Making a great first impression: Pandora Premium

It’s only been two weeks since the curtain was pulled back on Pandora Premium and we’re officially smitten. Here, the Ticketfly team explains why we love Pandora’s new on-demand tier.

“I’ve been very satisfied with the ‘add similar songs’ feature on playlists. With other services, I never would’ve tried to create a playlist on my phone. The suggested additions feel right and make it super easy.” – Chris A., Content Marketing Manager

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5 important facts from the 2017 Infinite Dial study

This post was originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog.

What were you listening to 19 years ago? If you’re like most people, your primary sources of audio were likely radios and your own music collection–perhaps even a carefully curated mixtape on your Walkman.

In 1998, the founders of Edison Research picked up signals that online media–including music and other formats–were becoming a “thing,” so it embarked on a study to measure consumer usage of “new” media. While that first report concluded that only a small portion of the population used online media, they detected plenty of listener enthusiasm for what the future held.

Obviously, much in the media world has changed since the late 90s, except the fact that Edison Research still measures online consumer behavior every year. Their annual Infinite Dial report has become a much-anticipated annual event among media providers and advertising professionals.

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The Swiss Army Knife of Live Music Events

Author: Liz McTaggart, Digital Marketing Services Manager, Ticketfly

It used to be de rigueur to hold up your lighter during a ballad at a concert. These days, you look across the audience at a live music event—large or small—and instead you see the brightly lit screens of smartphones,and not just during the slow songs either.

Concert-goers—like almost everyone, everywhere are finding that their mobile devices are essential companions at live music events, not only for capturing and sharing their experiences with friends, but for researching events to attend, purchasing tickets, connecting with other attendees, and even navigating massive music festivals (“where are the bathrooms?”). With new apps and deeper integrations with existing applications, mobile phones have become increasingly necessary for a positive live music experience.

Let’s dive deeper into the many ways mobile devices make the best music events possible:

Event Discovery

Well before a concert ever begins, mobile devices play a role in helping fans find live music events to attend. Capitalizing on this, Pandora and Ticketfly recently partnered up to provide personalized live event notifications based on music that listeners have demonstrated interest in (by either thumbing up or creating stations, for example). Listeners see these notifications across their Pandora experience in the form of push notifications in their mobile feed, email and even audio messages recorded by the artists themselves.

Already, more than 60 million listeners have received a notification about a show we think they’d love, and those notifications have proven to drive discovery: 70% of Pandora listeners who received push notifications said they weren’t previously aware that the show was happening.

Of course, fans aren’t just on Pandora. They’re using their mobile devices all over the web, including on sites like Facebook. Facebook also realizes the significant opportunity in connecting fans with events, and launched a standalone Events app for iOS in October 2016. The Events app allows users to see what events their friends are interested in, discover new events based on time, location and interests, and see updates from events they’re already connected to.

Ticket Buying

No surprise here, mobile ticket purchases are steadily increasing. Smartphones are officially the preferred device for consuming digital media, representing over 65% of total time spent with digital, according to comScore. Juniper Research estimates that close to 23 billion event and transport tickets will be bought using a mobile device by 2020.

We recognized the need for easy mobile purchasing, and launched Ticketfly’s dedicated iOS app in early 2016, which allows fans to find, share and purchase tickets to events in as little as two taps. In 2016, mobile devices accounted for 52% of Ticketfly’s traffic and 44% of all tickets sold.  

Many venues and events also allow mobile tickets to be used in place of paper tickets. A study commissioned by Ticketfly in May 2015 found that 70% of smartphone owners age 18-34 who attend live events want to use their phone as their ticket for entry. A whopping two-thirds of the same age group expressed interest in using their phone to pay for food, beverages and merchandise once inside the venue.

Festival and In-Venue Engagement

Attending a large-scale music festival means parsing through lots of information. You need to know where the merchandise tent is, what time and which stage your favorite bands are playing, how to find your friends, where the delicious-looking cheeseburger you saw that girl eating is from, and if your wristband gets you into VIP. A number of major festivals have created their own dedicated mobile apps, getting the most important information into the hands of attendees while reducing the costs and potential waste associated with printed guides and excessive signage. In addition, there are dozens of other third-party apps dedicated to making one’s time at a festival less of a hassle and more fun.

As a concert-goer, the sea of glowing phone screens in front of you is an uncomfortably familiar image. Whether you find it distracting or something you love to participate in, it’s clear that the majority of live music fans use mobile devices to commemorate their event experience.

In 2015, Ticketfly explored the question of how often music fans use their devices at live events, finding that 31% of Millennial concert-goers (age 18-34) use a mobile device during half of the event or longer. Additionally, more than 22% reported that they’re likely to share images they captured at a concert on social media.

With the number of global smartphone users expected to top 2.3 billion in 2017, we expect mobile usage at live music events to only increase in the coming years. Even though Apple has reportedly been working on software to potentially disable shooting photos and videos during concerts, we don’t imagine it’s going away anytime soon. Concert and festival attendees demand a more personalized, interactive experience, and smartphones are the multifaceted tool that’s going to get them there. So, whether you’re a festival team, venue owner or promoter—having a clear mobile strategy for every stage of your event lifecycle is crucial to providing your fans with the most positive live music experience.

This post was originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog.

Ticketfly internal metrics, Jan 2017
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Reach a massive audience with automated Pandora concert notifications

Last year, we joined forces with Pandora to create the world’s most powerful music marketing platform. Today we’re taking another step toward making that vision a reality with automated, personalized concert notifications for Ticketfly shows on Pandora. Pandora listeners will receive notifications for just-announced shows and onsales in an increasing number of ways, including: feed alerts in the Pandora app (already live), push notifications on mobile devices (launching soon), and personalized live event email digests (launching later this year).

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The new Ticketfly iOS app is here

Our latest effort to reach more fans and improve the event experience

The Ticketfly iOS app has arrived! Before you read any further, download this bad boy and take it for a spin.

App Feature

Our goal is to connect more people to live events and today we took a big step forward with the launch of our new app. The app lets fans easily search for more than 90,000 events powered by Ticketfly each year. Want recommendations for what to see? Our expert curators are hand-picking tastemaker events in our top markets, so everyone can discover something great to experience.


We specifically designed the app to have the shortest possible path-to-purchase. Fans can buy tickets in as few as two taps with secure, stored payment and shipping preferences. For upcoming events, onsale reminders will ensure no one misses out. Less time and hassle to buy means more ticket sales for you and more live event experiences for fans.


Beyond selling tickets lightening fast, the app is also super slick. The user experience was built with our new brand in mind, designed to bring everyone closer to live event experiences. Event detail pages are rich with videos, song clips, and artists biographies, so that fans can learn more and get hyped up before an event. Our click and hold purchase confirmation elegantly ensures fans are intentionally buying tickets.


Digital tickets are stored directly within the app, which means no futzing around in bags and pockets for paper tickets, and fewer folks standing in line at will call. All part of our master plan to give you faster lines and happier fans.


The Ticketfly iOS app is one more way for you to reach fans on the go, wherever they are. It’s also foundational to the work we’re doing with Pandora. The underlying technology powering our app will help us build the world’s most powerful music platform. Read more about our app journey over on Medium. We’re one step further down the road to reimagining the live event experience for everyone. Now, let’s party.

Ticketfly Pulse: Real-time event stats on your phone

Pulse FPO

Being an event promoter is a tough, 24/7 job, and work doesn’t stop outside the office. You need your most important event stats at your fingertips when you’re on-the-go. That’s why we created Ticketfly Pulse, the first product of its kind to give you real-time event information like ticket counts, gross, and scan counts, all on your phone. We’re talking up-to-the-second stats that update right before your eyes without having to refresh, which can make a big difference in the fast-paced world of a promoter. Now you can spend more time producing great events and less time tracking down data.

“Ticketfly Pulse helps me stay connected and make real-time decisions on the fly.”
– Farley Lucas, LED Presents

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Email Marketing FlyTip: Design for Mobile

Do you read your email on your phone or tablet? Yeah, we do too.

Today, almost half of event-related emails are opened on mobile devices.*

And this number isn’t going down anytime soon. Here are four ways to make your email marketing campaigns more mobile-friendly.

1. Write for mobile! 

You know how it feels to scroll through a sea of unread emails. Don’t you usually delete a bunch of unopened (likely promotional) emails to clean things up before getting to the real meat? First impressions are key on mobile, so pay particular attention to your sender alias, subject, and preview. These drive the decision to open…or not to open.

44% of ticket buyers open event-related emails on their phone, and 94% of those people are using iPhones.*

Here is what’s visible on an iPhone:

iPhone Email Preview

  • The first 20 characters of your sender alias – in this case, our friends at “The Capitol Theatre”
  • The first 35 characters of your subject line, the line below the sender alias
  • The first 75 characters of your body or customized preview, the two lines below the subject line

Here is what’s happening on an Android device:

Android Email Preview

  • The first 20 characters of your sender alias – hello again to our friends at “The Capitol Theatre”
  • The first 75 or so characters of your subject line. Note that Android will wrap the subject line onto the next line if it can’t be contained on the first. If this happens, there’s no preview text.

2. Subject: Keep it short and sweet

It’s probably safe to assume that your email subject line will be viewed on a mobile device. To be sure it’s seen, include the most crucial information in the beginning, such as:

  • Discounts or special offers, e.g., “Presale today”
  • Popular artists
  • Recency messaging, e.g., “Just announced”
  • Urgency messaging, e.g., “Last chance!”

3. Mix it up

Ever get bored of seeing the same subject lines over and over? We thought so. Don’t let things get stale; keep it fresh.

Also, remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect, evergreen subject line. What works for the Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne presale may not work when announcing Weezer is coming to town. Your fans will appreciate you shaking up subjects from time to time, and you’ll learn what works best.

4. Preview it yourself

Send yourself test emails to check how they’ll appear on mobile. Is the most important information clear and defined from the inbox? How does your mobile preview look? Note that emails may render differently by device depending on which email server your customer is using.

Would you want to open the email to learn more? What you see is what your customers and future customers will see. It never hurts to double check.

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Ticketfly is in Your Pocket

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Here are a few fun and crazy facts about mobile customers to spice up your Thursday!

  • Over 15% of Ticketfly’s traffic comes from a mobile device
  • Mobile shoppers will reach 72.8 million in 2012
  • 49% of mobile users user their device for social networking, 42% for music and 33% for entertainment
  • Smartphone users will reach 106.7 million in 2012, up 18.4% from 2011

That means if all of us smart phoners wanted to go to a show together, we’d need 5,524 Merriweather Post Pavilions to fit us all.

Luckily, Ticketfly now delivers the entire ticketing experience from event discovery to purchase, social sharing and entry scanning, on your mobile device. Now fans who purchase on mobile have the option of receiving a mobile-optimized ticket that can be scanned right at the door, lowering fulfillment costs for your event and saving paper. As it turns out, it IS easy being green!

As always, and Ticketfly-powered client websites are formatted for mobile devices, so fans can complete the full loop of discovery, purchase, and sharing without ever opening up a laptop.

Download more info about Mobile Ticketing here or contact us if you’d like to know more!