Emailer’s all grown up, broadcasting your big shows on small screens

Aug. 01, 2017

Five years ago, we built our integrated Emailer to save you time getting the word out about your events. And to this day, Emailer’s still in a league of its own with a trifecta of content automation, user targeting, and sales metrics in one convenient place. It doesn’t just pull in your upcoming events automatically. It allows you to target specific fans without leaving Ticketfly Backstage, reducing what once could take four to six hours of wrestling with HTML and subscriber lists (yikes!) down to mere minutes. In addition, Emailer surfaces end-to-end campaign performance stats to boot, showing how many tickets you actually sold and how much money you made from each campaign, so you can make smart marketing decisions.  

Over half of all blasts via Emailer are now being opened on mobile devices today, and it’s no surprise your needs have evolved over the years. We’ve heard you, and starting now, Emailer’s matured in three big ways to give you better insight into your audience and make your email marketing more impactful: ancillary performance stats, new mobile templates rendering beautifully on both big and small screens, and a more intuitive theme editor.

Better stats

  • Get key performance indicators – unsubscribes, bounces, and spam – indicating whether you’re sending the right stuff to the right fans at the right frequency
  • Move to the industry standard calculation for click-through rate – clicks over opens – which is a more meaningful number, since you can’t click on an email you never opened
  • Have better visibility into the overall health and reach of your subscriber lists as we auto-scrub your bounced users with each send
  • Drill into your email configurations – e.g. subject line, reply-to email, selected template – and performance metrics with a dedicated campaign detail page
  • Know for sure if your campaign sent successfully or something went awry with a new “failed” status

Three new mobile-friendly templates

  • Send eye-catching emails that will render beautifully on both big and small screens. No more pinching and zooming!
    • Try a mobile-first design with big, bold event cards as the anchor
    • Or, test two responsive options that render wider on desktop and collapse on mobile
  • Identify email templates more easily with new naming conventions
    • Choose from “Mobile-friendly” options versus “Classic” templates you’re used to with live event-themed titles
      • e.g. Flyer for a mobile-friendly, responsive template with stacked event cards

Upgraded theme editor

  • Know exactly what you’re editing with better, clearer labeling
  • Get color consistency across templates
  • Take more granular control over your theme, like different colors for headliners and support

Half the venues and promoters we serve today market to fans with Emailer, and we’re now processing 600M emails annually. That’s a staggering number, equal to the populations of the United States, Mexico, France, and Germany combined, climbing every day. So now that Emailer’s chock full of useful new goods, make the time you spend on email marketing more impactful and efficient.

If you’re a Ticketfly partner, Emailer has been automatically updated for you!  Get your hands on our new mobile templates and stats now in Backstage and learn more in Ticketfly Community.

Interested in saving time and seeing money made from your email campaigns with Ticketfly? Join the movement.

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