Our Artist Database got a new engine with more artists than ever

Apr. 26, 2017

In 2011, we our unveiled Artist Database, a crowd-sourced treasure trove of over 200K artists designed to save partners a heck of a lot of time getting events on sale. With just a few clicks, it was possible to import stored artist bios, photos, videos, and social media links right into your event builds, in addition to the ability to create profiles for new artists.

Today, we’re taking it a step further with a brand new engine, powered by Discogs, plus a fresh look! There are now more artists than ever to import at your fingertips, and best of all, you’ll see a big blue P when we’ve found an artist station match on Pandora.

Discogs’s mission is to “build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace,” and their user-sourced database with nearly five million artists (and counting) is now integrated with Ticketfly Backstage. The Discogs contributing community updates and adds profiles, and your workflow doesn’t change. We’re just giving you a lot more artist info at the ready with visual cues for Pandora station matches. That way, it’s no longer a mystery when your events are eligible for personalized concert notifications on Pandora. The icing on the cake? When artists tagged with a big blue Pandora P in our Artist Database log into AMP (Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform), they’ll be automatically prompted to promote your event with an Artist Audio Message. [To learn about Artist Audio Messages, visit the AMP Playbook.]

When you search for artists, we’ve made it super easy to distinguish between new artists from Discogs and artists you’ve saved. We kept our hands off your saved artists, rest assured! Those are all tagged with My Custom Attraction and will always show up at your Top Result. And since we’ve got a “one artist: one name” policy, selecting an artist from Discogs you’ve previously saved won’t overwrite any photos, bios, or links you have. Instead, the Artist Database will fill in any missing info with what’s in Discogs and get you connected with Pandora.

Now when you build an event in Ticketfly or edit a saved artist, you’ll experience the new Artist Database in all its good-lookin’ glory. You’ll save time putting your events on sale and pack the house, harnessing the power of Pandora.

If you’re a current Ticketfly partner, get step-by-step instructions in Ticketfly Community and try out the new Artist Database in Backstage now. Interested in harnessing the power of Ticketfly and Pandora to sell more tickets? Join the movement.

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