El Corazón: Seattle’s Heartbeat


Nov. 11, 2015


When Dana Sims opened his nightclub in downtown Seattle in 2005, the name was a no-brainer: El Corazón.

Meaning “The Heart” in Spanish, the space El Corazón inhabits has functioned as a live music venue, club or bar since 1910, and helped launch some of Seattle’s most iconic bands.

“The venue was the heart of the grunge explosion in the ‘90s that changed Seattle and music forever,” Sims says. “Pearl Jam’s first five shows were in this room, Nirvana’s first Seattle show was here and Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Mudhoney all cut their teeth here.”

Sims is keeping that legacy alive.

While many Seattle venues have shuttered, El Corazón is still pumping life into the scene. The venue continues to host national and international acts, provides local bands with a place to build their foundation, and remains one of the leading concert halls for the all-ages crowd. Much of that is a testament to Sims’ business acumen. Running El Corazón’s two stages and restaurant is no easy task, yet he’s managed to prosper by keeping an open and flexible mind.

Earlier this year, Sims partnered with the owners of another famed Seattle venue, The Funhouse, to take over El Corazón’s smaller room. The Funhouse was a hive for punk bands and fledgling locals, but was forced to close in 2012 to make way for a condo development. El Corazón welcomed those acts with open arms. Already booking separate shows in each of the rooms—which caused confusion when attendees would see two show listed on the same date—Sims approached The Funhouse’s owners about joining forces. Voltroning into a super-venue proved fruitful not only for El Corazón and The Funhouse, but for the community at-large.

“People in the music scene have taken this as a huge positive shot in the arm for a community that was losing venues left and right,” Sims says. “Young bands and developing acts now feel like they have a relevant place to play and socialize in their own backyard, and the name ‘The Funhouse’ is a proven commodity.”

El Corazón also entered another partnership this year with a company you may have heard of—Ticketfly!

“The system is simple, powerful, and intuitive and Ticketfly seems to have the tools and the adaptability to help El Corazón/Funhouse take things to the next level,” Sims says of working with the ‘fly.

We hope we do them justice as they’ve got quite the lineup on deck: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Everclear, The Acacia Strain, Aiden, 36 Crazyfists, Nashville Pussy, and many more awesome bands. (Check out their schedule here.)

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome El Corazón into the Ticketfly family. The next time you’re in Seattle, make sure to pop into El Corazón. Who knows, those local kids onstage could be the next Nirvana.

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