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Facebook Ticketing

Deliver the entire ticket buying experience on Facebook, from discovery to purchase and sharing.

  • Single sign-on with Facebook Connect allows fans to buy tickets using just their Facebook identity on Facebook or ticketfly.com
  • Sell tickets directly from your Facebook Page and create a seamless purchase experience for fans
  • Promote social discovery and sharing by empowering Facebook users to “Like” venues and artists, share events, and publicly RSVP to events during the purchase process

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Affiliate Network

Automatically Publish your events to Ticketfly’s Network of over 200 music, entertainment, and event websites.

  • Event information is automatically published to Ticketfly affiliate sites, which eliminates duplicate entry and helps you reach new audiences
  • Ticketfly recruits top websites and blogs to be part of the Affiliate Network, so partners don’t need to build direct relationships with affiliates

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Mobile Ticketing

Ticketfly delivers a comprehensive mobile ticketing experience – from event discovery to purchase, social sharing, and entry scanning.

  • Ticketfly.com and Ticketfly Partner Websites are mobile-optimized, so event discovery, purchase, and social sharing are fully functional on a mobile device
  • Ticketfly supports Passbook, which enables iOS users to easily access Ticketfly tickets in the same app as other tickets and passes
  • Mobile tickets allow Ticketfly customers to receive tickets and obtain entry to an event using only a mobile device

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Purchase Experience

Offer fans the most user-friendly purchase experience, customized to match your brand.

  • Fans can initiate the purchase process everywhere they discover events: on ticketfly.com, venue & promoter websites, Facebook, mobile devices, & hundreds of event, music, & entertainment sites
  • Create a customized purchase template to match your brand and website
  • Purchase process is designed to maximize ticket sales and social sharing
  • Pick-a-seat on an interactive seat map is available for all reserved seating events
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Distribution Partners

Ticketfly provides new ways for you to sell more tickets through online and retail distribution partnerships.

  • Ticketfly partners with LivingSocial, allowing select partners to put event inventory on sale quickly and easily
  • LivingSocial offers unmatched local media reach and unique targeting for pre-sales, packages, and discount offers
  • Ticketfly recruits top partners, so you don’t need to build direct relationships

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