Client Profiles: The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA!

Aug. 18, 2011

The Phoenix Theater has been around the block, and it is absolutely crazy how many changes this venue has gone through since it came about in 1905. Here at Ticketfly, we’re overjoyed to be working with these awesome music fans, who reside just a short drive up from us. The legendary Petaluma hotspot has burned down and been rebuilt several times, giving birth to its infamous name, The Phoenix. From an opera house to a movie theater, it has evolved into one of the best rock clubs around, particularly after Tom Gaffey took the reins in 1982. The Ramones, X, Primus and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were just a few big names that kids came rushing into Petaluma for. If you grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, alongside Gilman’s early days, The Phoenix was THE place for teenagers to see shows.

After narrowly escaping demolition in the late 1990s, The Phoenix continues to bring the very best artists to the community. Though it has been known as a punk venue in the past, The Phoenix books a great deal of bands and musicians from different genres. Right in the middle of downtown Petaluma, it also makes for a fun night or weekend out! You can do spend the day at The Russian River, do a Lagunitas tour, have dinner, and then see a show.

Check out all the sweet shows coming up at the Phoenix Theatre: F.L.I. High, New Boyz, The Holdup and if you’re feeling like a punk, Fifteen!

And be sure to connect with The Phoenix online guys and gals!

The Phoenix Theater’s Website
The Phoenix Theater on Facebook
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