Ticketfly and Google make event search a cinch

It’s a perfect night. The band on stage has been blowing up the indie blogs. You’ve got drink specials galore. And yet, the floor isn’t full. This happens at some of the best venues across the country because fans simply don’t know about the show. In fact, 40% of tickets go unsold due to lack of awareness.

Ticketfly and Google are working together to fix that. Today, Google introduced a search feature which will make it easier than ever for fans to discover and attend great events any night of the week. Here’s how:


  • Venue events: When fans type in the name of a venue, their screens will populatewith a calendar of upcoming events and helpful details including on-sale dates and ticket availability.
  • Artist schedules: When fans type the name of their favorite artist into Google, they’ll get a list of concert dates and venue details right at the top of their screen.
  • Easy ticketing: Events link directly to ticket purchase pages so buying a ticket is always just a click away.

Starting today, the feature is available globally on desktop and mobile, and is integrated across Google platforms, meaning fans can find concert details directly within Google’s search apps and receive artist event reminders with Google Now cards.

If you’re partnering with Ticketfly, we’ve already integrated this feature into Google’s search results for you. It’s just one more way we’re helping you sell more tickets, and helping fans find the shows they love.

FlyTips: 4 Simple Steps to Sizzling SEO

So, what is SEO exactly? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of actions you can take to help boost the ranking of your website in “organic search” or “free search” results.

Good SEO practices are the best (and virtually free!) way to get your brand in front of new customers.

One of the key changes in search over the last few years has been the inclusion of popularity and relevance signals in search result rankings. Popularity signals come from the quality and quantity of links to your website and the context in which they are shared. Relevance signals come from the context of keywords on your website related to your location and your business.


When you think of your website design, what information do you think your customers are most interested in? While it’s okay to “set it and forget it” with evergreen content like your address and hours, everything else should be updated on an ongoing basis.

Example: The Crocodile prominently features their logo, upcoming events, and other key info


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FlyTips: Drill Into Site Content Using Google Analytics

Welcome to the final installment of our Google Analytics FlyTips. This time, we’re going to drill into the most useful content reports which help you improve your page content or navigation structure. In case you missed out, previous posts focused on audience reports, traffic reports, and using social media to improve your website SEO. Ready to get to work? Let’s dig in!

Content Reports

Behavior Flow 

"Google Analytics Behavior Flow"

Why It’s Important: Behavior Flow reveals the pathways your customers travel when they navigate your website. Understanding what is popular helps you identify content that needs improvement. In some cases, you may decide to remove a page from your site. After all, would a restaurant keep a dish on its menu if no one ever bought it?

Sample Insight: There is a food menu page you believe is vital to your business, yet receives very little traffic.

Next Steps: Think like a consumer. Is the intended audience not seeing the link to that page? Update your navigation or put a photo on the homepage that links to it. Are people exiting the page a few seconds after landing? Experiment with your page content layout! Make one change at a time, then re-visit the report to check for improvement. Continue reading

FlyTips: Dive Into Traffic With Google Analytics

Welcome to the next installment of our Google Analytics FlyTips. Analytics is the most valuable Google tool you may not be using. And it’s free, so what’s not to love? In this edition, we focus on traffic, which we hate on the road but love on the web! If you missed our previous post on Audience reports and how to connect Google Analytics into your Backstage Dashboard, we recommend you read it first for background. Now let’s hit the road and dive into the wonderful world of website traffic!

Acquisition Reports

The All Traffic report provides the information you need to evaluate the value of traffic sources.

Why It’s Important: This You can dig into traffic referred from links on other websites and in tagged press campaigns you may create to track impact. Key metrics to consider for insights about customer engagement from sources are visits, # of pages per visit, visit duration, and bounce rate.

Sample Insight: You may find that your site has a high bounce rate, which measures the percentage of visitors who enter your site and “bounce” (leave) rather than continue viewing other pages on your site. Don’t automatically assume that this means your site isn’t performing well.

Next Steps: Depending on the content of each page, a high bounce rate could be reflective of how easy your site makes it for the consumer to find that “Buy Tickets” button for an event and click through to your ticketing provider to make a purchase! If you see unexpected sources, do research on that source. You may have found a new site to partner with for press releases and promotions.

Acquisition: All Traffic report

"Google Analytics Traffic Overview - pie chart"

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FlyTips: Google Analytics 101 – Know Your Audience

Most of us think Google is synonymous with searching the web, serving email, and introducing us to “Gangnam Style” via YouTube. But as a business owner, Google can also help you expand the reach of your website.

Google Analytics is the most valuable tool you may not be using. The best part? It’s FREE!

The next few editions of our FlyTips will introduce you to the power of Google Analytics. In this first edition, we will help you use the Audience report to better understand your customers.


Why use Google Analytics?

  • Customer Insights: View the number of new vs. returning customers, device usage, and see how customers move through your website
  • Traffic Insights: Learn how people get to your site, which social media refers the most traffic, and how search terms are used to find your business
  • Content Insights: Discover which pages draw the highest traffic and keep people most engaged

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FlyTips: Help Fans Find Your Business on Google

If you have a small business, music venue, cafe, bar, theater or any other place where you want people to show up, spend some dough and have a good time, it’s very important to make sure your location is listed with Google Places. Google actually allows business owners a fair amount of control over what gets displayed when fans search for your business, and we suggest taking advantage of it! Your listing can include categories, video, photos, hours of operation, payment methods, customer reviews and more.

Ticketfly clients see a huge number of ticket sales originating with a Google search. Google is kind of a big deal, in case you haven’t heard. The good news is, it’s really easy to list your business the way you want! Continue reading

Things New Yorkers Google: Hurricanes, Books, and….Brooklyn Bowl!

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

Well we knew that New Yorkers loved Brooklyn Bowl, judging by how packed it is on any given night. And who the heck WOULDN’T love it. I mean, it’s bowling, music, food, and booze. So if you’re like me and you almost never break 50, it doesn’t even matter because you can walk 4 feet and break it on the dance floor. It’s the best ever!

But I guess we didn’t realize just HOW much the Bowl is on your average New Yorker’s mind until Google (AKA the gateway to the internet) released their Zeitgeist report this week. Brooklyn Bowl is one of the Top Ten most Googled terms in the New York Metro Area. And neither a hurricane nor a delayed train can stop them from getting their bowl on!

Check out the full list here in the Huffington Post.

The Ticketfly API: Get it into your cool things.

Heya developers, website-makers, API architects and data dorks- did you know Ticketfly has a publicly available API? Yep, it’s true!

We’re big on transparency over here at the Fly and we love new ideas for music mashups. Our API is available for both commercial and non-commercial use. And our list of awesome API partners is growing every day! Check out some of the latest folks below who are working on some really cool mobile apps and website integrations. Anytime someone wants to make it easier for music fans to find out about our Clients’ shows and share them with friends in the process, we say “Go for it!” Whatever fills the seats, right? We’re pretty smart but we haven’t thought of *everything*.

We also have a dedicated Google Group where our API buddies can ask questions, and get coding tips and support from our API guru.

After you click on all these logos and see what these folks are working on, head over to our API page and get your own key. If you have a site or app that’s ready to go, and you’re interested in making a commission on the tickets you’re referring, check out our Affiliate Network! All of the leading concert listing sites are in the program. Why aren’t you? If you have any questions, shoot us an email at api@ticketfly.com. See you at the show!