FlyTips: Help Fans Find Your Business on Google


Aug. 31, 2012

If you have a small business, music venue, cafe, bar, theater or any other place where you want people to show up, spend some dough and have a good time, it’s very important to make sure your location is listed with Google Places. Google actually allows business owners a fair amount of control over what gets displayed when fans search for your business, and we suggest taking advantage of it! Your listing can include categories, video, photos, hours of operation, payment methods, customer reviews and more.

Ticketfly clients see a huge number of ticket sales originating with a Google search. Google is kind of a big deal, in case you haven’t heard. The good news is, it’s really easy to list your business the way you want!

1. Search for your business first and see what’s currently coming up. Try a search with and without the city included. (Ever curious about what people search for to get to your site? Check your Google Analytics!)

2. Log into your Google account or create one. You can’t list your business without an account.

3. Head over to Google Places

4. Click Get Started and the Googlers will take you through the rest!

5. Add as much information as you can. Categories are particularly helpful to grab people who might be browsing for something to do. Suggestions: live music, club, entertainment, bar, local bands, good pizza, microbrew, etc.

If you have any questions about how to list your business, what information to include, or any other questions about search in general, feel free to reach out to and a rep will help you out.



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