Email Marketing FlyTip: Design for Mobile


Jul. 03, 2014

Do you read your email on your phone or tablet? Yeah, we do too.

Today, almost half of event-related emails are opened on mobile devices.*

And this number isn’t going down anytime soon. Here are four ways to make your email marketing campaigns more mobile-friendly.

1. Write for mobile! 

You know how it feels to scroll through a sea of unread emails. Don’t you usually delete a bunch of unopened (likely promotional) emails to clean things up before getting to the real meat? First impressions are key on mobile, so pay particular attention to your sender alias, subject, and preview. These drive the decision to open…or not to open.

44% of ticket buyers open event-related emails on their phone, and 94% of those people are using iPhones.*

Here is what’s visible on an iPhone:

iPhone Email Preview

  • The first 20 characters of your sender alias – in this case, our friends at “The Capitol Theatre”
  • The first 35 characters of your subject line, the line below the sender alias
  • The first 75 characters of your body or customized preview, the two lines below the subject line

Here is what’s happening on an Android device:

Android Email Preview

  • The first 20 characters of your sender alias – hello again to our friends at “The Capitol Theatre”
  • The first 75 or so characters of your subject line. Note that Android will wrap the subject line onto the next line if it can’t be contained on the first. If this happens, there’s no preview text.

2. Subject: Keep it short and sweet

It’s probably safe to assume that your email subject line will be viewed on a mobile device. To be sure it’s seen, include the most crucial information in the beginning, such as:

  • Discounts or special offers, e.g., “Presale today”
  • Popular artists
  • Recency messaging, e.g., “Just announced”
  • Urgency messaging, e.g., “Last chance!”

3. Mix it up

Ever get bored of seeing the same subject lines over and over? We thought so. Don’t let things get stale; keep it fresh.

Also, remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect, evergreen subject line. What works for the Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne presale may not work when announcing Weezer is coming to town. Your fans will appreciate you shaking up subjects from time to time, and you’ll learn what works best.

4. Preview it yourself

Send yourself test emails to check how they’ll appear on mobile. Is the most important information clear and defined from the inbox? How does your mobile preview look? Note that emails may render differently by device depending on which email server your customer is using.

Would you want to open the email to learn more? What you see is what your customers and future customers will see. It never hurts to double check.

How will you know if you’re improving? 

After you’ve taken the above steps, there are ways for you to check the impact in Ticketfly’s Backstage. Be sure to run a handful of mobile-friendly campaigns before making any comparisons to earlier efforts.

Open rates are the main metric to monitor. Has the average open rate for your campaigns changed? Are certain subject lines driving higher open rates than others, and can you see a pattern in the best performers? How have changes to open rates affected clicks and conversions?

Answer these questions to gauge performance, and keep testing!

*Source: Q1 2014 Ticketfly Partner Email Data

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