Boost ticket sales without lifting a finger with cart abandonment emails

For live event promoters, marketing’s often costly, time-consuming, and never-ending. As fans, we’re faced with a million distractions and still end up missing events when we meant to buy tickets. Just over two months ago, we started tackling that exact problem: how we can help re-engage fans who’ve expressed intent (or who left tickets in their cart) without adding more work to the mix. Enter cart abandonment emails.

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FlyTips: Five steps to data-driven marketing

Gone are the days of not knowing the effectiveness of your paid marketing. Gone are the days of spending budget on a dedicated email blast or display campaign on your local weekly’s site and not knowing how many eyeballs saw it, how many sales it drove, and to which events. Today, it’s all about data-driven marketing!

Here are 5 steps you should take today to start making data-based marketing decisions.

  • Tag marketing campaign links with Source and Medium UTM codes. Want to know how many ticket sales were generated as a result of your alt weekly ad or Charli XCX’s tweet? Tag your links to see this in Backstage’s Source Performance dashboard. Learn more in this Ticketfly Community Article.
  • Tag artists with genre(s) when building an event. This will associate ticket buyers with a genre list so you can email them about relevant events in the future. Do you book dubstep, comedy, or 90s rock acts? Customize genres to reflect the specific talent that frequents your business. Learn more about genre tagging in the Ticketfly Community.
  • Ask us to implement your marketing pixels to track paid ad performance. Simply generate pixel code using your advertising platform and pass it along to your Client Rep. The two most common pixel types are conversion pixels and retargeting pixels. Conversion pixels help you measure an ad’s ROI by reporting on actions people take after ads are served (i.e., buying a ticket). Retargeting pixels help you turn window-shoppers into buyers by serving ads to those who viewed an event but didn’t purchase.
  • Experiment with Facebook’s advanced advertising options like conversion tracking and custom or lookalike audiences. By placing a conversion pixel on Ticketfly’s sale confirmation pages and then adding it to your Facebook ad, you’ll know exactly which ads led to conversions (ticket sales). Custom audiences allow you to reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. You can build audiences based on uploaded email addresses, phone numbers, or the people who visit your website. Lookalike audiences let you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your events because they are similar to your existing customers. Visit to learn more.
  • Evaluate your performance using Ticketfly’s Source Performance Dashboard. What percentage of your ticket sales can you attribute to free search? How many ticket sales were generated as a result of amplifying your events to Facebook? Check out Backstage to view this at the Org or Event level. It’s critical to keep tabs on your performance to determine what’s working and what’s not so you know where to focus your budget and where to stop spending.

Forget the agony of not knowing if your marketing budget–and your time–are being spent wisely, and step into the world of data-based decisions and marketing. Reach out to your Client Rep with questions.

Ticketfly Pulse: Real-time event stats on your phone

Pulse FPO

Being an event promoter is a tough, 24/7 job, and work doesn’t stop outside the office. You need your most important event stats at your fingertips when you’re on-the-go. That’s why we created Ticketfly Pulse, the first product of its kind to give you real-time event information like ticket counts, gross, and scan counts, all on your phone. We’re talking up-to-the-second stats that update right before your eyes without having to refresh, which can make a big difference in the fast-paced world of a promoter. Now you can spend more time producing great events and less time tracking down data.

“Ticketfly Pulse helps me stay connected and make real-time decisions on the fly.”
– Farley Lucas, LED Presents

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Fan Data: The Journey From Analysis to Action


Data is the fuel that powers our integrated ticketing and digital marketing engine at Ticketfly, informing our product roadmap by identifying the biggest opportunities to improve life for venues, promoters, and fans. Last year, we launched Ticketfly Fanbase, the first fan analytics suite for live events, which helps our partners analyze vast amounts of fan data to build loyalty and increase ticket sales.

To explore best practices for using fan data to drive business results, our VP of Marketing, Kristina Wallender, brought together a SXSW music panel of experts in Austin, TX earlier this month. Panelists included Alex White (CEO, Next Big Sound), Julien Mitelberg (CEO, Bandsintown), and Nate Auerbach (Music Strategist, Tumblr). Together, the group used their data mining and decision-making experience to answer the question, “How do you analyze fan data to understand, grow, and monetize fan communities?”

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FlyTips: Drill Into Site Content Using Google Analytics

Welcome to the final installment of our Google Analytics FlyTips. This time, we’re going to drill into the most useful content reports which help you improve your page content or navigation structure. In case you missed out, previous posts focused on audience reports, traffic reports, and using social media to improve your website SEO. Ready to get to work? Let’s dig in!

Content Reports

Behavior Flow 

"Google Analytics Behavior Flow"

Why It’s Important: Behavior Flow reveals the pathways your customers travel when they navigate your website. Understanding what is popular helps you identify content that needs improvement. In some cases, you may decide to remove a page from your site. After all, would a restaurant keep a dish on its menu if no one ever bought it?

Sample Insight: There is a food menu page you believe is vital to your business, yet receives very little traffic.

Next Steps: Think like a consumer. Is the intended audience not seeing the link to that page? Update your navigation or put a photo on the homepage that links to it. Are people exiting the page a few seconds after landing? Experiment with your page content layout! Make one change at a time, then re-visit the report to check for improvement. Continue reading

FlyTips: Dive Into Traffic With Google Analytics

Welcome to the next installment of our Google Analytics FlyTips. Analytics is the most valuable Google tool you may not be using. And it’s free, so what’s not to love? In this edition, we focus on traffic, which we hate on the road but love on the web! If you missed our previous post on Audience reports and how to connect Google Analytics into your Backstage Dashboard, we recommend you read it first for background. Now let’s hit the road and dive into the wonderful world of website traffic!

Acquisition Reports

The All Traffic report provides the information you need to evaluate the value of traffic sources.

Why It’s Important: This You can dig into traffic referred from links on other websites and in tagged press campaigns you may create to track impact. Key metrics to consider for insights about customer engagement from sources are visits, # of pages per visit, visit duration, and bounce rate.

Sample Insight: You may find that your site has a high bounce rate, which measures the percentage of visitors who enter your site and “bounce” (leave) rather than continue viewing other pages on your site. Don’t automatically assume that this means your site isn’t performing well.

Next Steps: Depending on the content of each page, a high bounce rate could be reflective of how easy your site makes it for the consumer to find that “Buy Tickets” button for an event and click through to your ticketing provider to make a purchase! If you see unexpected sources, do research on that source. You may have found a new site to partner with for press releases and promotions.

Acquisition: All Traffic report

"Google Analytics Traffic Overview - pie chart"

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Vote for Ticketfly’s SXSW 2014 Panel

It’s that time of year again. Time to vote for panels at South by Southwest. We’ve all been victim to boring, poorly-designed panels… Don’t let it happen again! Vote for the panels you want to see at SXSW 2014.

VOTE for Ticketfly’s panel: The Rise of Influence Marketing in Music


As thought leaders in the music industry, we love to share our radical (and practical) ideas regarding technology, mobile, and all things music. At SXSW ’13, we moderated a panel on “rogue ticketing” and our top engineers taught how to build scalable software. This year, we’ve organized our own panel, “The Rise of Influence Marketing in Music,” to discuss the tools you need to recognize and market to your fanbase.


  • Kristina Wallender – Director of Marketing at Ticketfly
  • Julien Mitelberg – CEO of Bandsintown
  • Alex White – CEO of Next Big Sound
  • Don Hoang – Sr. Director of Business & Corporate Development at Klout

FlyTips: Google Analytics 101 – Know Your Audience

Most of us think Google is synonymous with searching the web, serving email, and introducing us to “Gangnam Style” via YouTube. But as a business owner, Google can also help you expand the reach of your website.

Google Analytics is the most valuable tool you may not be using. The best part? It’s FREE!

The next few editions of our FlyTips will introduce you to the power of Google Analytics. In this first edition, we will help you use the Audience report to better understand your customers.


Why use Google Analytics?

  • Customer Insights: View the number of new vs. returning customers, device usage, and see how customers move through your website
  • Traffic Insights: Learn how people get to your site, which social media refers the most traffic, and how search terms are used to find your business
  • Content Insights: Discover which pages draw the highest traffic and keep people most engaged

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FlyTips: Using Fanbase to Identify, Reward, and Mobilize Influencers


Last week, we announced the release of Fanbase, the first customer analytics suite for venues and event promoters. In 2012, we found that seven percent of ticket buyers account for a total of 24 percent of ticket orders. We developed Fanbase so our clients can leverage customer sales, attendance, and social sharing data to reward these top fans and keep them coming through the door.

You may be asking “How do I use all this data? What does it all mean?!”, so Marketing Services is here to help!

What promotions and contests should you run using Fanbase? We have ideas!

  • Fan of the Week/Month – feature a fan on social media or blog. Give them perks.
  • Top Fan contest – Encourage fans to compete in a contest to win Top Fan Status. ​
  • Top Fan Email blast – Develop a regular email blast with perks for your Top Fans.
  • Other Contest Ideas: Run a Comment or Pictogram contest on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or a share/retweet contest on Facebook and Twitter.

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If You’re Going to San Francisco… It’s Probably to a Ticketfly Show

Ticketfly is now the number one ticketing provider in San Francisco, powering ticketing and marketing for more live music venues than any of our competitorsAnd we’re just getting started; the San Francisco Business Times recently named Ticketfly the fastest-growing technology company in the Bay Area. If you want to find tickets to SF shows or learn more about Ticketfly, click here.

Some prominent new clients in SF include Public Works, Mezzanine, and The Chapel, a new venue in San Francisco’s Mission District which opened with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass after shows featuring Elvis Costello and Steve Earle. Other new venues and promoters include Parish Entertainment Group (San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall and The New Parish and Rock Steady in Oakland), Voice Media Group (including SF Weekly), The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Abstract Entertainment and SBL Entertainment in Sacramento, and Trannyshack San Francisco.

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