending commissions on all pre-sales and the first 24 hours of general sales? Well, apparently this didn’t do enough to ease TM’s financial woes because today they have officially canned their entire program. Yep, they’ve cut everyone. We are already hearing from affiliates who have gotten the axe message. Just after noon today, TM sent an e-mail to their entire network, alerting them to some “important changes.” Well, I’d say it’s important! You just dumped everyone from the program! And TM has yet to make an official announcement or even post it up on their Affiliates page or the Buy.at Twitter. All commissions on ticket sales will stop October 15th. One ticked off blogger has already posted the message. I imagine more will show up tomorrow. Consequence of Sound (one of my fave blogs!) is  already grumbling as well.

Well Ticketfly thinks this is a real “eff you” to a lot of the best music sites, bloggers, and fans on the internet that we all love and rely on to find out about shows, and more importantly to all of those hard-working venue owners and promoters who are going to have to work a LOT harder to get their shows out there and sell tickets. As if they had any time to spare!

Ticketfly launched our Affiliate Network last week and we will gladly welcome any music-lovers out there who want to sell tickets for our clients. Give us your tired, your poor, your music-loving masses yearning to sell tickets and save time for our clients while making money for your own rad websites!

We’re making up a nice comfy bed and some warm cocoa for you. It’s gonna be OK.

Announcing Ticketfly’s New Affiliate Network!

AffLogoTicketfly is determined to explore any innovation, social media strategy, or collaboration that empowers our clients to sell more tickets and save time. As music junkies, we also see concert listing sites and music blogs that support venues and artists by recommending and reviewing their shows as ideal partners for our clients. To bring these groups together, we’ve been building a network solely dedicated to broadcasting our clients’ events around the web, to further promote and sell out events.

Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our Affiliate Network with an initial group of stellar partners to get us started! A big welcome to Songkick, Jambase, SonicLiving, Brooklyn Vegan, OhMyRockness, Eventful, The Scenestar, and RootMusic. These are some of my absolute favorite platforms for discovering the best shows and artists, so we’re honored to have them on board! And because these guys are often syndicating their own content, our listings will now reach sites like Billboard, Pandora, AOL Music, and Rhapsody as well. Awesome!

While competitors are shrinking their Affiliate Programs, we’re expanding to include all music fans. You’re passionate about music and so are we, so let’s work together! Ticketfly’s Affiliate Program is easy to set up and connect to via our open API. In the spirit of the social web, Ticketfly’s affiliate program welcomes partners of all shapes and sizes – anyone who is excited to connect fans to live music. And while other ticketing providers force you to write code to scrape their listings, which excludes a large section of the developer community, our interface allows any developer a simple, programmatic way to get our show data. We believe in openness around here and we want to give love to partners in the know.

We are creating the most robust and music-centric network possible. Whether you’re running a hip-hop blog in Boise or a rock show list in LA, we’ll consider you. To find out more, you can read through our FAQ here. Our affiliate network will be carefully curated by our dedicated Affiliate Manager (me!) to ensure that we’re rewarding the best and brightest of the music-lovers out there. We can’t wait to rock out with you so get to it and apply here!

– Amy