Burning Man & Ticketfly: A Long History


Aug. 18, 2014

After months of planning and anticipation, Burning Man is almost here! Our excitement reached a new high this week as members of our team left to help set up ticketing operations at Black Rock City.

There is a long history between the Ticketfly and Burning Man communities, with roots that were planted way before we announced our ticketing and technology partnership earlier this year. Many members of the Ticketfly team have attended the gathering on the playa for years, and as an organization we share Burning Man’s ethos.

Ticketfly team members have collectively been to Burning Man over 30 times since 1998.

For some employees, the Burning Man experience has been truly transformational. For Valerie, our VP of Operations, Burning Man helped put her life into perspective and had a profound impact on her personal and professional journey:

My last year at Burning Man was 2001. When I came back to San Francisco, September 11th happened right afterward… between the inspiration one finds at Burning Man and the sadness of 9/11, it hit me pretty hard that life is way too short for regrets. I decided then to go back to school and get a degree, which was something that had nagged me for a long time. I often wonder where I would be if one of those two things never happened.

When I applied for a job at TicketWeb in 2002, I included Burning Man Cafe volunteering as a note on my resume. I’m convinced that it helped me get the job, because we talked about Burning Man a lot during my interview!

Ellis, a Director on our Sales team, was similarly moved by his travels to the Black Rock Desert:

There are far too many memories and good experiences to highlight just one, but since I’ve started participating in Burning Man, I’ve welcomed new challenges in life far more easily than before. It seems that only those who’ve participated really understand and appreciate the special community and values fostered inside (and outside) of Black Rock City. Burning Man is one of the best gathering of humans and creativity I’ve ever experienced, and what each person takes from it will likely remain a part of them forever.

Personally speaking, this was one of the most meaningful sculptures to me at Burning Man, built (and burned) the year of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The inside of the sculpture was filled with emotion directed to the corporations behind the disaster and various photos or loving regards for the culture of New Orleans. It was very moving. For those who do not know the history and mission of Burners without Borders, an non-profit org created following Hurricane Katrina, check it out at www.burnerswithoutborders.org.

For some members of our team supporting operations at Black Rock City, Burning Man will be a first-time experience this year. We’re thrilled to learn and grow from the experience like many have before us. See you on the playa!


And they’re off! The Ticketfly Operations team leaving for Burning Man setup.

Follow Burning Man on Twitter/Instagram and like them on Facebook. Photo Credit: Aerial shot via Will Roger, Burning Man founder and Voodoo doll via Ellis Ranko, RV via Thomas Frongillo.

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