Huka Entertainment prepares to own 2016


You may not know Huka Entertainment now, but you will in 2016.

Known for killer destination festivals such as Pemberton in the picturesque valleys of Canada’s Mount Currie, the beachfront Tortuga in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and the award-winning Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL, as well as for promoting hundreds of concerts across the continent, this ‘fly family member is ready to hit the live events market in a major way.

We’re teaming up with Huka once again to push the envelope on innovation and creativity in live events. By utilizing the latest ticketing technologies and progressive, powerful marketing tools, we’ll be able to serve Huka’s ambitious goals and make sure fans going to their events have the best experience possible from the first pre-sale on.

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Ticketfly Execs Discuss Festival Promotion and Live Music Marketing at Billboard Touring

Andrew Dreskin (far right) discussing the rise of EDM moderating the festivals panel.

The Billboard Touring Awards and Conference is a high-powered gathering of music industry pillars and visionaries. Billboard’s 10th annual conference was held last week in New York City, and it was an extravagant affair. Taylor Swift left with an award (as usual), Skrillex spoke, and Ticketfly was part of the action, participating on two panels.

Our CEO Andrew Dreskin moderated panel “Building the Perfect Beast: The Keys to Building a Festival That Lasts”, and let’s just say that there was a healthy balance between work and play. Andrew wanted the panelists (AC EntertainmentPrime Social GroupC3 PresentsFounders EntertainmentFirefly, and LOCKN’ Festival) to feel like festival attendees, so he rained on them, made them pay $10 for Coors Light, and gave them blinking pacifiers. The panelists talked about the major obstacles festival promoters face, including safety concerns, extreme weather conditions, insurance costs, and creating the best experience for the fans. Read more about Dreskin’s panel in Billboard.

“The experience is first. Who is on the poster is second. If you can sell your tickets before the bands have even been announced, you know you’re doing something right.” – Charlie Jones, C3 Presents

Ticketfly’s head of Marketing, Kristina Wallender, spoke on a Billboard panel: “Push me/Pull me: Music Marketing in the Digital Age”. Wallender spent six years in retail and advertising at Amazon, and knows a lot about optimizing customer experience with personalized marketing. Other panelists included representatives from Live Nation, Eventbrite, Facebook, and AEG. There was a robust discussion about the importance of data-driven and personalized one-to-many marketing. Wallender highlighted the benefits of balancing these communications with one-to-one conversations with top fans using Ticketfly FanbaseRead more about the panel in Billboard. 

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Billboard Touring 2013: Ticketfly’s CEO Andrew Dreskin Leading the Discussion on Building a Thriving Music Festival

Ever wonder what it takes to produce a lasting music festival? It’s hard work, even beyond finding the right talent and pulling off the logistics. Once you add in things like collapsing stages, extreme weather, and insurance issues, the life of a festival promoter is far from easy. At this point, it’s an open question whether festival fever is still on the rise in America, or if we’ve reached a saturation point where only the strongest, best-run fests will survive.

Ticketfly’s CEO Andrew Dreskin knows a thing or two about putting on great festivals. He created Field Day in 2003 with Radiohead and the Beastie Boys, and has been a co-producer of Virgin Mobile FreeFest for the last eight years. FreeFest, the largest recurring free music festival in the nation, raises money to support children in need.

Next Wednesday, Dreskin will be moderating the panel “Building the Perfect Beast: Keys to a Festival That Lasts” at the Billboard Touring Conference (Nov. 13-14th in New York City) to shed light on the fundamentals and pitfalls of building a successful festival. Speakers on the panel include representatives from AC Entertainment (Bonnaroo, Forecastle), Prime Social Group (Breakaway), C3 Presents (Lollapalooza, ACL), Founders Entertainment (Governors Ball), Firefly, and LOCKN’ Festival.

“I can promise you one thing, with the caliber of talent on this panel, it will surely be the most epic festivals panel in the history of music conferences.” – Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly CEO and Founder

The panel will take place from 10:45 am- 11:45 am on Wednesday, November 13th, and there may or may not be Bloody Mary shots involved. See you there!

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Our Founders Have a lot to Say About The Music Biz, and People Are Asking!

Last week, our co-founders Andrew Dreskin and Dan Teree weighed in on the state of the music industry and how social media and mobile have changed the game.

Billboard caught Andrew at the Future Sound Conference, where has was on a panel with the likes of Twitter, Slacker, Shazam and more. Check out the video below to see what he thinks about the merger, and how social media changed ticketing for the better.

You can’t separate social media from mobile, and Ticketfly President and COO Dan Teree thinks that if you’re in the music biz and you’re not focused on mobile, it’s time to throw in the towel. Check out why below.

9:30 Club Nabs Top Club Award for the 3rd Year in a Row!

Yesterday, Billboard’s 8th annual Touring Awards wrapped up in New York, and the 9:30 Club stayed firmly planted (for the 4th time over all!) in the Top Club category. The Top Club award is based on attendance. For more than a dozen years, the 9:30 Club has been the top attended club not just in the nation, but the world. The WORLD!

“There is nothing like the magic of seeing a band at the club. The audience knows it, the bands know it, and they feed off each other. I just love seeing everybody having those moments. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again. It’s all about our staff. If they’re reading this — THANK YOU!!!” said Seth Hurwitz, IMP Chairman and 9:30 Club owner.

At Ticketfly, we can attest 100% to the dedication of the 9:30 Club staff. The attention they pay to their ticket buyers at all hours of the day and night definitely stands out amongst our roster of client venues. We know the names of their box office staff. And Tom Pelton, the club’s ticketing manager? I don’t think that guy sleeps. The incredible staff gets up to 1,200 music fans a night through its legendary doors on 9th and V and always ensures an awesome show. Their door guy even has his own Facebook fan page and t-shirts. And the fans? They’re among the most venue-dedicated bunch I’ve ever encountered. The 9:30 Club website hosts an online forum where its most loyal buyers can sound off on just about anything. And boy do they let you hear it. Their complaints/ praise/ music recommendations/ personal issues are moderated by 9:30 club staff and occasionally punctuated by the occasional hilarious and terse response by the Chairman himself. (This one actually just made me laugh out loud.) And no matter how mad anybody might get over….whatever, they keep coming back. Because the 9:30 Club experience is unmatched.

Perhaps the only thing more incredible than the 9:30 Club’s ability to keep a fanbase so strong that their customers will see virtually any show there, is that two years ago, Seth ran through and turned over all the money-changers in his ticketing temple and made the switch to an upstart ticketing company in its first few months of operation. 9:30 Club was one of Ticketfly’s very first clients, and making that switch has meant better sales, more sold out shows, and more awards. A lot of venues and promoters think- “Well if I move to an indie ticketing company, will my customers know? Will I sell as many tickets as I’m selling on this legacy system? Ideally, I’d love to sell more.” There’s no arguing with the numbers. We’ve got this. Ticketfly is doing something right and music fans are ready for change. The combination of our suite of marketing tools, our integrated websites and mobile apps, and our experienced team of promoters, marketers, ticketing verterans and live music fanatics means that you don’t have to rely on an ancient email list and a big name. There’s a reason why in 2 short years, we’ve grown to become the second most successful ticketing company in the United States. We know what we’re doing!

Ticketfly is glad to call 9:30 Club a partner and see their sales continue to improve. The only real drawback is keeping up with all the awards they win.

Billboard: 9:30 Club and The Troubadour are Two of the Most Influential Clubs in North America

Billboard pulled together a panel of touring industry experts to answer one of the toughest questions in the biz: What makes a good club? Everyone’s got a different idea. If I were on the panel (Sheesh, they didn’t even ask!), I’d base my responses on a few criteria: Helpful staff, nice lighting, good beer on tap, democratic options for seating/ standing (my favorite set-up being floor + balcony + a smoking patio for escape…and all of them accessible with any kind of ticket), and of course: GOOD SOUND. I mean, if you go see your favorite band and the sound’s no good, what’s the point? Might as well stay home with your own nice lighting and put the record on.

Well when they asked the real experts, including Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, Billions Corp’s David Viecelli and others, one thing they did agree on is that whatever this “elusive” list of qualities that make up a good club actually is, 9:30 Club and Troubadour have got “IT.”

And so far, the 9:30 Club is the only club to grace both this list and Billboard’s list of the “hottest” venues in the U.S., which is based on box office. So not only is it a rad venue….but they also happen to sell a lot of tickets. Cha ching!

Check out snippets from the article below (Thanks to Billboard!)

And check out upcoming shows for The Troub and 9:30 Club here on (yep you guessed it)…Ticketfly!

Pick up the latest issue of Billboard Mag or get your subscription to Billboard Biz now to peep the full list.

Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard Unlocks Ticket Sales Black Box

Happy summer! We’re very excited to offer the latest feature to the Ticketfly Platform: The Analytics Dashboard.

Check out this video of the Dashboard in action!

How often do promoters pour marketing dollars into banners, web and Facebook ads, email blasts and more without ever really knowing which campaigns resulted in an actual ticket sale? Well we’re solving that problem.

The Analytics Dashboard shows promoters where ticket sales are coming from in real time. And because the Ticketfly Platform is fully integrated, it tracks 100% of marketing activity across all channels, including a promoter’s Ticketfly-built website, the Ticketfly integrated email platform, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, the extensive Ticketfly Affiliate Network and much more. 

The Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard allows industry decision makers such as promoters, venue owners, marketers and talent buyers to easily have a comprehensive view of the success of their marketing efforts, making all of those precious marketing dollars really count. Reports can be run over a given date range for an individual event or holistically across an entire organization.

Better data means our clients save money and time. And as a young company, we want to make sure that promoters switching to Ticketfly can easily see why they made the right decision, simply by showing them how our platform sells more tickets. The old guard of ticketing has been one of tying promoters’ hands, letting the company drive the marketing ship without providing the necessary tools and branding to the client, and then hiding the numbers while the seats stay unsold. We’re doing something different. Transparency, information, and tools, oh my!

Ticketfly continues to lead the way in the ticketing industry with this powerful new tool. It squares nicely with our overall mission:  to provide our clients with the ultimate ticket sales and marketing platform. Because we offer a full suite of promotional tools, we are the only company that can provide real-time sales and marketing analytics all in one place. The best part is it’s all tied together into an easy-to-decipher page of pie charts and graphs that anyone can quickly scan and understand.

“As you can imagine, people don’t want less information. They want more information to help them make better decisions.” – Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly CEO.

Check out the article in Billboard and then get started with Ticketfly!

We’re a finalist in Billboard’s music app awards!

How cool is that?!

Ticketfly’s R5 Productions iPhone app is in the final running, along with 3 others, for Billboard Music’s Best Touring App!

From the article:

Created by Ticketfly, “R5” is a venue-branded app that brings the entire ticketing process to mobile. Users can search for specific events, view artists’ descriptions and media, share information with friends and buy tickets. It includes maps and directions to the venue and a virtual lighter to wave during those poignant concert moments.

Winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges and awarded their prize as part of the upcoming Mobile Entertainment Live: The Music App summit (#MEL2010), taking place Oct. 5 in San Francisco.

The sky is the limit for Ticketfly to create innovative and game-changing tools for our clients. Join the family, why dontcha!

Follow us for updates: @Ticketfly

And follow R5 here: @R5Productions