Experiences are everything: your events matter to marketers

Live events provide a unique opportunity for artists and fans to forge meaningful personal connections. This post, originally published on Pandora for Brands’ Insights blog, explains why brands are increasingly looking at event sponsorship as one of the best ways to build awareness and reach new customers. 


You don’t need us to tell you that music has the power to create incredible experiences. It can cure a breakup, take you back in time and totally make or break a party. But some music experiences are just more memorable than others.

Nothing comes quite as close to the exhilaration of seeing your favorite band live. The act of sharing the moment with a community of fellow fans, sweating it out together as you scream lyrics from the top of your lungs—that’s when real memories are formed.

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FlyTips: Customizable Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Events

Because Ticketfly clients are able to build an event once and publish the same information automatically on multiple promotional channels, there are many opportunities for you to make some extra cash on your event by offering sponsorship exposure in several key places- including on your tickets, on your website, in our integrated emails and on Ticketfly.

Here are some places a sponsor’s logo and presence would surface during the purchase and event process.

Our social marketing tools (Amplifier) and print-at-home ticket ad options (found in the Appearance options in Backstage) make it easy for you to get a sponsor’s name out there, via your social communities and directly in the hands of purchasers.

Finally, when you build an event in Ticketfly’s Backstage, those events automatically publish to all of the web’s top event-listing sites and blogs. So your sponsor name will get some time on event pages on sites like Songkick, Pollstar and more.

If you’re a Ticketfly client and you’d like more info, please reach out to your client rep or download this pdf that you can send to sponsors. If you’d like to know more about Ticketfly’s ticketing and marketing services, head over to ticketfly.com/start.