Boost ticket sales without lifting a finger with cart abandonment emails

Jul. 20, 2016

For live event promoters, marketing’s often costly, time-consuming, and never-ending. As fans, we’re faced with a million distractions and still end up missing events when we meant to buy tickets. Just over two months ago, we started tackling that exact problem: how we can help re-engage fans who’ve expressed intent (or who left tickets in their cart) without adding more work to the mix. Enter cart abandonment emails.


When fans cart tickets and don’t complete their purchase, we’re giving them a friendly email nudge to check if tickets are still available. The best part? They’re automated, which means more tickets sold (fingers crossed!) with, drumroll please… zero effort. Even though we’re only a two months in, cart abandonment emails have quickly become one of Ticketfly’s top sales channels.

If you’re a current Ticketfly partner, watch for “Ticketfly Marketing” on your Source Performance dashboard in Backstage, showing you how cart abandonment emails are moving the needle on ticket sales. More detailed info’s in Ticketfly Community, including how to suppress emails in edge cases.

If you’re not yet using Ticketfly, contact us to learn how we can help you sell more tickets and streamline your workflow.

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