Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge, open 365 days a year, debuted in 2004 as a full-service music venue, restaurant, and bar, with an attached sister hotel, The Jupiter. After nearly a decade in business, Doug Fir sought to reestablish itself as a destination not just for music fans, but for tourists and locals looking for a great meal. To achieve this, Doug Fir needed a technology partner that understood their vision and could help them overcome their marketing hurdles while saving time and money.


Increasing revenue and ticket sales
In just three years with Ticketfly, Doug Fir is now booking great talent nearly every night and putting Ticketfly’s full suite of integrated ticketing and marketing tools to use. As a result, the venue is selling more tickets and driving revenue back into the restaurant and bar.

Seamless & effective branding
Doug Fir wanted a website and purchase experience that conveyed its identity and complemented the venue and restaurant. Ticketfly collaborated with Doug Fir on, custom Ticketfly purchase flow, and email templates so all online properties have the same look and feel.

Saving time & money
Since adopting Ticketfly’s integrated platform, Doug Fir spends 20% less on marketing and saves valuable time. Ticketfly’s analytics suite (Analytics Dashboard, email tool, Fanbase) allows Doug Fir to easily track results and fine-tune marketing efforts, fostering better targeting and an improved customer experience.

Better event discoverability
Improved metadata on Ticketfly-powered and has drastically increased search ranking for Doug Fir’s events, making it easier for Portland music fans to organically find out about shows and buy tickets.

Unparalleled support
Ticketfly provides Doug Fir with 24/7 phone and email support, online training and reference materials, and marketing advice. Ticketfly’s comprehensive Marketing Guide provides actionable steps Doug Fir can take to maximize marketing efforts.


  • Choosing Ticketfly was a wise solution given the support they provide to help us sell more tickets, their integrated and user-friendly marketing tools, and our total lack of issues with the system.

    Frank Rinaldi, Marketing Director

  • Ticketfly is setting the bar high for their competition in terms of how they support their clients and the tools they offer.

    Frank Rinaldi, Marketing Director

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