Pandora and Ticketfly join forces to create the world’s most powerful music platform

I hope y’all are sitting down…I am pleased to announce that Pandora will be acquiring Ticketfly! The largest and most powerful recorded music company and the fastest growing live events technology company are coming together to create the definitive online music platform for venues, promoters, artists and fans. Pandora’s entry into live events is a watershed moment for the music industry.

Pandora Thumb Ticketfly

Pandora is massive. I didn’t realize just how massive. Nearly 80 million people use Pandora each month, most of them on their phones. The Pandora app is the single most-used mobile app in the world (more than Apple, Google and Spotify). Eight billion stations have been created on Pandora. Pandora is the #1 radio station in 36 U.S. markets.

The combination of Ticketfly and Pandora will be game-changing for our clients. Ticketfly and Pandora will be a marketing and event discovery powerhouse, giving our clients unprecedented access to a massive and targeted audience of nearly 80 million music fans. We will solve the longstanding problem of event discovery by seamlessly connecting Pandora’s enormous audience to events they’ll love. This will enable promoters to sell out more shows, and will strengthen the bond between artist and fan.

Pandora and Ticketfly are both deeply data-driven. We will harness our combined data to improve recommendations for fans and create new tools for artists and promoters. Pandora also recently joined forces with Next Big Sound, the leading provider of online music analytics. The coming together of Pandora and Ticketfly, plus Next Big Sound, will create the most powerful fan analytics platform in the world for venues, promoters, and artists.

I had a feeling that it was just a matter of time until one of the big music tech companies made its entree into live events. The live music business is booming. North American concert ticket sales grew at 22% last year. Artists earn roughly 80% of their revenue from touring. Live events are a natural extension of the Pandora platform.

Pandora has done a number of tests recently in the live events space and the results have been pretty overwhelming. When Pandora recently streamed Jack White’s concert from Madison Square Garden, 720,000 people created stations (that’s 38 times the number of people who attended the concert) on Pandora to listen to the show. Pandora live-streamed Mumford & Sons from our partner venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion, which resulted in more than 1 million people creating the live-stream station in two weeks – nearly double the number of people that follow Mumford on Twitter!

And it doesn’t stop there. Pandora has recently been testing the sale of tickets and the results are impressive. With its ability to identify and target specific fans, Pandora sold out 55,000 tickets for the recent Rolling Stones tour in 24 hours. Their ability to sell tickets for lesser known acts is equally impressive. A Pandora pre-sale for ODESZA (an up-and-coming EDM act) blew through 26,000 tickets, including for Ticketfly venues such as the 9:30 Club and Union Transfer, in minutes. Safe to say, Pandora is about to become a major player in ticketing.

So, how did all of this come to be? We have known the folks at Pandora for some time now. In fact, we met them thanks to this journalist – Rocco Pendola – a guy with some big and what we used think were pretty nutty ideas. You can read some of his musings here. But the more we chatted, the more we realized that Pandora and Ticketfly are a perfect fit. We share a common goal of wanting to the make the end-to-end experience better for all participants in the music ecosystem. We have similar values. We are both ridiculously passionate about music, and want to make music and live entertainment a bigger part of people’s lives. And it just so happens that we like each other. Anyone who knows Ticketfly knows that we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t like the people involved.

I had heard some of the noise in the marketplace about Pandora’s relationship with the music industry, so I dug deeper and what I found was a company and a founder – Tim Westergren – deeply devoted to the success and well being of artists. When Tim and I first met we talked for hours about various bands and venues we have in common. I quickly realized this is a guy with whom I could work. He was a touring musician and when he saw how hard it was to make a living he founded Pandora to help artists of all sizes to make a career out of music.

Everything that everyone loves about Ticketfly will not change. We’re still the same company working toward the same goals. Pandora loves our scrappy, independent nature and doesn’t plan to do anything to change that.

And what about our non-music clients? Well, we love our non-music clients the same as our music clients and we and Pandora plan to continue to support them enthusiastically. Our non-music clients will also be able to tap into Pandora’s marketing might, which will be a great asset for them, as well. In fact, I saw a Pandora commercial on Monday Night Football the other night, if that tells you anything.

Selling your baby is never easy and I would be lying if I didn’t say that it’s bittersweet, but I trust my friends at Pandora and believe that they have Ticketfly’s best interests at heart and won’t do anything to change what makes us so special.

This combination will be transformative for the industry. Our clients will gain access to the largest and most powerful music marketing platform in the world, which will help them to sell more tickets and generate more revenue. We will tackle the problem of event discovery for fans and make live events a bigger part of people’s lives, which is why we all got into this crazy business anyway. I’ve worked in the music industry for the better part of 20 years and have been running Ticketfly for almost a decade, and at no time have I ever been more excited about our ability to deliver on our vision to reimagine live events than I am now, with Pandora as our partner. This is going to be an amazing journey.


Andrew Dreskin, co-founder & CEO

Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin on Bloomberg West: The Future of Ticketing Technology

Ticketfly CEO and co-founder Andrew Dreskin returned to Bloomberg West‘s San Francisco studio yesterday to talk with Cory Johnson about tech innovations in the live events industry. When Dreskin visited their studio last summer, Johnson referred to Daft Punk as “pretty dope”, so Dreskin had to apologize that they’re not headlining any upcoming festivals.

Listen to Andrew’s answers about the potential for innovation in ticketing and event technologies, event mavens, our competition, and the approaching festival season:

The 9:30 Club Wins Billboard’s “Top Club” Award for the 4th Year Running!

Congratulations to the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. (one of the many Ticketfly clients also nominated for a Pollstar Award this week) on snagging the Billboard Touring Award for “Top Club” (based on attendance) for the 4th year running, and the 5th total. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been there that the 9:30 Club is one of the premier music venues in the country.

Located at 9th and V Streets in Washington, D.C., the 9:30 Club is a place that music fans love and bands aspire to play. Check out their upcoming lineup here, featuring The Tragically Hip, Yeasayer, G. Love & Special Sauce, Citizen Cope, Sufjan Stevens, Public Enemy, Femi Kuti, and many more.

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At the Races: Preakness Picks Ticketfly to Win

I’ll Have Another wins the 2012 Preakness Stakes with style. (Photo: AP)

With tickets on sale today, Ticketfly is now the official ticketing partner for the Preakness Stakes, a thoroughbred horse race held every May at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

First contested in 1873, the annual running of the Preakness is a classic American institution. The Preakness is the second leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. One of the largest single-day sporting events in the United States, the Preakness has hosted up to 121,309 people.

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Ticketfly Takes a Leading Role in L.A.


As a San Francisco-based company, it was only natural for Ticketfly to head south to our California neighbors in the entertainment capital of the world. We set up shop in the Los Angeles area right away, and soon after began partnering with some of the best promoters and venues in the region. In the past 18 months, Ticketfly has inked agreements with more than 30 new clients in Southern California, representing a 400 percent increase in our overall customer base in the area, and further bolstering Ticketfly’s position in the market.

Our roster of partners in Southern California represents many of the premier live music promoters in town, including The Troubadour, Echo/Echoplex and Spaceland Presents, FYF Presents, Hollywood Forever, Guerilla Union, Bootleg Theater and The Fold, The Satellite, Chain Reaction, and The Glass House.

But it’s not just rock promoters who are looking for a change! A number of other L.A. venues and promoters, in various industries, have switched to Ticketfly.  Continue reading

Doubling Ticket Sales and Breaking Industry Records, Ticketfly Starts 2012 With a Bang!

Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

Well it’s officially February, the New Year is settling in and we’re all finally getting the date right on our checks. Over at Ticketfly HQ, some guys with glasses dusted off their clipboards, put on their data hats and buttoned up their lab coats to take stock of our 2011 progress. The results are pretty astounding. Let’s just say if someone invented a Chia ticketing company, this is what it would look like:

• Ticket sales doubled in 2011
• Sales growth was 5x the industry average
• Clients, revenue and employees ALL doubled
• Twelve new and notable partners joined forces with Ticketfly including Aloompa, DataFlow Workspace, DoStuff Media, Intellitix and Zimride
• Ticketfly is one of a handful of companies to launch a Timeline App with Facebook
• Ticketfly launched the industry’s only fully-integrated, end-to-end Facebook ticketing solution, as well as the only comprehensive Artist Database and Analytics Dashboard in the market
• Major client wins included Capitol Theatre, Danny Zelisko Presents, Preservation Hall, Trocadero Theatre and Union Transfer
• Ticketfly expanded from music into festivals, fairs, sports, electronic dance events and more!

CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Dreskin says, “2011 was a fantastic year for Ticketfly. The 16 percent increase in ticket sales, on average, that Ticketfly clients experienced is in large part attributable to the platform innovations we’ve introduced and our focus on the consumer experience. The fact that these numbers far exceed the industry’s less than three percent growth clearly demonstrates the value we bring to our clients. In 2012, we will continue our focus on re-inventing the ticketing industry and maintaining our deep commitment to the consumer.”

Now I understand why he was blasting this song the last time I walked by his office! Check out the full release here.

If you’d like to jump on the Ticketfly train, head over to
If you’re a member of the press and you’d like more information on Ticketfly’s products and growth, please contact:

Meredith Klee

Billboard: 9:30 Club and The Troubadour are Two of the Most Influential Clubs in North America

Billboard pulled together a panel of touring industry experts to answer one of the toughest questions in the biz: What makes a good club? Everyone’s got a different idea. If I were on the panel (Sheesh, they didn’t even ask!), I’d base my responses on a few criteria: Helpful staff, nice lighting, good beer on tap, democratic options for seating/ standing (my favorite set-up being floor + balcony + a smoking patio for escape…and all of them accessible with any kind of ticket), and of course: GOOD SOUND. I mean, if you go see your favorite band and the sound’s no good, what’s the point? Might as well stay home with your own nice lighting and put the record on.

Well when they asked the real experts, including Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, Billions Corp’s David Viecelli and others, one thing they did agree on is that whatever this “elusive” list of qualities that make up a good club actually is, 9:30 Club and Troubadour have got “IT.”

And so far, the 9:30 Club is the only club to grace both this list and Billboard’s list of the “hottest” venues in the U.S., which is based on box office. So not only is it a rad venue….but they also happen to sell a lot of tickets. Cha ching!

Check out snippets from the article below (Thanks to Billboard!)

And check out upcoming shows for The Troub and 9:30 Club here on (yep you guessed it)…Ticketfly!

Pick up the latest issue of Billboard Mag or get your subscription to Billboard Biz now to peep the full list.

Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard Unlocks Ticket Sales Black Box

Happy summer! We’re very excited to offer the latest feature to the Ticketfly Platform: The Analytics Dashboard.

Check out this video of the Dashboard in action!

How often do promoters pour marketing dollars into banners, web and Facebook ads, email blasts and more without ever really knowing which campaigns resulted in an actual ticket sale? Well we’re solving that problem.

The Analytics Dashboard shows promoters where ticket sales are coming from in real time. And because the Ticketfly Platform is fully integrated, it tracks 100% of marketing activity across all channels, including a promoter’s Ticketfly-built website, the Ticketfly integrated email platform, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, the extensive Ticketfly Affiliate Network and much more. 

The Ticketfly Analytics Dashboard allows industry decision makers such as promoters, venue owners, marketers and talent buyers to easily have a comprehensive view of the success of their marketing efforts, making all of those precious marketing dollars really count. Reports can be run over a given date range for an individual event or holistically across an entire organization.

Better data means our clients save money and time. And as a young company, we want to make sure that promoters switching to Ticketfly can easily see why they made the right decision, simply by showing them how our platform sells more tickets. The old guard of ticketing has been one of tying promoters’ hands, letting the company drive the marketing ship without providing the necessary tools and branding to the client, and then hiding the numbers while the seats stay unsold. We’re doing something different. Transparency, information, and tools, oh my!

Ticketfly continues to lead the way in the ticketing industry with this powerful new tool. It squares nicely with our overall mission:  to provide our clients with the ultimate ticket sales and marketing platform. Because we offer a full suite of promotional tools, we are the only company that can provide real-time sales and marketing analytics all in one place. The best part is it’s all tied together into an easy-to-decipher page of pie charts and graphs that anyone can quickly scan and understand.

“As you can imagine, people don’t want less information. They want more information to help them make better decisions.” – Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly CEO.

Check out the article in Billboard and then get started with Ticketfly!

Ticketfly signs ACL, officially our 100th client in just over one year!


Ticketfly is very excited to announce that Austin’s most anticipated new venue – Austin City Limits (ACL) Live at the Moody Theater –  is the company’s 100th client signing in just over a year since our June 2009 launch! ACL has long been taped in the roughly 320-person capacity Studio 6A. On November 8th, none other than Mister Lyle Lovett helped ACL say goodbye to Studio 6A and HELLO to Ticketfly and a brand new 2,700 seat theater on (of course) Willie Nelson Blvd.

This deal follows closely on the heels of Ticketfly’s recent signing of Antone’s Nightclub, the first club to open on Austin’s historic 6th Street. As you know, Austin is often called the “live music capital of the world,” so the announcement of ACL Live as Ticketfly’s 100th client makes it clear that many of the most iconic music clubs in the world have decided that Ticketfly is the way to go.

Already being called the “new home of live music history,” ACL Live plans to deliver. It’s going to be the new location for taping of the legendary Austin City Limits TV show: the longest running music series in the history of American television. And it will be one of only a handful of LEED Certified venues in the country. That means green, you guys! CEO of Ticketfly, Andrew Dreskin, says, “We are fired up to welcome Austin City Limits Live to the Ticketfly family. This is really our kind of venue; and it seems fitting that our 100th client be a green, forward-thinking venue in the music-loving, tech-savvy Austin market.”

Ticketfly has also recently inked ticketing and marketing services agreements with The Independent in San Francisco, one of the nation’s leading venues of its size, and one of Bay Area independent promoter Another Planet Entertainment’s star performers, along with Berkeley’s Greek Theatre and the Treasure Island Festival. And let’s not forget Birdland, the legendary New York City jazz venue, home away from home for the great Charlie Parker.

I can’t believe I’m involved with any venue that has been graced with the presence of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, AND Kris Kristofferson, three of the world’s greatest treasures! If you want to see some of the magic that is ACL, check out the video below of Kris Kristofferson taping in Studio 6A. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for ACL Live, and we’re so honored to be a part of history in the making! It looks like the news is already getting around


Ticketmaster has canceled their Affiliate Program. We are here for you!

Here is a statement from our CEO, Andrew Dreskin, on Ticketmaster’s news today that they have nixed their entire affiliate program:

It’s telling that Ticketmaster is winding down its affiliate program just as we are ratcheting ours up. The decision for Ticketmaster to slash and burn its affiliate program is emblematic of the old school thinking that plagues the live music industry. They have consistently taken a command-and-control approach that alienates the music community: fans, bloggers, promoters and now developers.  In contrast, Ticketfly’s goal is to provide as broad a marketing platform as possible for our clients. We are building open, social technologies that embrace the community and make room for anyone who loves live music.”

You may remember back in July when the bloggers were all abuzz over TM cutting a lot of their smaller affiliates, as well as ending commissions on all pre-sales and the first 24 hours of general sales? Well, apparently this didn’t do enough to ease TM’s financial woes because today they have officially canned their entire program. Yep, they’ve cut everyone. We are already hearing from affiliates who have gotten the axe message. Just after noon today, TM sent an e-mail to their entire network, alerting them to some “important changes.” Well, I’d say it’s important! You just dumped everyone from the program! And TM has yet to make an official announcement or even post it up on their Affiliates page or the Twitter. All commissions on ticket sales will stop October 15th. One ticked off blogger has already posted the message. I imagine more will show up tomorrow. Consequence of Sound (one of my fave blogs!) is  already grumbling as well.

Well Ticketfly thinks this is a real “eff you” to a lot of the best music sites, bloggers, and fans on the internet that we all love and rely on to find out about shows, and more importantly to all of those hard-working venue owners and promoters who are going to have to work a LOT harder to get their shows out there and sell tickets. As if they had any time to spare!

Ticketfly launched our Affiliate Network last week and we will gladly welcome any music-lovers out there who want to sell tickets for our clients. Give us your tired, your poor, your music-loving masses yearning to sell tickets and save time for our clients while making money for your own rad websites!

We’re making up a nice comfy bed and some warm cocoa for you. It’s gonna be OK.