Brendan Benson + Young Hines = Our First “Live at the Fly!”


Jun. 05, 2012

by Amy Miller Community Manager

Tomorrow afternoon, Toolshed is bringing us a special acoustic performance at Ticketfly HQ! Brendan Benson (AKA one of the Raconteurs) and Young Hines are coming through San Francisco on their highly-anticipated tour that includes The Independent tomorrow night.

In the meantime, they’ll be strumming for us in our (hopefully) sunny parking lot, along with our friends and some VIP fans! Many thanks to Brendan, Young Hines and Toolshed for making it happen.

Follow these folks ASAP and you might be able to join us tomorrow by Re-Tweeting! (There are sandwiches!)


And once you’re done following them online, follow them to a show near you

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