FlyTips: Make Your Event Pages Sing! How to Embed Audio


Jul. 13, 2012

Jazz up your event detail pages (literally) with embedded audio. The audio embed section of an artist profile lets customers play audio content on Event Detail pages on and on custom websites powered by Ticketfly. Yes! It plays right on the page, meaning your customers won’t be taken to a 3rd party site and end up distracted by the latest viral kitten video.

Follow these 3 steps to add audio to your Event Detail page:
1. Get an embed code from a music service
2. Enter the embed code in the Artist Database in Backstage
3. Create an event with the artist and hear the audio directly from the Event Detail page

There are a variety of services that offer embed codes for audio, including music subscription services like Spotify and Rdio.

We recommend creating a profile for your venue or promotion company on one of these sites. All of these services allow you to create playlists that fans can subscribe to. What better way for your fans to discover what music you’re bringing to town, than by listening to it!

Spotify is a subscription music service. Spotify has both free and paid accounts.

To grab an embed code for a song, playlist, or album, hover over the name of the item and right click. From the dropdown menu select “Copy Embed” Code. The embed code will not be stored in your clipboard. Go to the Audio Embed section of the artist information and paste (see image at bottom of article).

Rdio offers unlimited content with a paid subscription. If you have an account, you can grab embed codes for a song, a playlist, or an album. If your customers are not Rdio subscribers they will be able to preview 30 seconds of the item you embedded.

To grab an embed code for a song, playlist, or album, open the item you would like to embed. Select Share. Select Embed, and copy and paste the embed code into your Audio Embed section.

Other online streaming services that allow you to grab embed codes for specific songs or albums include BandCamp and SoundCloud. When looking at a song or album you would like to add to your artist content, just make sure to look for the Embed option, and the large piece of code that starts with <iframe or <object.

In Backstage add any audio embed code to the Audio Embed section of an artist entry in the Artist Database:

Once you’ve added audio content to an artist profile it will appear on Event Detail pages on and your website.

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