FlyTips: Google Analytics 101 – Know Your Audience


Jul. 30, 2013

Most of us think Google is synonymous with searching the web, serving email, and introducing us to “Gangnam Style” via YouTube. But as a business owner, Google can also help you expand the reach of your website.

Google Analytics is the most valuable tool you may not be using. The best part? It’s FREE!

The next few editions of our FlyTips will introduce you to the power of Google Analytics. In this first edition, we will help you use the Audience report to better understand your customers.


Why use Google Analytics?

  • Customer Insights: View the number of new vs. returning customers, device usage, and see how customers move through your website
  • Traffic Insights: Learn how people get to your site, which social media refers the most traffic, and how search terms are used to find your business
  • Content Insights: Discover which pages draw the highest traffic and keep people most engaged

Getting Started

Create an account at the Google Analytics homepage and set up a tracker on your website. If you have a Ticketfly-powered website, your tracker is already active (once you have a Google Analytics user account, Ticketfly Marketing Services will give you access to your site profile). As a Ticketfly client, you can also add Google Analytics to your Dashboard in Backstage to view basic stats at a glance.

When you click into Analytics for reporting, Google drops you into the Audience Overview for the past month. Use the lefthand navigation to move through the different reporting options. You may adjust the reporting date range and it will carry over to each report you visit.


Audience Reports

Behavior: New vs. Returning is a quick hit report that shows your visitor breakdown.

Why it’s Important – If you are actively driving traffic to your website (for example via paid advertising), this is a good metric to monitor before and after impact.

Audience behavior report: new versus returning visitors

GA visitors new vs returning

Behavior: Frequency & Recencshows you the number of times a unique visitor returns and how many days pass between visits.

Why it’s Important – This metric informs you how interesting visitors find your business. Regularly adding new and content may boost the frequency of visits and also improve your ranking in search results.

Audience behavior report: frequency of visits by unique visitor

GA frequency by unique visitor
Mobile: Overview shows you visits broken down by desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Why it’s Important – As more people view sites on mobile phones, visit data can help you decide whether to create a separate mobile site, or to perhaps redesign your website to optimize for the experience for both mobile and desktop users.

Audience behavior report: visitor device overview

GA mobile overview report


We recommend that you take some time and look around these reports, comparing different date ranges or selecting longer date ranges if you want to see changes over time. The date range selector makes setting up the comparisons simple. There is a robust Google Analytics Help portal that allows you to answer questions about using advanced features such as adding in dimensions and metrics, and adding custom segments of visitors to your report.

In our next edition, we will dig into traffic reports so you can learn how your audience finds their way to your website.

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