FlyTips: Five email marketing must-do’s

Jul. 27, 2017

Marketing is a critical component of any event life cycle. We’ve tapped our in-house live event marketing pros– some of the best in the business– to share tips and tricks based on the questions they’re asked most often by Ticketfly partners. These best practices and advice for getting the most out of the Ticketfly platform reach partners through our monthly FlyTips newsletter. 

Despite what some folks may tell you, email is not dead! More than half of our promoter and venue clients market to their fans with Ticketfly’s proprietary email tools. In fact, we send 600M emails each year on behalf of partners— that’s equal to the populations of the United States, Mexico, France, and Germany combined. Email is a cost-effective way to engage and build relationships with an audience, and it generates real results. According to a recent study by Adobe, half of all US consumers prefer to receive marketing offers via email.

Follow these five must-do’s to get the most from your email marketing efforts.

Segment your audience.

Do you know your most active fans?  At Ticketfly, we like to target users who have made at least 1 purchase in the last year. Why do this? By segmenting active fans, you maintain a strong sender reputation and build rapport by providing them meaningful content they are clearly interested in. How can this help me? By concentrating on active fans instead of blasting everyone, we have seen as much as a 5% increase in open rates and a 1.5% increase in CTO rates.

Develop a compelling offer and use it to drive a desired activity.

At Ticketfly, we’ve had a lot of success leveraging incentives to engage and reward fans. In a recent campaign, we offered a 60-day Pandora trial to lapsed fans and were able to re-engage over 50K fans who had not made a purchase in the last year. This is a big deal for many reasons. Not only did we move users from an inactive segment to an active segment, but also we improved our sender reputation and generated significant revenue for our clients.

To get the most out of an incentive, make sure it’s compelling and– if possible– exclusive. One strategy we use to move tickets is a “purchase and get” strategy that require a fan to buy a ticket to get the incentive. In these cases the incentive needs to be “robust” (as in the 60-day Pandora offer). Other successful strategies include steep discounts (e.g. 25% OFF), 2-for-1 offers, or VIP upgrades to name a few. Lastly, offering presales to your most loyal customers is a great way to build loyalty to your business and drive repeat purchases. One last piece of advice-be careful how often you offer incentives as there is always the danger that fans will start expecting “deals.”

Keep it short.

Lead with the single most compelling piece of content and include a call-to-action. If you have more content to surface below the fold, curate thoughtfully by using clear, brief sentences. Best practice for mobile devices means single column thumb-friendly designs. You may have to test to determine how different email lengths perform, but keep it simple with the hero event being the one you most want the fan to react to.

Leverage the ‘preheader’ to surface secondary information.

When you receive a new email, the primary subject line is always bolded. The preheader (or secondary subject line) is the unbolded text that follows. While it may seem small, the preheader provides an opportunity to grab attention and convey additional messages. Do this by adding your custom text to the “alt text” area of the first image in the HTML of your email.

Always be testing.

We cannot stress enough how crucial testing is! Important elements to test include send times, subject lines, call-to-actions and layout. We’ve learned some very surprising things from testing that totally debunked various hypotheses. Implementing changes based on testing will help create incremental gains that will add up over time. A recent test for our cart abandonment emails showed us that fans preferred a simple text-only email rather than one with a hero image. The takeaway for us? Keep it simple and to the point. Be sure to test one thing at a time; it will give you more certainty that no other variables impacted your results. Finally, maintain a testing culture; it really doesn’t take much time and is worth the effort.

Are you a venue or promoter who’s ready to see how Ticketfly can help supercharge your email marketing? Get in touch.

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