Reach new fans with Pandora Automated Event Notifications

Author: Lauren Kish, Product Manager

Did you get your Pandora show alert yet? That handy notification letting you know an artist you love is playing near you? If you’re one of the 78M people listening to Pandora each month, you’ve probably seen the concert notifications being pushed to your phone, surfaced in your mobile app feed, and sent to your email. Since launch, over 50M listeners have received a notification about amazing Ticketfly shows. These recommendation are already proving to be powerful — 70% of fans who received push notifications about concerts said they didn’t know about the show, and the 30% who did know hadn’t purchased tickets yet. With that, it’s prime time to share three reminders about Pandora’s powerful automated event notifications:


 1. It gets really personal.

At the core of Pandora is its music genome project, which does a brilliant job matching listeners with music they’ll love. Pandora has 78M monthly active listeners, and for over a decade it has traced listeners’ personal preferences—”thumbing” tracks they like or don’t like, and adding stations for the artists that move them—across the Pandora platform. Pandora uses the mountains of data it has about each listener to deliver personalized notifications when their favorite artists are playing nearby. Pandora is creating highly targeted recommendations for each individual user based on their tastes, and promoting all types of artists and shows. The key? What one listener gets is completely different from the next.


2. So many ways to drive fans to purchase.

Listeners are learning about your events from different channels, and at different times. Our notifications are designed to meet listeners wherever they are, whether that’s checking email, listening on desktop, or on-the-go using the app. From push notifications delivered directly to their mobile phone, to personalized concert digest emails sent straight to their inbox, Pandora listeners are receiving relevant, timely notifications when the artists they love are playing nearby. Add in mobile feed notifications, artist audio messages (AAMs), push reminders, and event information on the now playing & artists pages*, and fans will never miss a show.


3. The more you use Pandora, the more notifications you receive.

So, again, are you getting yours? The best way to know that your fans are being notified about your events is to experience a notification yourself as a Pandora listener. Here’s how:

1. Download the Pandora app.

2. Go crazy and create dozens of  stations for a few artists coming to your venue. Thumb tracks up, too!

3. Enable location services, or if you’d rather not, make sure the postal code associated with your Pandora account is correct.

4. Check your notification settings to make sure push and email are enabled.

5. You’re ready! As long as the event is within  31 miles of your location, you should start receiving notifications.

Best of all, unlike other marketing channels that require a ton work, you don’t have to lift a finger for Pandora listeners to be notified about your events. Just build your event in Backstage, and voila!, you’re plugged into America’s largest and most engaged music and comedy audience.  Finally, this is only the beginning. Throughout 2017 and beyond, we’ll continue to tweak, optimize, learn, and roll out new functionality and reporting to help you market your events in powerful new ways.

*currently ramping up to all Pandora listeners

Ticketfly Promoter gets better with offer templates

From routing tour dates to haggling over deposits and pre-tax expense deductions, booking and settling shows is more tedious than glamorous. Last November, the whole process got a heck of a lot easier with our beta release of Ticketfly Promoter, the world’s first end-to-end product for calendar management, offer creation, and settlement. Based on user feedback, today we’re expanding Ticketfly Promoter with the launch of default offer templates so you can focus on deal-making instead of data-entry.

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Ticketfly Promoter: Talent buying made easier


Promoters are the unsung heroes of the music industry. Night in and night out, their work is what makes live events possible—getting great talent in great venues. Today, their lives just became a heck of a lot easier with the beta release of Ticketfly Promoter, a comprehensive, integrated booking product that makes talent buying easy. With Ticketfly Promoter, we’re moving further beyond the ticket and extending our platform into talent buying.
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Introducing Ticketfly Marketing Services

Buying a new guitar doesn’t make you a great guitarist. First you need to learn how to play. And the same is true for social media and marketing tools – you need to know how use them before their benefits can be fully realized. But fear not, Ticketfly is here to help you get up to speed on the latest tools and tactics. In fact, we’re so invested in teaching our clients how to be better marketers that we’ve created a new team committed to doing just that… introducing Ticketfly Marketing Services.

Ticketfly’s dedicated Marketing Services team provides personalized marketing support and training to help promoters fully utilize Ticketfly’s marketing tools, build a social media presence, and sell more tickets. Here are a few of things we can do for you:

  • Personalized Ticketfly platform training
  • Social media & email marketing consulting
  • Promotion & advertising strategy
  • Creative strategy & design services
  • Website & search engine optimization
  • Access to training videos & pro tips
  • Sponsorship opportunities

And we have proof that it works. When fully utilized, up to 70% of sales come from Ticketfly’s marketing tools.

Ticketfly is the only ticketing provider with a dedicated in-house marketing services team. In other words, we’ll give you the lessons to go with that shiny new guitar.

Click here to download the Ticketfly Marketing Services overview PDF.

New Feature! Purchase Questions Help You Get to Know Your Customers

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Howdy, Fly friends! Ticketfly has got a new feature on the books that we think will really excite promoters and customers – Purchase Questions! OK, it might not sound that exciting. Don’t worry, your fans don’t need to pass any standardized tests to get into your event. It’s much cooler than that. No Scantrons or hanging chads involved. Ticketfly’s Purchase Questions give promoters the ability to gather valuable customer information during the ticket buying process.

What’s so cool about questions?
Let’s say you run a charity event, conference, festival, or amusement park and you’re selling tickets with us. Purchase Questions make it easy for you to find out how customers heard about an event, collect t-shirt sizes, gather age information, or confirm whether or not customers are *really* ready to ride that new upside-down coaster. Music promoters can use questions for all kinds of things! You can get feedback about your club, run fan giveaways, find out which new beer your customers would like on tap, collect additional contact info, and more.

How does it work?
Now when you build your event on Ticketfly, you can create open questions, multiple choice questions, or contact fields that will show up when fans buy tickets. Make them either optional or required. After the event, you can view collected info in your account or filter and export it for later use! And everything happens in Ticketfly’s Backstage content management system; you won’t need a 3rd party survey service.

For customers, it means the events and venues you love will be able to offer you cool free stuff, better target your interests, and get your valuable feedback, no yelps required.

If you’re not currently a Ticketfly client and would like more info, check us out!

Doubling Ticket Sales and Breaking Industry Records, Ticketfly Starts 2012 With a Bang!

Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

Well it’s officially February, the New Year is settling in and we’re all finally getting the date right on our checks. Over at Ticketfly HQ, some guys with glasses dusted off their clipboards, put on their data hats and buttoned up their lab coats to take stock of our 2011 progress. The results are pretty astounding. Let’s just say if someone invented a Chia ticketing company, this is what it would look like:

• Ticket sales doubled in 2011
• Sales growth was 5x the industry average
• Clients, revenue and employees ALL doubled
• Twelve new and notable partners joined forces with Ticketfly including Aloompa, DataFlow Workspace, DoStuff Media, Intellitix and Zimride
• Ticketfly is one of a handful of companies to launch a Timeline App with Facebook
• Ticketfly launched the industry’s only fully-integrated, end-to-end Facebook ticketing solution, as well as the only comprehensive Artist Database and Analytics Dashboard in the market
• Major client wins included Capitol Theatre, Danny Zelisko Presents, Preservation Hall, Trocadero Theatre and Union Transfer
• Ticketfly expanded from music into festivals, fairs, sports, electronic dance events and more!

CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Dreskin says, “2011 was a fantastic year for Ticketfly. The 16 percent increase in ticket sales, on average, that Ticketfly clients experienced is in large part attributable to the platform innovations we’ve introduced and our focus on the consumer experience. The fact that these numbers far exceed the industry’s less than three percent growth clearly demonstrates the value we bring to our clients. In 2012, we will continue our focus on re-inventing the ticketing industry and maintaining our deep commitment to the consumer.”

Now I understand why he was blasting this song the last time I walked by his office! Check out the full release here.

If you’d like to jump on the Ticketfly train, head over to
If you’re a member of the press and you’d like more information on Ticketfly’s products and growth, please contact:

Meredith Klee

Just in Time for Holidays, Ticketfly Becomes Your Total Festival Package

It’s December. In the concert ticketing world that means we’ve just about finished packing up our last festival scanner and get to enjoy a month or so of not thinking about living inside of a box office trailer next to a perpetual printing buzz, subsisting on bottled water and cold pizza slices, before next year’s festival season goes on sale in just a few weeks. Luckily for us, our Kwan-Chrismukkah Solstice gifts came just in time, in the form of a handful of stellar partnerships that will make the 2012 festival season run smoother for fans and promoters alike!

Ticketfly announced today at the International Music Festival Conference in Austin a comprehensive festival ticketing solution designed to increase operational efficiencies (i.e. stuff will get easier) and revenue opportunities for promoters (make $$$), while improving the festival going experience for fans (fun without headaches!). We told you back in June that we wanted to offer a total festival package, so here you go!

The Ticketfly solution combines Ticketfly’s next-generation ticketing and social marketing platform with best-in-class festival technology specialists to offer a fully-integrated, end-to-end festival ticketing solution, including:

• Centralized contract and events logistics management
• Custom, feature-rich iPhone and Android mobile apps
• Secure and reliable RFID authentication
• Ride sharing transportation services
• Online, mobile and onsite box office functionality
• Industrial-grade scanning technology
• Integrated social marketing capabilities

“While the festival industry is booming, so is the complexity in operating these large scale events,” said Dan Teree, Ticketfly Co-Founder, President & COO.  “Festival organizers are forced to cobble together often incompatible, non-integrated technologies at significant cost. Our goal is to reduce this friction by offering festival promoters a true end-to-end festival ticketing solution, saving them time and money while greatly improving the festival-going experience for fans.”

The Ticketfly festival ticketing solution brings together the best technology and service providers in the industry, including:

Aloompa is the premier smartphone application provider for the top US music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and the CMT Music Festival.  Ticketfly and Aloompa have partnered to seamlessly integrate event data and provide mobile-ready ticketing capabilities that promote sales while reducing the need for data replication.

DataFlow Workspace
The driving force behind the operations and data management of most major US festivals including Austin City Limits, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and Coachella, DataFlow Workspace provides an easily customizable platform to manage festival event production. Ticketfly will allow DataFlow Workspace to better facilitate ticketing and access control for VIP packages.

DoStuff Media
Not just a clever name, DoStuff Media provides a completely customizable website platform tailored specifically to the festival space. Clients include Lollapalooza, Moog Fest, and Austin City Limits, as well as the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Through this partnership, Ticketfly clients will gain access to a sophisticated festival website platform, coupled with Ticketfly’s advanced social connectivity and analytics.

Known as the industry standard for RFID access control and cashless payment systems for live events, Intellitix activated over one million RFID tags at festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Electric Zoo, and Austin City Limits this year. The non-exclusive Intellitix integration with Ticketfly will provide event promoters with seamless access to critical buyer behavior while managing fraud and unwanted resale.

Zimride is the fastest growing ridesharing application used by the largest universities and corporations. Their clients range from Facebook to Lollapalooza. With Ticketfly, event organizers will be able to offer concert-goers a way to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint while building a greater sense of community.

Mobile? Check. Cash-free payments? Check. VIP packages? Check. Environmentally friendly and inexpensive transportation? Check! As soon as someone invents a self-cleaning porta-potty with a never-ending toilet paper supply, we’ll call them too!

We’re firm believers that if another company is already doing something really well, why re-invent their wheel when we can just collaborate? Welcome aboard to an exciting list of new partners and a new era for festival planning. I’m stocking up on sunscreen already.

If you’re planning a festival or other event and would like more information on becoming a Ticketfly partner, check us out!

Announcing Amex Presales!

The end of October has brought a slew of new features to the Ticketfly Platform thanks to our hardworking product & engineering teams. Perhaps the most exciting is the ability for our venues & promoters to now run presales exclusively for Amex card holders! If you have an Amex card you’re probably pretty psyched right now, amiright?!

For our venues, what this added functionality allows for is increased control over presale access – which in turn rewards those Amex customers who don’t leave home without it!

But wait, there’s more! This new presale feature also extends to any of the major credit cards we accept, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diner’s Club. We’ll be having more & more presales over the coming months as our venue partners start utilizing this feature, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements from your favorite bands or clubs. And if you’re a Ticketfly client in need of assistance in setting up a presale, contact your Client Rep – we’d be happy to help you out!

Guest post by Ali Watkins, Client Services Manager