Pollstar Live Recap: 9:30 Club Wins “Nightclub of the Year,” Dreskin’s Marketing Panel a Hit


It’s common for the 9:30 Club to leave music conferences with an award given their strength in the live events industry. Last week at the 25th Annual Pollstar Live conference in Nashville, they did it again. Our friends over at 9:30 and I.M.P. left with the “Nightclub of the Year” award for the second year in a row. Congrats on another well-deserved award, 9:30! 

Ticketfly’s team was on the ground at Pollstar meeting with the best in the industry, and our CEO Andrew Dreskin moderated the panel, “The Three M’s of Live Event Marketing: Mobile, Mavens, and Me-Commerce,” featuring none other than Donna Westmoreland of the 9:30 Club and I.M.P., along with representatives from AEG Live, Groupon Live, Yplan, and CAA. Chris Cobb from local Ticketfly partner Marathon Music Works was on a round table called “Surviving As A Concert Club,” and we threw a great opening mixer on Wednesday night with our friends at Square Peg Concerts.

Check out the photo below of “Sheriff” Dreskin wrangling his deputies into what Pollstar (article here for Pollstar subscribers) called both a rip-roaring good time and a “serious talk about marketing, the rise of mobile discovery, empowering loyal fans to spread the word, and personalizing event experiences on an individual basis.”

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Ticketfly Heads to Pollstar Live! in Nashville

For the first time, Pollstar Live! is being held in a city other than LA or Vegas (thank you, Pollstar!). We’re down in Nashville, Tennessee for the one of the most important conferences in the music biz, taking place this week from February 19th to the 21st.

At Pollstar, our CEO Andrew Dreskin will be moderating the panel, “The 3 M’s of Live Event Marketing: Mobile, Mavens, and Me-commerce” on Thursday 2/20 from 3:30-4:45pm in the Broadway CD room. Dreskin’s developed a reputation for his spontaneous and fun panels, so you don’t want to miss this. The discussion will cover the rise of mobile discovery and commerce, the importance of identifying hyper-loyal fans and empowering them as evangelists, and the opportunity to personalize the event experience to each individual fan.

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FlyTips: Putting the Ticketfly Affiliate Network to Good Use!

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

1. What is the Ticketfly Affiliate Network?

Ticketfly partners with the top event websites and blogs, both online and mobile, to ensure that the events you build in Ticketfly Backstage are automatically distributed in as many places as we can dig up – including Songkick, Pollstar, Brooklyn Vegan, Spotify, Pandora, artist BandPages, and Jambase. The best part is you don’t have to do a thing. Affiliate partners are already marketing your events!

Ticketfly has a dedicated affiliate manager (me!) and we are actively recruiting affiliates and handling all accounting for referral fees.

2. Well if Ticketfly is already doing everything, what can I do to increase my Affiliate sales?

  • Make sure we’re working with influencers in your area. If you know of particular blogs, radio stations or event sites that regularly promote your events, send them over to our application page to apply. Once enrolled, they’ll get a kick back on every person they send through your doors! If you have questions, contact affiliates@ticketfly.com.
  • Visit your listings every once in a while! Search artists, your events, or your venues and check out who’s going. You could be overlooking some great marketing opportunities in places where your tickets are already selling.

  • Be sure to include all artist names in your event title. Many of our affiliates (including Songkick) notify fans based on the artists they listen to (which is really cool!). If artists are listed in the “Additional Event Info” field, many of their fans won’t find out about the event.

3. But how do I know if it’s working?

The Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard will display any sales coming through the affiliate network. If you drill further into “Source Performance,” you can see exactly which shows had the most success with affiliate partners. (The ability to see exactly which affiliates are selling tickets is currently in development. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, you can always look at your site’s Google Analytics for info.)

4. What if my events are listed incorrectly? This drives me crazy!

Many of our favorite event sites allow fans to post events manually, and very rarely their info is incorrect. So occasionally, yes, a customer will follow an affiliate link to an incorrect show and purchase tickets.  Keep in mind that all Ticketfly sales are final, but we will always accommodate a client’s request to refund a customer. The way we see it: our awesome network of affiliates is selling a lot of your tickets. A few legitimate refunds a year is probably not a bad trade-off and we can always contact affiliates on your behalf to correct any errors. Contact your client rep if you have questions about our refund policy or how to correct your listings.

5. Are there more promotional opportunities I can take advantage of on these websites?

Definitely! Many of our affiliates offer ad space, featured event spots, dedicated email blasts and more. If you see that your events are popular on a particular event site, reach out to them! If we trust them enough with your events, then you can too. Contact affiliates@ticketfly.com for info on specific affiliates.

If you have any more questions, download the Affiliate network pdf or reach out to your Client Rep!

Ticketfly Friends Left the Pollstar Conference with some Trophies in Hand

Saturday night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, several Ticketfly clients and partners showed up to see if they would be taking home any of the touring industry’s most notable honors at The Pollstar Awards, the wrap-up to the heavily attended Pollstar Live! Conference. Here’s who we were shamelessly pulling for amongst the nominees, with 100% bias.

• 9:30 Club, The Troubadour, and The Independent for Nightclub of the Year
• Danny Zelisko and Seth Hurwitz for Promoter of the Year
• Bryan Duquette of The Independent and Brian Smith of The Troubadour for Nightclub Talent Buyer of the Year
• Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theatre for Best New Major Concert Venue
• Merriweather Post Pavilion for Best Major Outdoor Concert Venue

Happy to report that the team didn’t go home empty-handed!

ACL took home the prize for Best New Major Concert Venue! It’s a well-deserved award. Their Downtown Austin theatre is absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that it’s a green venue and hosts some of the best touring acts in the industry. Our good friends (and partners in Philly’s popular Union Transfer) Bowery Ballroom snagged Nightclub of the Year as well.

A big congrats to The Windish Agency for their Top Independent Booking Agency and Top Agent awards! And double thanks to them for kindly housing our VP of Sales, Tom Ewald, in their Chicago basement. We’re looking forward to some pretty crazy parties at SXSW (hint hint keep your eyes here for RSVP and line-up info!).

During the conference portion, our CEO Andrew Dreskin sat on a panel about Alternative Ticketing and moving inventory via social media channels, alongside Ticketbiscuit, Goldstar, Scorebig and others. The search is on for viable ways for promoters to move that difficult inventory.

Since Ticketfly was involved, you can be sure the event was not all business. Our party made Billboard! Turns out if you give away tacos and drinks, you can get Windish, Goldenvoice, Live Nation, Sherpa Concerts, Rose Presents and more all in the same room.

Thanks again to our friends at Pollstar for hosting this crucial event!

Danny Zelisko Nominated for Pollstar Promoter of the Year!

Pollstar has got it right. They too recognize what an institution Danny Zelisko is when it comes to the music industry. That’s why they’ve just nominated Danny Z for their Promoter of the Year Award!

“It was a really great surprise to be recognized with that nomination, especially having left Live Nation earlier this year to work very hard independently at a very turbulent time in the music business,” Zelisko said.  “It’s humbling to have that happen in the first year of being back out there.  I’m very happy.”

It’s a good week for Mr. Zelisko. Just a few days ago, he “received the Killing the Dragon Award at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles as part of the 1st Annual Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout at Cancer Fundraiser along with other notables in the entertainment and medical community.” And we encourage everyone to check out the Dio Cancer Fund website and give what you can. Because cancer sucks. And Dio is one of the greatest bands of all time. If you disagree with either premise, then you don’t make any sense.

After receiving his award, Zelisko “treated the audience to a short sing-a-long and rendition of “The Man on the Silver Mountain,” one of Ronnie’s biggest songs.  Danny misses Ronnie every day and continues to push his friends and strangers alike to get checked sooner than later for cancer and other treatable diseases.”

A truly great promoter is steeped in music history, and puts on shows as a labor of love. Making money is great, but not every show is gonna be a sell-out. If you don’t love it, being a promoter is one of hardest jobs out there. Danny Zelisko is definitely a Rainbow in the Dark!

Good luck, Danny Z! We think you deserve it.

Check out our iPhone apps in Pollstar!

Hey, looks what’s in Pollstar! Our super sweet Brooklyn Bowl iPhone app, built along with the fine folks at Transmogrify.

Our co-branded iPhone apps make it easy to buy tickets for your favorite venues, and stay up to date and what’s coming up. We also have apps for Bimbo’s 365 ClubThe Rickshaw Stop in SF and R5 Productions in Philly.

“But what’s really sweet regarding Ticketfly’s co-branded apps is how easy it is to buy tickets. Just tap, select the delivery method, pay for your purchase and you’re done. If only life was as simple.”

Check out the demo video below and read the full article here.