FlyTips: 10 Tips For Email Success


May. 09, 2012

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Despite the importance of social marketing, ticket sales cannot live by Tweets alone. Email marketing is still crucial to your marketing success.

Ticket buyers have one overwhelming email desire: Targeting! Don’t just send me the same emails you send everyone else; send me what I want to know about and pay attention to how I behave when I receive emails. 75% of businesses report that lifecycle marketing programs out-perform blanket, untargeted outbound email programs. And we have good news for promoters, Ticketfly built social features, targeting and analytics into our email tool. Rad.

No matter what email tool you use, here are some tips to make your email campaigns more successful.

  1. Target by Genre

    Ticketfly buyers are automatically associated with the genres of previous orders. Rest assured that if someone buys tickets for Washed Out, and Toro y Moi comes through your venue, you can easily alert the Washed Out fans by targeting your automatically generated group of Chillwave fans! Then you can stock up on promotional faux Ray Bans. Clients using highly targeted genre filters in the Ticketfly Emailer have seen click conversion rates of up to 90%!

  2. Schedule Emails For Prime Sending Time

    Timing isn’t everything, but it does mean a lot. Use this as a general guide for email opens, keeping your own on-sale times in mind. As we all know, we’ve got our own highs and lows in the ticketing week.

  3. Vary Your Subject Lines

    The most successful email blasts sent from Ticketfly clients have unique subject lines. Rather than naming all of your emails the same thing, use your subject lines to call out your most important upcoming events and offers.

  4. Add Personal Content

    You may think that your customers want a no-nonsense email or don’t have time to read extra content, but the opposite is true! Emails with consistently unique content will motivate recipients to open your message, click your purchase links, and get to know you better.

  5. Put the Most Important Content Up Top

    Seems like a no-brainer, but your top content will have the most visibility, so keep the important stuff high.

  6. Send 1-4 Emails Per Month

    When emailing your entire list, about once a week is a good practice. For more specifically targeted emails, sending more often is OK as long as you’re spreading the love. The Ticketfly Emailer gives you the option to filter out customers you’ve emailed most recently.

  7. Stay Out of Spam Folders!

    – Avoid spammy words like “Free”, “Guarantee”, “Click Here”, and “Credit Card.” Basically, imagine which emails you would avoid opening and don’t sound like them!
    Ditch the red text. Red leather couches and lightbulbs are fine in your club. Don’t do it to email.
    – Keep a clean list! If you’re importing lists from other services or previous ticketers, be sure to honor your unsubscribers. Ask your Ticketfly client rep for help if you’re not sure how.

  8. Pay attention to your stats!

    In Ticketfly Backstage, you can see exactly who clicked, how many tickets each email sold, and an exact dollar amount you made from a particular email campaign. If you’re consistently below a 14% open rate, it might be time to re-think your email strategy! Use the guide below to decipher your campaign results.

  9. Add An Email Sign-Up Form to Your Website

    Ticketfly powered websites include the option to add a subscribe form to your site. If you have your own site and email service, be sure to tell your designer to to place a sign-up box front and center!

  10. Brand It!

    Create multiple email templates that match the style and feel of your website and brand. If you want to catch your customer’s eye, build different templates for things like general news, just announced, and announcements about one specific event.

    For more information on Ticketfly’s email tool, watch our video overview or head to the Client Help Desk.

    If you’re not yet a Ticketfly client, check out more of our tools on our About page.

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