Meet Ticketfly’s new brand

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Today, we’re unveiling a bold new brand designed to bring everyone we serve closer to the live event experiences they love. The moment the lights go down before a set. The moment you hear the first beat of your favorite song. The moment you realize there’s a second encore. In these timeless moments, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

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Burning Man & Ticketfly: A Long History

After months of planning and anticipation, Burning Man is almost here! Our excitement reached a new high this week as members of our team left to help set up ticketing operations at Black Rock City.

There is a long history between the Ticketfly and Burning Man communities, with roots that were planted way before we announced our ticketing and technology partnership earlier this year. Many members of the Ticketfly team have attended the gathering on the playa for years, and as an organization we share Burning Man’s ethos.

Ticketfly team members have collectively been to Burning Man over 30 times since 1998.

For some employees, the Burning Man experience has been truly transformational. For Valerie, our VP of Operations, Burning Man helped put her life into perspective and had a profound impact on her personal and professional journey:

My last year at Burning Man was 2001. When I came back to San Francisco, September 11th happened right afterward… between the inspiration one finds at Burning Man and the sadness of 9/11, it hit me pretty hard that life is way too short for regrets. I decided then to go back to school and get a degree, which was something that had nagged me for a long time. I often wonder where I would be if one of those two things never happened.

When I applied for a job at TicketWeb in 2002, I included Burning Man Cafe volunteering as a note on my resume. I’m convinced that it helped me get the job, because we talked about Burning Man a lot during my interview!

Ellis, a Director on our Sales team, was similarly moved by his travels to the Black Rock Desert:
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Check Out Our Snazzy New Mobile Experience

You may have noticed our new look when buying tickets on the go. We recently updated our mobile experience for ticket buyers, making it easier to find the best events in your area, manage your orders, and get help when you need it.

We think it looks pretty slick. Go to on your smartphone to take a look, or check out the screenshots below:

SXSW 2013: Keep Austin Weird and Learn to Build Scalable Software

Are you heading to SXSW this year? Everyone from techies to groupies will be migrating to Austin, Texas, March 8th-17th, for the Interactive, Film, and Music conferences.

Whether you’re an engineer or a business pioneer with a plan, the workshops during the Interactive conference have a lot to offer as you think about the next steps for your project. Make time in your schedule for an in-depth lesson from Ticketfly’s Platform Architect, Andrew Headrick on Monday, March 11th, from 9:30am-1:30pm on the UT-Austin campus.
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Ticketfly Got a Brand New Venue and Promoter Website!

Ticketfly got a facelift today and now it’s much easier for event organizers to get to know us! We’re excited about our new look and hope you’ll take a cruise around the new site.

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FlyTips: Are Facebook’s Promoted Posts a Scam? (Nope.)

When Facebook launched their “Promoted Posts” feature, the following chain message started to make the rounds, especially amongst promoters and venue folks.“If you haven’t already heard, Facebook is now requiring page owners to PAY to have their status updates read by every subscriber. If we don’t, status updates only show up in less than 10% of newsfeeds, even though you have “Liked” the page indicating you want to see posts from this page.”
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Spaceland Presents Partners with Ticketfly

Spaceland Presents, one of the premier independent club promotion and event companies, and sister company to Los Angeles music venues The Echo and Echoplex, today announced a partnership with Ticketfly. Ticketfly will be powering ticketing, a new website, email and social media marketing for Spaceland and The Echo/ Echoplex, giving fans in LA a lot more ways to share and find out about events!
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Ticketfly Launches Reserved Seating

You know when two things are so meant for each other, that by the time the pair comes around you wonder why it took so long? Today is one of those days.

Ticketfly is excited to announce the launch of our reserved seating offering, which introduces innovative, time-saving technology for creating and managing reserved seating events, and allows reserved seating venues to take full advantage of Ticketfly’s leading social ticketing platform.
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Brooklyn Bowl Turns 3 / Blows Our Minds

One Ticketfly partner that absolutely *kills it* at social media and digital marketing is Brooklyn Bowl. But they’re not just a pretty face online – the product lives up to the marketing. The Bowl is always guaranteed to be one of your most memorable nights out and yes, the chicken is that good. Brooklyn Bowl is a venue that has its own die hard fans, and actively finds creative and effective ways to engage with them.
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