FlyTips: 5 Basic Twitter #Secrets You Need to Know from @Ticketfly


Jun. 12, 2012

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

1. Do NOT auto-publish your Tweets from Facebook.

I know it seems like you’re saving time, but posting the same content in two places is not recommended! Here’s why:

  • Twitter and Facebook have different audiences, so 2 posts are better than 1. The bulk of your followers are viewing Tweets on mobile devices and want short updates with links.
  • Facebook posts are often more than 140 characters, which on mobile devices, requires followers to use a different app to view the rest of the Tweet.
  • Facebook links (especially links that begin with “on.fb”) make for an inconsistent experience. Often times, they won’t even work on mobile.
  • The best way to get new and loyal Twitter followers is by posting engaging and relevant content. If your fans can see that you’re just auto-posting, they’re going to tune you out or unfollow you!

2. Always include the Artist’s Twitter username in your Tweet (Ticketfly’s Amplifier does this for you!).

  • Artists are busy, especially when they’re touring. If they can market their events by just Retweeting your message, they will. Not only will you get thousands more eyes on your event and Twitter name, but you can ensure artists are sending out the correct links for fans to buy.
  • Fans are more influenced by the artists they’re going to see than almost anything else, so an artist is your best partner is social marketing.

3. Don’t start your Tweet with “@” unless you’re replying to a specific user.

  • A little known Twitter fact! If you begin your Tweets with “@,” a follower has to be following BOTH you AND the account you’re referencing. This rule really limits the visibility of your posts that start with @.
  • Instead, re-phrase your Tweet, put the @ somewhere in the middle, and turn the Tweet into a mention!

4. Tweet at the right time and frequency.

  • In Ticketfly Backstage, you can schedule regular Tweets for each of your shows using the Amplifier tool. These Tweets automatically pull in the artist’s Twitter name (if it’s in the Artist Database!) and the correct ticket purchase link.
  • Want clicks on your links, Retweets, and engagement? There are better times to post than others.

5. Use Hashtags

  • For you oldies, a hashtag looks like a pound sign.  And it’s Twitter’s way of organizing Tweets into categories. By clicking on a hashtag, users can view all Tweets about a certain topic or event.
  • Twitter users search by hashtag, so hashtags will help you gain followers.
  • Here are some clients with trending hashtags:
  • The good news is that even if you don’t use Hashtags, your fans will. So you can always do a Twitter search to check out the latest fan chatter.

If you have more questions, feel free to visit the Client Support Desk. If you’d like more information on Ticketfly’s tools and services, head over to

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