FlyTips: Instagram 101 + Measured Marketing


Nov. 07, 2013

Instagram 101

1. Pictograms and contests work: Brooklyn Bowl (10,864 Instagram followers) uses pictograms all the time to interact with fans and give away prizes & perks. Pictograms contain a call to action; they get people commenting, but more importantly they answer the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Any kind of contest (be it a guessing game or whatever) on social media is genius because they’re fun for the fans and offer an incentive to participate.


(**The answer**= car + shake + ale… Karsh Kale!)

2. Give credit where it’s due: Just like they say in school, cite everything. When uploading a picture, ask yourself who, what, when, where, and why. LED Presents (8,285 Instagram followers) upload a lot of pictures to Instagram, but never without a proper shout out. They always @ mention artists and check-in at the location or venue of the event. Remembering small details (like hashtags) will ultimately pull in more people to see your pic or video.


3. Be seasonal & stay relevant: Make sure to be consistent with the seasons and major holidays to keep in mind the overarching vibes and attitude of your audience. Also, stay up-to-date on things going on in the news and media– whether you like it or not, it’s what people talk about. 

The 9:30 Club uploaded a couple cool videos in lieu of Halloween and fall festivities, and they look great. Simple, appropriate, and effective:


4. Use beautiful photography: Don’t just upload any old concert picture (most of them are a blurry mess anyway). Really put time into it and make sure everything you upload is aesthetically appealing, like every picture Free People (846,562 Instagram followers… holy smoke) uploads:


**Note: Fashion and design companies have an unfair advantage at social media because they’re taking tons of photos anyway, but let their influential reign on Instagram inspire you to upload better quality pictures and gain a larger following.

5. If all else fails: kittens, puppies, and food. 


Measured Marketing

Why measure your marketing efforts? One of the head honchos here at Ticketfly HQ likes to say “What’s measured is managed”.

Link tagging lets you measure 2 main goals: How well you build customer awareness and how well you convert browsers into buyers.

Step One: Tag your purchase links for use by promotional partners and in social media posts, press campaigns, and paid advertising efforts.

Why Tag? Rolling this step into your marketing workflow will allow you to measure the impact of your time and money.

How To Tag: We have a handy FlyTip that goes into the ins and outs of tagging plus a Help Desk article that makes the steps simple and includes a downloadable Excel document that you can use to create and manage your tagged links.

Example: Tagging social media posts and paid social ads


When To Tag: I believe there’s no such thing as too much tagging.
-If you are going to share a link to your website or a purchase link in an ad or a press release, tag it!
-If you are tweeting a link, tag it, shorten it, tweet it!
-You get the idea!

Step Two: Review Google Analytics traffic reports to see which tagged links drove traffic to your website.

Which Report? In order to measure the awareness impact of your efforts, check out the Acquisition > All Traffic report and look and track the number of new views by for each source tag you created.

Example: Track awareness and site visits by a tagged source


How To Track: Add columns like Visits, % New Visits, and New Visits to the Excel document used to create and manage your tagged links. New eyes on your event means new potential buyers!

Step Three: Measure sales using Ticketfly’s Sales Dashboard to see which marketing efforts led to direct sales.

Which Report? Review the sales by selecting Event Performance in the Dashboard section of Backstage, then click on your event. You will be taken to Event Sales Details where you can view the Source Performance report and find each source tag you are monitoring that has converted sales.

Example: Many ways you can tag and measure your social and PR efforts

Ticketfly Source Performance

How To Measure: Add columns like Total Visits, Tickets via Source, and Gross per Source to your spreadsheet. Crunch the numbers! You may find that a promoted post on Facebook is driving far more sales than you expected, or discover that Twitter is great for awareness building but doesn’t generate as many sales as you’d like. Then you can adapt how you market. In this example, you could use your time to tweet and save your dollars to spend on Facebook!

To recap, here are some simple steps to help you get started:
1. Tag your links! Find out more in the FlyTip on tagging links and in our Help Desk article.
2. Check your Google Analytics Acquisition > All Traffic report to see which marketing channels bring you the most traffic. Learn more about traffic reports.
3. Review your sales by source using Ticketfly’s Dashboard > Event Reports.

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