We’re Facebook official… Introducing Facebook Official Events

M83 Facebook Official Event

One single event shared among venues, artists, and promoters.

In 2010, we launched Amplifier, an easy way for partners to amplify an event on social media channels like Facebook to reach more fans. Since then, social media has grown immensely while remaining a go-to source of information—like when a band is coming to town. We’ve always recognized the power of combining social media and ticketing and today, we’re taking that one step further by integrating Facebook Official Events with our self-service platform. Official Events make it even easier to amplify and share your event on Facebook to all your audiences.

Facebook Official Events are single events shared among venues, artists, and promoters in order to maximize event visibility. Official events reduce duplicates while consolidating audiences to a single event with multiple hosts. Best of all? Your workflow stays pretty much the same. This is another part of our master plan to save you time, help you sell more tickets, and keep everyone closely connected to the live events they love.

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FlyTips: Five steps to data-driven marketing

Gone are the days of not knowing the effectiveness of your paid marketing. Gone are the days of spending budget on a dedicated email blast or display campaign on your local weekly’s site and not knowing how many eyeballs saw it, how many sales it drove, and to which events. Today, it’s all about data-driven marketing!

Here are 5 steps you should take today to start making data-based marketing decisions.

  • Tag marketing campaign links with Source and Medium UTM codes. Want to know how many ticket sales were generated as a result of your alt weekly ad or Charli XCX’s tweet? Tag your links to see this in Backstage’s Source Performance dashboard. Learn more in this Ticketfly Community Article.
  • Tag artists with genre(s) when building an event. This will associate ticket buyers with a genre list so you can email them about relevant events in the future. Do you book dubstep, comedy, or 90s rock acts? Customize genres to reflect the specific talent that frequents your business. Learn more about genre tagging in the Ticketfly Community.
  • Ask us to implement your marketing pixels to track paid ad performance. Simply generate pixel code using your advertising platform and pass it along to your Client Rep. The two most common pixel types are conversion pixels and retargeting pixels. Conversion pixels help you measure an ad’s ROI by reporting on actions people take after ads are served (i.e., buying a ticket). Retargeting pixels help you turn window-shoppers into buyers by serving ads to those who viewed an event but didn’t purchase.
  • Experiment with Facebook’s advanced advertising options like conversion tracking and custom or lookalike audiences. By placing a conversion pixel on Ticketfly’s sale confirmation pages and then adding it to your Facebook ad, you’ll know exactly which ads led to conversions (ticket sales). Custom audiences allow you to reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. You can build audiences based on uploaded email addresses, phone numbers, or the people who visit your website. Lookalike audiences let you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your events because they are similar to your existing customers. Visit facebook.com/business to learn more.
  • Evaluate your performance using Ticketfly’s Source Performance Dashboard. What percentage of your ticket sales can you attribute to free search? How many ticket sales were generated as a result of amplifying your events to Facebook? Check out Backstage to view this at the Org or Event level. It’s critical to keep tabs on your performance to determine what’s working and what’s not so you know where to focus your budget and where to stop spending.

Forget the agony of not knowing if your marketing budget–and your time–are being spent wisely, and step into the world of data-based decisions and marketing. Reach out to your Client Rep with questions.

FlyTips: Instagram 101 + Measured Marketing

Instagram 101

1. Pictograms and contests work: Brooklyn Bowl (10,864 Instagram followers) uses pictograms all the time to interact with fans and give away prizes & perks. Pictograms contain a call to action; they get people commenting, but more importantly they answer the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Any kind of contest (be it a guessing game or whatever) on social media is genius because they’re fun for the fans and offer an incentive to participate.


(**The answer**= car + shake + ale… Karsh Kale!)

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If You’re Going to San Francisco… It’s Probably to a Ticketfly Show

Ticketfly is now the number one ticketing provider in San Francisco, powering ticketing and marketing for more live music venues than any of our competitorsAnd we’re just getting started; the San Francisco Business Times recently named Ticketfly the fastest-growing technology company in the Bay Area. If you want to find tickets to SF shows or learn more about Ticketfly, click here.

Some prominent new clients in SF include Public Works, Mezzanine, and The Chapel, a new venue in San Francisco’s Mission District which opened with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass after shows featuring Elvis Costello and Steve Earle. Other new venues and promoters include Parish Entertainment Group (San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall and The New Parish and Rock Steady in Oakland), Voice Media Group (including SF Weekly), The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Abstract Entertainment and SBL Entertainment in Sacramento, and Trannyshack San Francisco.

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FlyTips: Are Facebook’s Promoted Posts a Scam? (Nope.)

When Facebook launched their “Promoted Posts” feature, the following chain message started to make the rounds, especially amongst promoters and venue folks.“If you haven’t already heard, Facebook is now requiring page owners to PAY to have their status updates read by every subscriber. If we don’t, status updates only show up in less than 10% of newsfeeds, even though you have “Liked” the page indicating you want to see posts from this page.”
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FlyTips: Ticketfly’s Facebook App – Get it, Move it, Brand it!

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Did you know that 41% of all time spent online is spent on Facebook? That’s crazy! Why not give your fans the opportunity to buy tickets where they’re already hanging out?

Ticketfly’s Facebook App delivers the entire ticket buying experience, from discovery to purchase, all within Facebook. Allowing your customers to buy tickets while on Facebook increases conversion rates, encourages social discovery and sharing, and helps fans sell tickets for you.  We’ve seen clients sell up to 35% of their tickets via Facebook tools alone. Setting up an optimal Facebook purchase experience is so simple! Like ABC. It’s as easy as…

1. Get It

Install the app. It only takes a few minutes. (We promise.)

2. Move It

When Timeline launched, Facebook moved all of your apps to the top. There are 4 visible all the time. Any additional apps require fans to expand the app bar to see them. All of these apps can be rearranged, with the exception of Photos, which stays put. Buy Tickets should be front and center!  It only takes 2 easy steps to move it up top.

3. Brand It

It’s like we always say–your ticketing, your brand! Facebook allows you to change the icon for ANY app on Facebook (check out our super branded apps above.). So you can make your Buy Tickets app match the rest of your brand. Click on the apps tab and select edit settings by the Ticketfly app. Make sure your image is 111x74.

These clients have already branded their apps. Cool!

If you’re a current client and you need help with any of the above, feel free to email us! If you’d like to work with Ticketfly, learn more at ticketfly.com/about.


Tag, You’re It! A Great Idea For Facebook Fan Engagement

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Hey promoters! Courtesy of the Icelandic pop band Of Monsters and Men, here’s an awesome idea for getting your fans to interact with your Facebook page post-show. And it seems to be working. They have over 100K Facebook friends and over 13K fans talking about them this week alone.

Snap a photo of the crowd during a show and create a post the following day encouraging people to tag their own happy faces. It will get your Page more fans as they share the photo and it makes them feel like you care that they showed up! Love it. I guess all those Omega-3s are good for creativity. This was an attempt at a fish joke. Sorry, Iceland, it’s Friday.

Client Success Stories: Parish Entertainment Group in the Bay Area

Venue Background
Parish Entertainment Group is a production company and trio of independent arts and entertainment venues that has some of the Bay Area’s most diverse music events, as well as food and upscale cocktails. The group is comprised of three venues: the New Parish, a 450-capacity space in Oakland, CA; Brick & Mortar, a 250-capacity music hall in San Francisco; and the Rock Steady in Oakland, a 100-capacity DJ club. The venues host a variety of artists almost every evening, from Estelle to Shellac, Pinback and the Bay’s own Too $hort. Parish has made significant contributions to the revitalization of the independent music scene in both Oakland’s downtown and San Francisco’s Mission District.

Parish Entertainment Group venues focus on live music. The venues needed a way to streamline their ticketing process and sell more advance tickets. If Parish could rely less on walk-up sales, they would be able to better manage staffing, security and marketing. Staff had previously spent hours publishing events, and had few measurement tools to correlate ticket sales with marketing efforts. Management understood the potential for growing revenue and saving time once the right ticketing system was put into place.

The New Parish, Brick and Mortar and Rock Steady each host hundreds of shows a year. Management integrated Ticketfly in the latter half of 2011, including Ticketfly’s branded websites, and began training staff with the help of Ticketfly’s client support team. Parish Entertainment Group began using Ticketfly’s Backstage content management system to build landing pages for shows and Ticketfly’s automated social marketing allowed people to share and RSVP to events, exposing more of their friends to shows and spreading the word. Ticketfly’s email marketing tools saved staff hours of time, enabled greater personalization for subscribers, and helped to regularly sell out shows in advance.

A comprehensive ticketing system that served all three venues helped staff easily manage marketing efforts, and streamlined the ticketing infrastructure for future venues. Rock Steady, the group’s third venue, opened in early 2012 and marketing and events staff were able to easily incorporate the new venue into existing the existing system. Buzz surrounding Brick & Mortar as a popular venue for indie bands generated interest from a prominent blog promoting their New Year’s Eve party, which sold out the event weeks in advance.

Parish Entertainment Group venues were the first to use the Ticketfly Facebook App as a beta partner, and this new application had a direct impact on Parish’s bottom line. In the first month, Parish’s three venues generated 25 percent of advance ticket sales on Facebook.

Parish saw advance ticket sales increase more than 500% during the first six months of the Ticketfly integration, and started selling branded sponsorships that further leveraged website and social marketing visibility. Parish Entertainment Group was named Rookie of the Year during Ticketfly’s 2012 Client Summit and the Ticketfly staff regularly hangs out in their awesome venues. Follow New Parish and Brick and Mortar and you can too!