Beyond Facebook Pages: Building Your Venue’s Online Personality

Aug. 17, 2011

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

Hey Promoters! Options abound these days for building your club or festival’s online identity, as well as tools for your loyal fans to check in and get rewards for their show-going. Thought you might like some help making sense of things. On y va!

Facebook Pages

Let’s start with the big, obvious guy: Facebook. Facebook Pages have changed a lot in the past couple years, and they are still an extremely useful tool for building your brand. But we know some of you created your profiles before Pages were available, i.e. First Name “My” Last Name “Club.” Now you have 3,000 Facebook friends that you don’t want to lose by creating a Page. Good news! FB offers a tool for you to migrate those folks over to your business page. Why should you be operating a Facebook Page rather than a Profile?

– No Friend limit (5K on profiles)
– Access to third-party promotional tools for building appealing fan-gates, running contests and surveys, and more!
Integration with FB Places so you can not only see your Fans, but which ones are actually showing up to the club!
– Most importantly for Ticketfly Clients, our Facebook Amplifier works with Pages (not profiles), so you can auto-post events and create RSVP widgets for all of your ticket pages


What’s all the buzz about? Well, it’s the first social network to really give Facebook a run for its money. And I absolutely suggest that you familiarize yourself early. Good news and bad news for venues: Google + does not yet have a business option but they will later this year. We’ll let you know when it launches so you can grab your business name! In the meantime, it’s a great way to interact with specific groups of friends. If you have, for example, a list of Google/ Gmail contacts who you want to notify about events, you can collect them all into one Circle, rather than blasting your grandma and junior high boyfriend about it at the same time. It’s awesome!

Foursquare Pages

Foursquare recently ditched their application process for businesses to create a page, and made it fully self-serve. Now your venue loyalists can “follow” your page. You can check ours out here: Here’s an example of a festival page.

I hear you asking: Facebook Places, Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla, do I have to use all of them? We know you don’t all have a full-time social marketing team. The good news with these services is that once your place is established, you don’t HAVE to do much more work. But in general, these location services vary in popularity depending on where you live. Facebook Places is a must. It’s the #1 service people use to check in and it’s growing. As for the others, at the very least you should make sure your place exists, and then try out some specials to see who responds on each service! Whatever happens, you cannot afford to ignore them. The same study showed that users who check in are also big media consumers, most of them are gainfully employed, and most of them have smartphones. In the music business this equals CHA-CHING!

But what do I really think? I’m partial to Facebook Places and Foursquare, sure. But services like Loopt-In have done some cool integrations with event sites (including SonicLiving, another Ticketfly affiliate woop!). The best advice I can give is try and few and focus on what your customers are using!

ReverbNation Venue Pages

(a secondary Ticketfly affiliate, via our partnership with Jambase), has built an awesome Facebook app for venues to create comprehensive profiles. Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, one of Ticketfly’s very first clients, is using the app and it gives the Knit fan a much richer experience on their page! Aside from basic info, you can post music clips, your upcoming shows (with Ticket links provided by Bandsintown, another Ticketfly affiliate), and announcements. It’s a great idea and I’m sure more apps of its kind will be popping up any day now.


Well you didn’t think I’d leave us out, did you? The truth is that Ticketfly offers more tools for venues to build their online brand than any other ticketer. We build fully-integrated, social-friendly websites, emails, iPhone apps + a seamless mobile purchase, and purchase pages that match a venue’s brand. We’re one of the only ticketers using Facebook Connect for purchase, and our Amplifier makes it easy to build content-rich events in one single place and send those events to Facebook, Twitter, affiliate sites, your branded website, and more! Check us out.

*All opinions expressed above were completely unbiased, based on my experience. This section is just facts.

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