Ticketfly Affiliate API

Integrate Ticketfly event listings on your site using the Ticketfly Affiliate API.

  • Add Ticketfly event listings, ticketing information, artist and venue details, social media links, images, and purchase links to your site
  • Available to approved sites for commercial or non-commerical use
  • Requests to Ticketfly Affiliate API Services are all RESTful, so you can easily construct request URLs that will work in your browser, command lines, and code
  • Responses to Ticketfly Affiliate API requests are rendered in JSON or XML; to guarantee that results are returned in the expected format, specify the format (“.json” or “.xml”) in the request URL
  • Please review the Ticketfly Affiliate API Terms of Service and a sample request and successful API response here
  • If you’d like to get paid for referring ticket sales, check out the Ticketfly Affiliate Network