A nod to 2017 product doozies

Cristina Peralta

Sep. 01, 2017

Our focus is always on providing best-in-class technology and service for the live events industry. This means we’re constantly working to develop and implement smart features and time-saving tools geared to make independent venues and promoters’ lives easier.

This year, we’ve added important new functionality and made significant improvements to our platform. Considering just how many things we’ve introduced, it seems like the perfect time to remind you of four major releases in 2017.

1. Make life easier with Ticket Transfers


Ticket Transfers means no more handoffs, no more box office fuss, and no more tears. You have the ability to allow your attendees to quickly, easily, and safely transfer tickets. And when you do, you’re also making things easier for your box office staff. When fans can securely transfer tickets among themselves, you stay focused on your event instead of last minute name swaps and tears at the door. Read more about how ticket transfers work then make tickets transferable for your upcoming shows.

2. Capture last-minute sales for sold out shows with Lyte

Way back In January, we announced our exclusive integration with Lyte, the fan-to-fan ticket exchange platform for sold out live events. Lyte is a safe and secure way to return and buy tickets for sold-out events that’s controlled by venues and promoters. When an event sells out and Lyte is enabled, ticket holders can instantly return tickets they’re unable to use, and real fans looking for hot tickets can make a credit card reservation to buy 100% guaranteed tickets at better prices than the secondary market. Combined with Ticket Transfers, we’re helping you deliver a better fan experience so fans can quickly, easily, and safely transfer tickets both when they know who to give them to and when they don’t. Find out how Lyte works and get started.

3. Broadcast your big shows on small screens with Emailer

Our integrated Emailer’s already in a league of its own with an unbeatable trifecta of content automation, user targeting, and sales metrics in one convenient place. How do you top that? By evolving it to provide better insight into your audience and help make your email marketing more impactful: ancillary performance stats, new mobile templates rendering beautifully on both big and small screens, and a more intuitive theme editor. Get the full scoop on the new Emailer and then take our new mobile templates and stats for a spin.

4. Save time with the new Artist Database

Artist Database started as a crowd-sourced treasure trove of over 200K artists designed to save partners a heck of a lot of time getting events on sale. With just a few clicks, it was possible to import stored artist bios, photos, videos, and social media links right into your event builds, in addition to the ability to create profiles for new artists. This year, we made Artist Database even more helpful by giving it a visual refresh, cues when there’s an artist match on Pandora, and (drum roll, please) supercharging it with new engine powered by Discogs that sports a user-sourced database consisting of nearly five million artists.

In addition to the new features we launched this year, we are constantly pushing out incremental improvements. With Eventbrite and Ticketfly joining forces to create a game-changing platform for independent venues and promoters, you can look forward to new products from what we believe is the best technology, services and team in the live events business.

Current partners, get in touch with your rep to take advantage of these great features. If you’re a venue or promoter who’s ready to join the Ticketfly community, get in touch.

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