Facebook + Ticketfly Purchase = Connected!

Jul. 20, 2011

Ticketfly now offers customers the option of logging in via Facebook. Facebook Connect to buy tickets is a feature that none of our major competitors offer, and it’s just another development in our mission to provide the most convenient and social tools and data to both clients and consumers.

So, what’s cool about FB Connect if you’re buying tickets?

Well, have you ever tried to buy tickets at the start of a sale, and had no idea what your log-in info was? You see that cart timer counting down…3 minutes (Is it the same as my Amazon password?!)…2 minutes (Did I open this account with my work email address?!)…1 minute (Paul Simon is playing at the 9:30 Club, what the &%*$ is my password?!). And then just tears and sadness. But not anymore!  Once you log in one time with Facebook, and confirm that your email addresses match, you’ll never have to enter your account info again. We’ll even populate your name and email address and speed up the process even more!

What does it get you as a promoter or a venue?

Facebook Connect gets you even more valuable data about your customers, and guarantees increased activity and ticket sales on your site. Websites using Facebook Connect as an alternative to account registration have seen a 30-200% increase in registration.

Facebook Connect is a crucial step in closing the social ticket buying loop. Customers can already RSVP  and comment on your events, and we know when they get to the ticket page via Facebook and then later check in at the venue (Over 4,000 check-ins at The Troub alone!), so connecting all these dots via Facebook helps you better market to (and reward) your most loyal fans, and turn the casual fans into die-hards. Your events, Ticketfly, and Facebook. Back and forth forever.

Not on Ticketfly yet? Get in touch with us and let’s begin our Internet Connection.

Internet Connection by M.I.A. from Pearson Philpot on Vimeo.

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