The Music of Ticketfly: Featuring PARENTZ

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Have you called us lately? Why not? You never call anymore. And you should. Because we have some of the coolest hold music in town. It won’t make you want to tear your hair out, and it won’t make you wish you had stuck with those oboe lessons in high school. We have the good fortune of employing a lot of performers at the ‘Fly, (including 11 guitar players, 8 drummers, and 3 stand-up comics!) and we like to showcase this bevy of in-house talent when we can. (Yes, of course we still pay them licensing rights!)

This video about Ticketfly features the works of PARENTZ, a one man operation out of Oakland, CA. Jeremy Sullivan has been making beats since the ripe old age of 12. The featured track is called Big. We use it in several videos, and it’s what you hear if you call our friendly Support team, where sometimes you even get to chat with Jeremy himself! Big is a throwback song that references the care-free, feel-good arrangements of the 80s while mixing in modern electronic sounds and production. Hear more of PARENTZ over on their label page or hear below about how he was inspired by the TV show The Heights, AKA one of the best shows of all time.