Artists can use AMP to promote your shows

Artists can record and send customized audio messages promoting your shows directly to their fans on Pandora.

Ask artists to speak directly with fans

Artists can record short audio messages (called Artist Audio Messages, or AAMs for short) that encourage Pandora listeners to buy tickets to specific shows. Encourage artists you’re working with to record these—it can be done in a snap from a mobile device. The more personal, the better.

Pandora and Ticketfly do the heavy lifting

As an exclusive to Ticketfly partners, artists playing Ticketfly shows are automatically prompted to record and send an AAM to promote your event. AAMs automatically include a “click to buy” link to the event purchase page. All the artist has to do is talk straight from the heart, directly to their fans.

AAMs are powerful

AAMs see up to 8 times more clicks than social media or paid advertising. These aren’t ads, they’re personalized messages to fans in your markets.

Ticketfly-Pandora Live Events Marketing Suite

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