Client Success Stories: Callahan’s & Local 506


May. 18, 2012

Callahan’s Music Hall, outside of Detroit, and Local 506 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, recently switched to Ticketfly from the same ticketing partner after searching for a way to better manage and analyze their ticket sales.

A family team run by a pair of brothers, Callahan’s is a 200-capacity venue that offers live entertainment in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With deep blues roots and shows from various genres taking place 3-4 nights per week, Callahan’s had been working with their previous ticketing partner for four years.

Local 506 is a 250-capacity venue focused on live music that hosts shows 4-6 nights per week. For the past eight years, Local 506 used another ticketing platform, then switched to Ticketfly to build their website and grow their social media footprint.

Callahan’s was looking to get better at their marketing and increase their advanced ticket sales. As a family business, Callahan’s has a small staff and limited social media experience, which made it difficult for them to make changes to their marketing strategy unless they found a partner willing to help guide them. When they joined Ticketfly, the owners were skeptical that their audience, which is predominantly blues fans between 55 and 64, would even pay attention to Facebook.

Local 506 was suffering from an outdated website and became interested in Ticketfly as a means to a refresh. It didn’t take long for management to see that they could get a lot more than a website from the Ticketfly platform, including automated social marketing and an integrated email newsletter.

Callahan’s really wanted to stay in better touch with their customer base and improve their ticketing experience. Within the first four months of the transition, Callahan’s management saw a surge in overall sales, particularly on Facebook and via email.

Six months into the partnership, a third of Callahan’s ticket sales resulted from email marketing and they saw conversion rates of up to 90%, a dramatic improvement compared to their previous ticketing partner. The Ticketfly marketing team continues to be shocked by their email numbers.

Callahan’s installed the Ticketfly Facebook App, and started selling tickets from their Facebook Page shortly after launch, which generated even more revenue. Much to Callahan’s surprise, their older audience was very engaged with Facebook and the owners learned that social media wasn’t so tricky after all.

Local 506 saw a jump in ticket sales through Ticketfly’s Facebook Application, and now more than a quarter of their sales come from Facebook. Ticketfly’s Affiliate Network of popular music blogs and event websites is also driving a good chunk of sales, and Local 506 likes that the distribution requires no effort on their part at all.

Both Callahan’s and Local 506 are leveraging social media to help sell more tickets and engage their communities, all while saving time and money. We love to see small venues thriving! If you’d like more information on Ticketfly’s time-saving tools, head over to

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