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Don’t just watch sales roll in, see where they’re coming from. Our Analytics Dashboard and reports provide detailed data on your sales and marketing efforts.

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Ticketfly Fanbase

The first customer analytics suite to enable you to identify, reward, and mobilize your top customers.

  • Identify influencers who drive ticket sales and concession revenue using the real-time Top Fan list, which ranks fans based on attendance, spending, and social sharing behavior
  • View detailed fan profile pages, which include purchase history, activity feeds, and social media links
  • Reward fans using Ticketfly’s marketing tools, so they continue to spread the word and purchase tickets

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Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive, real-time Analytics Dashboard enables you
to easily and accurately track ticket sales, marketing efforts, and referral data.

  • Track sales from the point of origin to determine which marketing tactics are most effective
  • Analyze sales for each event to help you make booking decisions in the future
  • Focus social marketing efforts on which social networks drive the most ticket sales
  • Customize date ranges to determine effectiveness of marketing and booking efforts over time

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Full-range of sales, customer, and settlement reports so you can track event success.

  • Ticketfly offers on-demand reports including transaction detail, weekly settlement, ticket counts, and promotion performance
  • Event reports are available to help you improve ticket sales and access necessary customer information; event reports include will call, sales by day, event summary, sales by market, and purchase questions results

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Analytics Tools

Advanced tools for the most savvy marketers.

  • Tagged Links: Track links from Twitter, Facebook, your ads, and email campaigns to your event pages to determine the most effective marketing tactics and spend your marketing budget more efficiently
  • Google Analytics: Ticketfly includes analytics tracking in your custom website and Google Analytics can be added to the Analytics Dashboard, so you can analyze your website traffic without leaving Ticketfly Backstage
  • The real-time Social Dashboard provides a deep understanding of fans’ social sharing behavior and the impact of Ticketfly’s social marketing tools

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