Answer 3 questions to make your live events website rock

Cristina Peralta

Mar. 22, 2017

As a full-service live event technology platform, Ticketfly designs and builds websites for our venue and promoter partners. Each month, our team of talented developers and project managers works side-by-side with our clients to launch custom websites that meet their specific needs.

With more than 800 sites under our belts, we power the largest network of live event websites in the world. It goes without saying that we know a thing or two about the right approach to creating a website for a live events business. Whether you’re working with Ticketfly, an outside web developer, or even using an out of the box solution, here are three important questions to ask yourself to determine if your website is ready to take the stage.

How do you fit everything you do into your website?

The truth is, you can’t. More importantly, you shouldn’t want to. Visitors don’t need to see everything in order to understand what you have to offer. However you approach creating a plan for your website, be sure that all of the elements you plan on including (text, images, features) truly serve the goals of your site. If they don’t, consider leaving them out.

John T. Floore’s Country Store is a quintessential Texas honky tonk. It opened in 1942 and has hosted legends like Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams. It’s also a thriving music space that welcomes some of the biggest names in country music today. The experts of Ticketfly’s Design and Development Services team built a site that favors the strategic use of photos and steers clear of clichéd accents or outdated fonts in the design. Right under the nav on the homepage, a carousel features classic venue images and upcoming event posters, allowing visitors to check out what’s happening now and get a sense the club’s rich past. John T.’s website represents the venue perfectly without feeling cluttered because our team knew what to leave out.

How do you tackle creating a website for a venue with distinctive spaces and offerings?

Sometimes a room isn’t just a room. It’s actually a few spaces, each with their own events, seating arrangement, menu, and vibe. When building a site for multi-room space, the key is to keep the concept simple. Rather than overcomplicating the homepage or linking to individual rooms within a dropdown menu, what about a one-page scrolling design?

Mr. Smalls Presents is a 650-capacity venue situated in a converted 18th-century Catholic church a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Initially, the venue consisted of a small theater, but in recent years, Mr. Smalls added a full service restaurant, an underground draft beer bunker, and a state-of-the-art recording studio. A single page scroll concept worked well for the website Ticketfly created for Mr Smalls. It highlights upcoming events with a full sized hero image, with a row of large buttons with photos for each of the different spaces. Further down, a single calendar employs a filtering system allowing visitors to view only the events they’re interested in.

What can you do to make sure your website always feels current?

Ensure your site stays fresh and compelling by updating your image gallery regularly and optimizing photos to load quickly and look great on any device. A consistent effort doesn’t have to be a ton of work and it can make a big difference to website visitors.

Local 506 is a cozy rock club in Chapel Hill, NC with a dive bar vibe. The website Ticketfly built for Local 506 reflects the venue’s no nonsense ethos, focusing on the local bands and developing national artists that perform there. The design, anchored by large event images, perfectly illustrates the importance of keeping your visual assets updated. Another suggestion is to incorporate one or more widgets that pull in content from social media accounts, ensuring that the site is automatically highlighting your newest content. Even a minimal amount of consistent effort will show visitors you care.

Need help with your events website? Consider a mobile-friendly website built and hosted by Ticketfly. Put your brand first and save time with a site that’s fully integrated with our ticketing, marketing, and analytics platform. Interested? Drop us a line.

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