David Saxe Productions takes on the giants of Las Vegas entertainment


Oct. 21, 2015

Recycled Percussion 4-16-13 Photos by Gabe Ginsberg / Vegas Kool

Las Vegas isn’t an easy market to conquer. Already quick to implode its history, Sin City is even hastier to do away with shows and venues that don’t reap instant profits, which makes the story of #Flyfam member David Saxe Productions’ success an impressive one. 

The independent company doesn’t try to compete with the international brands such as Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group that dominate the Las Vegas Strip. Instead, David Saxe Productions focuses on creating unique alternatives, offering a variety of shows that are fun, creative and quirky (Zombie Burlesque, anyone?) at its V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

“What we have to do is create cool and unique productions with catchy and exciting artwork to gain the attention in a sea of known competitors,” says David Gutierrez, affiliate relations at David Saxe Productions. “We do a great job of providing entertainment you can’t get elsewhere and creating concepts never before seen on stage.”

That strategy has proved wildly successful with David Saxe Productions receiving praise from Las Vegas media outlets and biting into a big chunk of the tourist dollars that drive the Vegas economy. And they do it all on their own terms.

“We’re a small business doing big things and we’re completely independent, with no help from a casino property. We get the advantage of making quick decisions and changing things on a dime. We don’t have a huge corporation watching over us or slowing us down,” Gutierrez says.

Here are just four of the must-see shows put on by David Saxe Productions for your next Vegas vacation:


Running since 2010, Vegas! The Show is a Broadway-style spectactular and David Saxe Productions’ flagship show. The production draws from the classic Vegas culture that founder David Saxe grew up in. It features classically trained showgirls, a big band orchestra and professional singers performing everything from iconic Vegas acts such as the Rat Pack and Elvis to more contemporary Strip performers such as Elton John.

V Show - 01

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V – The Ultimate Variety Show is the only variety show on the Las Vegas Strip—and an action-packed one at that. The mesmerizing all-ages production features everything from comedy and juggling to death-defying stunts, with zero filler. If you’ve got a short attention span, this one’s for you.


Zombie Burlesque

As the name suggests, Zombie Burlesque is the sexiest night of the living dead you’ll ever see. Steamy and zany, the award-winning musical theater features lustful zombies, classic burlesque and a live band. It doesn’t get more unique than that.

Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion

Want to do more than just watch? Recycled Percussion lets you join the fun. Audience members are given a drumstick and something to bang on while the onstage band utilizes unconventional objects to create a rockin’ performance.


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