Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad Finale Party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Sep. 30, 2013

Bring on the withdrawals. Last night it all came to an end… (Don’t worry, no spoilers here.)

For the Breaking Bad finale, actor Aaron Paul hosted a charity screening party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, presented by Cinespia. Tickets went on sale a few weeks ago and sold out immediately (proceeds benefitted The Kind Campaign). Ticketfly employees claimed it was the coolest event they’ve ever worked.

Aaron Paul gave away a bunch of free tickets to lucky fans, and upon his arrival greeted fans from his ride with an appropriate, “YO, BITCH!”. The infamous RV made an appearance. Fans dressed in hazmat suits and rocked Pollos Hermanos buckets. Attendees munched on blue candy that resembled Walter and Jesse’s product… Overall, it was a great event, and Sunday nights will never be the same!

Check out pictures from last night via Twitter & Instragram:


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